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miwam login

miwam login : www.michigan.gov

miwam login : The Michigan Web Account Manager (MiWAM) is the UI’s system for filing and claim and managing your own UI account online. MiWAM makes doing business with the UI simpler, faster and more efficient.

With MiWAM you can:

  • Check your claim balance and benefit payment history
  • Update your personal information
  • Choose or change your payment method (debit card  or direct deposit)
  • Submit a question for a response by email
  • Make a payment
  • File a protest or appeal a decision
  • Submit monthly work search information

Certifying for benefits is also more convenient with MiWAM. Unlike MARVIN, you don’t have to wait for an appointed day and time to certify for benefits. You can certify anytime during the day or night – Monday through Saturday. Certifying online reduces processing time, and gets you your payment faster.



How to Use MiWAM | miwam login

For step by step instructions on how to sign up or how to navigate through MiWAM, view or download the MiWAM Toolkit for Claimants, CLICK on HERE



You must create a MILogin account before you can create or access your MiWAM account. Visit the MiLogin page by clicking HERE for more information.


MiWAM Video Tutorials | miwam login

Submitting Work Search Using MiWAM by watching through clicking HERE

Reset Your MiWAM Password by clicking HERE


Click here to sign up for a MiWAM Account by clicking HERE



To be qualified, for unemployment benefits, you must be unemployed and able, available for, and actively searching suitable full-time work. Unless instructed otherwise by UIA staff, you must also enroll for work at www.mitalent.org and visit a Michigan Works! Agency (MWA) service center.


Qualifying requirements – The UIA will seek at your standard base period to decide if your wages qualify you for unemployment benefits.  The standard base period are as follows of the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters prior to when you filed your claim.  The four calendar quarters in a year are: January – March; April – June; July – September; and October – December.


miwam login : www.michigan.gov
miwam login : www.michigan.gov


If you cannot meet up based on your standard base period, the UIA will consider your wages in the “alternate” base period, which is the four most recently completed calendar quarters.


There are two ways in which your wages may qualify you for unemployment benefits:

Regular (Standard Base Period) method: Wages can be in at least two quarters in the base period. For benefit years beginning Jan. 1, 2020, one quarter’s wages must be at least $3,744; and total wages for all four quarters must be similar at least one and a half times the highest amount of wages paid in any quarter of the base period ($3,667 x 1.5 = $5,616).



Alternate Earnings Qualifier (AEQ):  (a) Ensure you have wages in at least two quarters; and (b) total wages for all four quarters must equal at least 20 times the state average weekly wage (SAWW). For 2020, the AEQ amount is $20,742 [20 x $1,037.10 (SAWW) = $20,742].



How to log into MiWAM account | miwam login

Login to your MILogin account from https://miwam.unemployment.state.mi.us/ClmMiWAM
www.michigan.gov/uia and select Online Services from the top menu bar.


MARVIN’s statewide, toll-free telephone number 1-866-638-3993 is available 6 days a week Monday through Saturday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time. You may call anytime at the period you are reporting week.

MARVIN is also available on holidays if that holiday falls Monday though Saturday.


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