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Ntel 4G LTE APN Settings | Other Device Like Spectranet, Swift etc

Ntel 4G LTE APN Settings | Other Device Like Spectranet, Swift etc

Ntel 4G LTE  – Ntel was formally known as Nitel Nigeria thereafter, was acquired by Natcom development and Investment in 2015.

Ntel 4G LTE APN Settings | Other Device Like Spectranet, Swift etc
Ntel 4G LTE APN Settings | Other Device Like Spectranet, Swift etc

This amazing network operator began operation in January, 2016 with the superfast data which took place in Lagos. However, Ntel 4G LTE is currently having full coverage in Lagos, Abuja & Port-Harcourt, promised to expand band like smile in other states in Nigeria.


Ntel 4G LTE Nigeria has been an amazing telecommunication company in Nigeria that is offering 4 G LTE network with both camped data and unlimited data plans.

The Ntel 4G LTE network offers additional services like voice calls, normal platform for airtime balance for calls and subsequent subscription and SMS unit platform where you can send messages to friends and others.

Ntel also offer its own customized Volte android phones  such as Tecno Camon C5, Konka L57OS R2,  Samsun Galaxy S7 and others like Huawei  mifi/wifi devices and ZTE router MF286 device and all can be gotten at affordable price.

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Ntel 4G LTE Unlimited Data – Review

It’s great news to brief and to give comparisons among the current data suppliers in Nigeria. You will all agree with me that all the telecommunications company in Nigeria are now  stylishly draining  all data bought from them within 2-5hrs.

This last week, I personal bought 5GB of MTN data at N3500 but to my surprise, within 24hrs all the data gone without any download, only surfing the web pages. After the experience with MTN, I decided to use Etisalat now known as 9Mobile then I subscribed 1.5GB at N1200, this finished within 3hrs just to access UI post UTME registration page. Isn’t crazy? Same experience with Smile Nigeria. Their case is different, I bought data of 10GB at N9000, hmmm…… Smile indeed. Guess what? I could not open a page at all and it was unusual of this network.

Immediately I contacted the customer care on their website. The surprising thing here is; I could not use smile network to chat smile customer care, rather I used another network to chat them I poured – out the issues I was facing.

Customer care Responds: we currently do not have Network at your location (i.e Yaba region Ooo). However, bear with us.

She asked of the bar I have on my device. Told her two bars and yet all the 9k data disappearing gradually without opening a page.

Good News!  A friend introduced me to Ntel saying that they offer unlimited with just a token.

Currently, am using the amazing 4G LTE Network with unlimited ever.

In this post, we will be discussing :

  • The ntel nigeria apn settings & ntel mifi device, ntel settings, ntel mifi settings
  • ntel router price
  • and ntel sim price
  • ntel mifi price
  • ntel selfcare portal


Ntel Apn Settings on Other Ntel mifi device

Setting the ntel apn on other devices like Spectranet, Swift, MTN mifi, Glo Mifi etc could be challenging. Read carefully to understand how to configure ntel apn on other devices.

On any of the above mentioned devices, first step to take is; register the ntel sim at registrations Centre close to you and then;

  • Insert the sim card in the mifi device
  • Power –on the device
  • Connect your devices to the mifi wireless
  • Type: in your browser
  • Click on login
  • Use admin as username and admin as password
  • Click on setting

Having done the above steps, follow Next Steps


Under the settings, the APN Settings for Ntel is required and its quiet simple, when you have gotten your unlocked device, also have registered your Ntel sim or gotten the one you’re reserved during the launch then you will need to subscribe to a data package and then insert the sim into the device.

Next this to do is:

Click on settings

Profile management

Use the APN here carefully,

APN                   ntel

Username           ntel

Password            ntel


Or you should leave the Username and Password “Blank“. In case the above didn’t work.

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After doing that, you have created a new APN profile, and then you need to set the NEW APN as default.

The above APN can be used on the phone as well but the little different is you MUST make 4G preferred when you want to select network depending on the device or router you are using, because Ntel is only a Ntel 4G LTE network provider, your device should often be 4G enable while trying to use the Ntel data service.

Ntel Sim Price in Nigeria

Ntel which was recently launched less than a year ago has been able to provide good Ntel 4G LTE service to its customers across the three (3) states Network coverage, yet the company didn’t inflate the price of Ntel data and the price of Ntel sim cards.

To get Ntel sim card working, all you have to do is visit nearest Ntel Office around you.  Tell them you want to buy and register the Ntel sim card.

Note: during the sim registration, you must purchase sum of N1000 airtime or must subscribe to any active Unlimited Data packages

With the compulsory Fee and the charge will be N1500 i.e. registration is N500.

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The Ntel 4G LTE Mifi Device Price

Ntel has different devices which you can get to solve all your data issues. There are different Ntel devices with different prices. Check it out below:

Ntel Nova Specifications

Below are the major specifications of the mobile device which include:

3.8-inch touch screen display

Micro SIM

Dual SIM

Android 6.0 operating system

WiFi hotspot capabilities

1800mAh battery capacity

5 megapixels (front) and 2 megapixel (back) cameras

9 hours of talk time

7 days standby time

Micro USB 2.0

8GB+1GB RAM capacity

earphone jack: Yes

Bluetooth: Yes

Colours: Gold, Rose Gold and Gray


The above device can be purchase at all Ntel 4G LTE offices nationwide . try to have a look at their  address where to buy the device close to you (http://www.ntel.com.ng/ntel-outlets/).

There are two bundles to choose from and they are:

Bundle 1: Nova Max

Price: N25,000

ntel Nova: Included

Data: 25GB

On net calls: unlimited

Off net calls: 250 minutes

Validity: 30 days


Bundle 2: Nova XL

Price: N30,000

ntel Nova: Included

Data: 50GB

On net calls: unlimited

Off net calls: 500 minutes

Validity: 90 days

Huawei  mifi/wifi devices

Price: 18, 000 device

Price 2: 23,000 device and a month unlimited data plan


With Huawei mifi device, you can subscribe to other plans such as:

Smart phone data lite night= 500  (2 days)

Smart phone data weekly night   = 1500 (7 days)

Smart phone Data Monthly Night  = 5000  (30 days)

Smartphone  Unlimited XL = 32,500  (30 days)

Smartphone  Ultra Unlimited = 22,500  (30 days)

Ntel XL Unlimited Data = 60000 (90 days)

Smartphone Unlimited Lite = 1500 (2 days)

Smartphone Unlimited weekly = 3,750 (7 Days)

Smartphone unlimited monthly = 12500 (30 days)

Ntel XL Unlimited = 75,000 (90 days)

With the two bundles above, you can choose to purchase anyone of your choice.

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      Ntel sim card only work with 4GLte modern or phone or mifi or wifi. else there won’t be network. ok

        • Hi Dolapo
          If the above descriptions is well followed; it should work.
          use IP: and login with admin as username and admin as password. Click on setting, Click on New Profile and use NTEL as Profile name and leave username and password blank and finally use small letters ”ntel” as APN. then click on next to create password as keyphrase. save. Good

          It will work without any issues. As I speak to you, I;m currently using the NTEL APN setting and working fine.


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