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Maintain Parental Control with Facebook

Maintain Parental Control with Facebook Messenger Kids | Download FB Messenger Kids

Maintain Parental Control with Facebook –  Keeping tabs on your children at all times might not be possible. This is because there are many times that you have to go out or leave them on their home. So how do you make sure that they are not exposed to illegal content? It’s simple, by making sure they have parental control apps on their phones and most appliances around the house. One of the apps that can help you with this is the Facebook messenger for kids. Read on to see what it’s all about and how you can use it to make sure your kids stay protected.

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Facebook messenger is a great app that allows messages to be exchanged from anywhere in the world. You can also share files just by linking it to your Facebook account to connect with friends. Now Facebook messenger kids also do the same thing but ensure that your children get a good and safe environment to communicate with their friends.

Features of Facebook Messenger Kids

  1. Parent control contacts added
  2. You can maintain an element of control with the app.
  3. Messages can’t be deleted.
  4. It has appropriate features for kids, like filters and stickers.

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FB Messenger Kids is available in the iOS App Store for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone, in the Amazon Appstore for Fire tablets, and on Google Play for all other Android devices.

How to Download Facebook Messenger Kids

  • Open playstore on your Android device or app store for IOS devices and search for facebook messenger kids
  • Hit the download button and wait for the app to finish installing.
  • Open the installed app and set your up your kids account.
  • Authenticate your child’s device using your Facebook login.
  • Then create an account for your child by adding their name.

With this app, your child won’t be exposed to adult content, and their chats will be saved for you to look on every night when you get home.

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