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Movies Coming Soon on HBO Max

Movies Coming Soon on HBO Max | Movies Coming Soon HBO Max | Movies Coming Soon HBO Max

Movies Coming Soon on HBO Max will be our today’s article. We believe some of us might be curious about Movies Coming Soon on HBO Max, that you can’t afford to wait for any longer, then this article is for you to read to the end.

Streaming services surely have changed our content viewing experience, and we are not complaining. The ease of watching our favorite content, at our own time and pace is just perfect.

However, since streaming is reliant on the internet, you need to get the best one. For scalable speeds and stable connectivity, you can opt for Mediacom Xtream Internet so that you can leave behind the worry of a lagging connection.

HBO Max is a renowned streaming service and it has been expanding its content library and we are here for it! So if you have got a subscription to HBO Max, then brace yourself for the below-listed titles that are about to hit your screens.

1.     House of the Dragon As Part of Coming Soon Movies on HBO Max

The Game of Thrones fans must be excited for this prequel to their favorite series. It is set 200 years before GoT. The series is about the Targaryen family and it will show us what it was like when they were on the throne.

2.     Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

Pretty Little Liars is coming back in form of Original Sin! However, it is hitting back with a different cast and a new town, and newer incidents, but you do know what to expect, especially if you watched the infamous ‘Pretty Little Liars’ that ran from 2010 to 2017. It will be the same but with a rather different concocted web of lies.

3.     Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai As Part of Movies Coming Soon on HBO Max

This animated series will be explaining the history of the nice child Mogwai Gizmo and how shopkeeper Mr. Wing first encountered it as a young boy in Shanghai in the 1920s. Expect to see some late-night eating devolve into a shocking catastrophe.

4.     Sweet Life: Los Angeles (Season 2)

Sweet Life: Los Angeles offers a distinctive perspective on what it means to be a young, Black, aspirational person who is always pursuing their ambitions. The coming-of-age series explores themes of legacy, loyalty, and love.

It follows a group of lifelong friends in South Los Angeles as they navigate the relatable, tumultuous 20s times at this quarter-life mark and help each other succeed as adults. Season 1 set high hopes for us, so we are expecting more and better from season 2.

5.     House of Ho (Season 2) As Part of Movies Coming Soon on HBO Max

Seems like the newer version of Kardashians is here to take the HBO Max town. The series unravels the life of a rich Vietnamese family in Texas. It concentrates on the customs that the immigrant family carried with them, their views on life in America across generations, and, of course, the drama that unites it all. Season 2 is just going to get crazier.

6.     Hard Knock: Training Camp with the Detroit Lions As Part of Movies Coming Soon on HBO Max

Hard Knock is hitting back with season 17. This NFL Films will be bringing Detroit Lions into the spotlight in this sports documentary series. If you are a sports fan and have kept up with all seasons of Hard Knock, we assure you this one cannot be missed.

7.     Selena + Chef (Season 4) As Part of Movies Coming Soon on HBO Max

Selena Gomez is THE QUEEN! She will be back to grace our screens with season 4 of Selena + Chef. We do not know much about what to expect, except that the entire series premise is likely to be similar to the previous seasons. The only thing we know; get ready for some ‘beach vibes’.

Final Words About Movies Coming Soon on HBO Max

HBO Max is still a relatively newer streaming service since it was launched in 2020. However, it is home to the best HBO originals such as F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Game of Thrones, Tokyo Vice, Search Party, and many more.

Now you know what is coming to HBO Max this year and we are sure you are just excited as we are. If you do not have a subscription to the service, then what are you waiting for? If you liked any of these upcoming titles then get your subscription plan now.

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