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MyHR.CVS Employee Login | MyHR CVS Employee Portal

MyHR CVS Employee Login | Login MyHR CVS Employee Portal | MyHR.CVS.com Employee Login Portal At www.myhr.cvs.com

MyHR.CVS Employee Login – Are you an employee of MyHR.CVS and you are looking for a way to access MyHR.CVS Employee Login portal? Or are you looking for information on how to access the MyHR.CVS.com Employee Login Portal?

MyHR.CVS Employee Login | Login MyHR CVS Employee Portal
[ MyHR.CVS Employee Login | Login MyHR CVS Employee Portal ]
If that is the case, you have come to the perfect place. Follow the step guide below to learn how to sign in to MyHR.CVS.com Employee Account. Note that the portal consists of

  • Current CVS Health and MinuteClinic Colleagues
  • Former CVS Health and Former MinuteClinic Colleagues

By visiting the MyHR.CVS.co.m Employee Login Portal, you can easily pay for your CVS services online with your credit cards, view all your payroll data, buy medicines in the CVS locations, and make MyHR.CVS.com direct deposit, manage your schedules and view your payroll reports.

To access MyHR.CVS.com Employee Login Portal, you will be required to provide your MyHR CVS Learnet login credentials (Employee ID, Contractor ID, ZID or Client ID, and Password).

Also, make ensure that your computer or mobile device is working properly and is connected to an internet connection or wifi network.

If you are new and wish to create your online account, you can do as such by following the procedure below:

NOTE – MyHR CVS is an online portal, which can be used distinctly by the employees of Minute Clinic.

How To Register MyHR.CVS.com Employee Account

We are about to explain how to complete your MyHR.CVS.com Registration. MyHR, CVS registration process is explained in details below:

  • Open your browser and visit the MyHR.CVS.com Employee Login page at www.myhr.cvs.com
  • Upon visiting the homepage, locate and click on the “Are you a new user?” connection to proceed
  • Presently, enter the last 4 digits of your SSN into the first box
  • Type in your date of birth into the second box
  • Then press the “Continue” button and follow the on-screen guidance to complete your account registration.

Since you have seen how to create MyHR.CVS.com Employee Login details, let’s quickly proceed on how you can sign in to your MyHR.CVS.com Employee Account.

MyHR.CVS.com Employee Login Process

  • Visit the official MyHR.CVS.com Employee Login Page at https://www.myhr.cvs.com
  • Once the page opens. if you are a Current CVS Health and MinuteClinic Colleagues, you can click on the “Use this Log on the button” to proceed to the login formMyHR.CVS Employee Login | Login MyHR CVS Employee Portal


  • Store Colleagues: Please use your 7 Digit Employee Id and CVSLEARNet password to access MyHR.CVS Employee Login.
  • MinuteClinic Colleagues: Please use your 7 Digit Employee Id and the password associated with your Federated login
  • Distribution Center Colleagues: Please use your 7 Digit Employee Id and myHR password to log in

Non-Store and PBM Colleagues :

  • myHR and all other applications: Please use your network Windows Id and password to sign in (computer login)
  • Momentum: Please use your 7 Digit employee number and CVSLEARNet password to sign in.

For Former CVS Health and Former MinuteClinic Colleagues, you will discover your login form once you visit MyHR.CVS.com Employee Login Page.

Ought to in case you forgot your login password, you can view the password clue which will help you to remember your password.

How To Reset MyHR.CVS.com Employee Login Password

If this doesn’t help you need to reset your password by clicking on the “Forgot password” button on the login page. The password reset page will appear, carefully enter your user ID in the available field then click “Continue.”

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Clarify the challenge questions displayed on the next page and click on the “Next” button. Enter your new CVS Caremark password in the first field, Re-enter the password in the text field, and Lastly, click “Submit” to complete the password reset process.

You can also get an access code to access My HR CVS portal via e-mail, text message or mail.

More About MyHR CVS

The More About MyHR CVS Employee Login Section provides detailed information about the global HR application. This section includes information on the platform’s functionality, how to access it, and how to set up or change your password.

CVS Health is an American retail pharmacy and health care company headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. The company began in 1964 with three partners who grew the venture from a parent company, Mark Steven, Inc., that helped retailers manage their health and beauty aid product lines. The company began as a chain of health and beauty aid stores, however, within several years, pharmacies were added.

For further information, you can contact the CVS Caremark member care representative at 855.280.4872 if you are having other issues with regards to the MyHR.CVS Employee Login process. Alternatively, you can contact the IT Service Center at 1-855-280-ITSC (4872).


I found the MyHR CVS employee login to be the easiest way to edit the employee information in HR systems. This can be a useful tool for companies who want to simplify their HR system and for employees who need quick access to their personal info at work.


Overall, I found that the MyHR CVS employee login was convenient and easy to use, but I would like it if they could integrate this with other HR systems.

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