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Make Money Without Google Adsense Easy Ways

How To Make Money Without Google Adsense In Just 10 Ways | Make Money Without Google Adsense  –  How To Make Money With Google Adsense Easy Ways  –  Are you thinking Adsense the only way you can make your money from your blog? Am writing this just inform you that you should know that it not the only way. A lot of bloggers are earning from this: Make Money Without Adsense. We are about to discuss. You are a blogger; just need to figure out a way you can be profitable and there are methods to monetize your blog.

Furthermore, before we begin this article on Make Money Without Adsense, will also solve the Puzzle List Below:

How To Make Money Without Adsense

You can go deep into these best AdSense available possibilities for your blog to make money without AdSense.

We can give each other some important details;


To Make Money Without Google Adsense go through this seriously. Affiliate marketing is one of the financial gain ways to earn money from blogging. More essential, maybe you promote someone else product over a small commission. It can boost up more profit as similar AdSense.

What should come to your mind, sign up for little affiliate programs that are closely related to your niche? Choosing products that will help you to promote and make it visible to your audience. The actual moment is been approved to be an affiliate of such a program, a special link ‘affiliate link’ will be shown to you. If anyone clicks on your affiliate link and tries to make a purchase, a commission will be earned. It should be in an understandable way.

If you decided in going for affiliate marketing, make sure you pick products that are always of high quality. Make sure you don’t use products that may destroy or lose your blog image.

Here are minor tips for successful affiliate marketing;

  • You should choose products that are relevant to your blog.
  • Make sure you try and test the products if you really know about them.
  • Make sure you check their commission rates. Make sure you don’t accept any offer which is nothing less than 5% commission rate for affiliates.
  • You should always make affiliate disclosure on your blog.
  • Put down equal and unbiased product reviews.
  • Make sure you don’t misplace the affiliate links in all places all over your blog. You can only use it when necessary.
  • Move the key traffic to generate sales.



To Make Money Without Google Adsense, this is another tip:- If you have a sponsored post is just another kind of blog post on your website. It more unless similar of writing style and tone. The contrast is that the brand pays the blogger to publish a post and launch it.

However, sponsored posts may take many forms. Some companies decided to mention their product once in a post. While other companies want bloggers to write a full detailed review. Some brands just come nearer to bloggers to publish a pre-written sponsored post on their blogs for an actual amount. Due to some reasons, bloggers don’t have to write the post. What they need is to review the post and make little pulls before releasing the post.

Truly brands give free products in exchange for a well-sponsored post. Most companies always make payment of money.

Actually, get connected with brands to have chances for opportunities. Make sure you also set up an advertisement page on your blog for companies to get connected to you. Make it your number one priority to always state it to any corner in the post that such post is sponsored.

I will list a few sites to find sponsored reviews opportunities;

  • The Izea Pay Per Post
  • The Sponsored Reviews
  • The PayU2Blog
  • The Social Spark
  • Howtologintech.com

If you applying for the above sites make sure you have a media kit that is well prepared. It should represent the amount of a number of social media followers, email subscribers, and your blog monthly statistics.

3- Media.net

Also, there is another alternative to Google Adsense is Media.net. Maybe you bored with Adsense, also your blog is not approved for their ad network please try considering Media.net. Because of the strict rules and thousands of applicants, it gets very difficult to get approved for Adsense.

Media.net is one of the most ad networks that allow you to perform ads on your blog and generate money with it. It’s a depending ad network that shows a lot of variety of ads on your blog. Let take this sample, maybe you have a cat blog then the ads will be useful to your content on the blog. These also give more boosts to the total number of clicks on the ads.

This is a form of PPC advertisements on your blog. Immediately it has been accepted, you will be paid this depends on your traffic, blog niche, and multiple clicks on ads.

4- Write Paid Reviews

The paid reviews are likewise the same as sponsored posts. Site owners are getting paid for putting up articles online on a product review on their websites. A lot of entrepreneurs need bloggers to review their products and put them forward it to their followers. Sometimes, bloggers receive free to produce goods from brands in return for a detailed review. For more reasons, all brands pay bloggers for putting up an article about them as a review.

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The main fact you need to know, make sure you reveal that the review is for a paid post.

Maybe you are wholeheartedly interested in writing paid reviews make sure you should use the products first. It can’t be a possible right for a writer to decide on a product and write about it on your blog deciding the product is of poor quality. You can’t decide, your readers are in danger and you can’t risk their trust.

Maybe you are a blogger who loves something about it; make sure you definitely get multiple opportunities to acquire money through writing reviews.

5- Offer Freelance Services

This is another best way to Make Money Without Google Adsense. Another best way you getting your money as a blogger from your blog is by giving out freelance services. You can get wide ways for you in earning your income every day.

If you own a site, you have a lot. Get involved in writing skills, social media skills, blogging skills, etc. make sure you offer part-time freelance services indicating your blog.

What you can offer are the following;

  • The freelance writing
  • The blog management services
  • The social media content
  • The other virtual assistant services

I will advise you to get in touch with a ‘Hire me’ page on your blog. This makes things well known on your blog.

6- Accept Paid Guest Posts

This will also help you to Make Money Without Google Adsense. A lot of websites make money by receiving guest posts on their sites. It is one of the better ways to make little extra money. Maybe you are blogging for over a year or more, maybe you have a startup with a good DA, what I meant is that your blog can be a knowledgeable place where a guest can really relax on your post.

All of this deals with your domain authority, the ranking of such a website, a lot of viewers’ engagement, and overall traffic; setup your rates for accepting paid guest posts.

8- Sell Your Own Products

This is another major way to Make Money Without Google Adsense big time. Knowledge of building your own product may get you frightens for a while it can also be a successful way for income for your blog. The most interesting thing is that try to build up these products at an instance and you get the sales for a long time.

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The eBooks can be a dream catching digital product. Everyone loves to read eBooks with a variety of topics. Maybe you are a food blogger, or an inspirational coach, building up is also good for you for an eBook and sells it to your readers.

These days, online courses are easier to create. Display page which can give adorable and heart touching also is easy to get started.

Now, informing you that you can sell digital also with physical products on your blog to make everyday income.

9- Start Membership Site

tarting up membership site will enhance how to Make Money Without Google Adsense. If you like giving real heart touching content to your viewers or readers?

Maybe you are a professional in this field?

Anyhow the trouble is from – a member of a group it also another wonderful way to make money online. On a normal word, giving out anything to your audience and make at a most monthly fee.

A lot of entrepreneurs’ owners give webinars, video tutorials, checklists, live Q/A, templates, reports, case studies, products, etc. everyone joins group sites to make an understanding of their lives. These also boost up their learning process.

It just likes a professional group or mind rubbing together group where you need to be a constant presence for your audience. It is closeness for authentic learners who want to learn from you.

This will help you get the best content so that users or viewers would find it useful and pay you. Think of a crazy idea (what you know can give you the best of what you have) before you build a group site for your viewers or readers. The most valuable, it extracts hard work and a pledge from your side. Make sure you gather your purchase of the membership site and keep it updated every time.

10- Offer Consulting

Offering a consultancy service makes one to Make Money Without Google Adsense. Although, a lot of people build their websites for a single way of making money through teaching or advising. This gives how you advising on business online can be a possible way to make more money.

This usually takes a few months or a week before getting your client to advise, maybe you decided to do your marketing personally efficiently then chances are very high.


I Will Give Tips for \Your Online Advising Business Service;

  • Build up a page on your blog. Just let it be advance. Be simple on what you will offer in the session.
  • Move along in the social media communities. Share your advice on a subject.
  • Share to others 3 advisable business opportunities for each person who seeks your advice.
  • Seek for inquiries of testimonials from those individuals.
  • Get in touch with potential clients through emails, messages, or social media.
  • Make sure you use your article to send visitors to your advisable business opportunities service page.
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