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MBA Scholarships |International Students

MBA Scholarships for International Students+100 list

MBA Scholarships. This post is about the list of all available MBA Scholarships offered by top global MBA school and universities. Finding a scholarship for an MBA Degree can prove to be a challenging task. But there are a significant number to be found over a hundred. To help prospective MBA students find these scholarships. Guruscrib has compiled links to scholarship pages of top Business Schools and prepared a  list of International MBA Scholarships for developing country students and women.

MBA Scholarships offered by Top Global MBA Schools/Universities.

Harvard Business School Scholarships (USA).
Harvard business school provides one of the largest pool of scholarship money of any top 25 MBA school. With 65% of MBA students receiving some sort of financial assistance. Need based awards in the form of scholarships and fellowships can be found in the range of $5,000 to full tuition plus monthly stipends.

Wharton Business School  Scholarships (USA).
Wharton Business School provides mostly merit-based MBA Fellowships which are accessible to all admitted candidates to their MBA programmes. Their broad range of fellowships target students of all backgrounds and can cover tuition fees in the amount of $20,000 up to full tuition plus living expenses.

Stanford Business School Scholarships (USA)
Stanford Business School provides need-based MBA Fellowships to all admitted candidates who can demonstrate financial need based on factors. Such as your assets and income. Fellowships are awarded in the amounts of $10,000 up to full tuition plus living stipend.

London Business School Scholarships (UK)
The London Business School offers a wide range of scholarships open to all women only. And to students from different nationalities (i.e. Africans, Americans, Australians, British, Canadians, Latin Americans, Chinese, etc.). The scholarships are in the form of full fee awards or one-time awards worth £12,000-£50,000.

Said Business School Scholarships (UK)
Oxford University’s Said Business School offers a number of scholarships including scholarships for women, entrepreneurs, and regional scholarships. Scholarships range from £10,000 to full tuition plus a monthly stipend.

Warwick Business School Scholarships (UK)
Warwick Business School has £2million+ of WBS Scholarships for the most talented applicants for entry to the Warwick MBA, their Doctoral Programme, and their MSc postgraduate courses. MBA scholarships are available for full time study, distance learning, executive MBA, and Global Energy MBA.  The scholarships available range from 50% of first year’s fees to full tuition plus stipend.

Cranfield School of Management Scholarships (UK).
Cranfield School of Management offers merit scholarships and need-based bursaries worth £7,000 to full tuition, categorized by gender, nationality, and sector.

IMD Scholarships (Switzerland).
IMD has a number of scholarship programs for excellent international students worldwide, for women in particular, and students from developing countries. The scholarships range from CHF 10,000 to CHF 50,000.

INSEAD  Scholarships (France/Singapore).
INSEAD offers about 50 different scholarships comprised of need-based scholarships (based on financial need) and non-need based (based on either merit, nationality, gender, professional background, leadership abilities, field of previous studies etc.). The scholarships range from €10,000 to €40,000.

HEC Paris Scholarships (France).
HEC Paris offers a number of scholarships for excellent students and students in financial need. There are specific scholarships for developing countries and for women.  The amount of the scholarship varies from €5,000 to €26,000.

ESADE Business School Scholarships (Spain).
ESADE Business School offers various scholarships to outstanding full time MBA candidates from Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Central Europe, Scandinavia, etc.  ESADE MBA scholarships averaged 25% of tuition fees in 2015, and  can cover up to 50%.

ESMT Scholarships (Germany).
Supported by its 25 corporate founders, ESMT offers a number of partial-tuition scholarships for MBA applicants. Every year, there are a limited number of prestigious full-tuition scholarships also available.

SDA Bocconi Scholarships (Italy).
SDA Bocconi offers full and partial tuition waivers (50%-100%) for students from Europe, outside Europe, Italy, Africa, Mediterranean, Asia, India, and North and South America.

MBA Scholarships specifically for Developing Countries.

INSEAD-Sygenta MBA Scholarships for Developing Country Students.
Syngenta in partnership with INSEAD aims to train the brightest and best from around the world for the challenge of tomorrow’s business world. Syngenta is particularly committed to the dynamic emerging market regions and has therefore chosen to offer this scholarship opportunity to future leaders from emerging countries.  The scholarship value is €22,500.

Kofi Annan MBA Scholarships at ESMT.
The Kofi Annan Business School Foundation provides fellowships for talented and motivated students from developing countries (UN’s LDC, LLDC, or Palestine). That allow them to obtain a university degree in Europe at one of the academic partners of the Kofi Annan Business School Foundation which includes ESMT. The fellowship covers full tuition and fees and a monthly stipend for living expenses.

HEC-Eiffel Scholarships in MBA for Developing Countries.
The HEC MBA Program applies to Eiffel scholarships on behalf of admitted eligible students who are from emerging countries. The Eiffel Scholarship provides successful participants with a monthly allowance of €1,100. And covers additional expenses including travel, health insurance and cultural activities. Tuition fees are not covered by the scholarship.

IMD Jim Ellert Scholarships.
Jim Ellert MBA Scholarships are intended for students from Africa. Central & Eastern Europe. And the South-Eastern Asian Peninsula who wish to pursue an MBA Degree at IMD.  The scholarship is  valued at CHF 20,000

Mo Ibrahim Foundation Scholarships at London Business School.
The Mo Ibrahim Foundation Scholarship for Africa supports outstanding students on the full-time MBA programme at London Business School.  The scholarships cover full fees.

MBA Scholarships specifically for Women.

Forte Fellows Program.

The Forté Fellows Program was created with the intention of increasing the number of women applying to and enrolling in MBA programs by offering fellowships to women pursuing a full-time. Part-time or executive MBA education at selected business schools worldwide. Students of all nationalities are eligible for consideration. The scholarship value varies and can be in the range of $15,000 – $25,000 or more.

INSEAD Alumni Fund (IAF) Women’s Scholarship.

The IAF Women’s Scholarships support INSEAD’s commitment to bring outstanding women professionals to the MBA Programme. And to increase representation of women in leadership positions in the business community.  The scholarship value is up to € 15,000.

Nestle Scholarships for Women at IMD.
The Nestlé Scholarship for Women was first awarded in 1997. And was initiated by a group of IMD MBA participants who wanted to encourage women. Preferably from developing countries to take the MBA.  The scholarship value is CHF 25,000.

Fondation Rainbow Bridge Scholarships at HEC Paris.

The Fondation Rainbow Bridge Foundation aims to enable young women recipients to enrich their academic background by obtaining an HEC MBA.  The scholarships are for women from Asian or African countries affected by natural disasters, drought or famine. The scholarship value is € 20,000.

ESADE Women of the World Scholarship.
Supporting female MBA candidates with significant international exposure. These scholarships are awarded to women with unique intercultural perspectives.  This scholarship is available to female candidates of all nationalities and backgrounds. Especially to those with proven financial needs.  The scholarships on average cover up to 50% of the tuition fees.

London Business School Women’s Scholarships.
The aim of the London Business School Women’s 30% Club scholarship is to support female candidates of merit and to help increase the number of women joining the London Business School. The scholarship covers first year fees. There are a few other awards for women offered by the School and those awards range from £20,000-£35,000.

ESMT Women’s Academic Scholarships.
ESMT offers partial tuition scholarships to female candidates applying to the ESMT Full-time MBA program with an exceptionally strong GMAT score (over 700). And a record of academic excellence at undergraduate level.  The scholarship value is up to € 15,000.

SDA Bocconi Scholarships for Women.
Partial scholarships are offered to outstanding women applicants of SDA Bocconi’s full time MBA Programme. There is one partial tuition fee waiver worth up to 70% and another one worth up to 50%.

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