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Link NIN to Phone Number on Different Networks

Link NIN to the Phone Number on your SIM could be a challenging process for so many of us. Different Networks with their own method to follow in LINKING NIN to the Phone number.

Do you know that you can link your NIN number to your MTN, Airtel, and Glo Network? Never been bothered anymore. You will get the process to link your NIN to your phone number without any stress.

This article will explain in detail to you the steps to follow to link NIN to Phone Number on MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, and Glo Network. Since you want to link your NIN to a phone number, then you will be providing your National Identity Number (NIN).

If your case is that you do not know how to check your NIN number, then I will advise you to check right away using code *346# and follow the prompt or you can simply check your NIN paper Slip to get the number before you proceed with the sim card number linking with NIN.

Link NIN to Phone Number on Different Networks

There are other things that will be needed in the process apart from the NIN number because as you are linking your SIM to NIN, the network provider will ask you for some personal information, such as your full name, phone number, and email address (for online platforms only).

The authority really wants every citizen to compulsory link their NIN number to their personal phone number as it was done to BVN linking back then.

Nevertheless, there are many channels that were provided by the network provider to link your NIN to your SIM and that includes;

  • Through SMS
  • Use of USSD Code
  • through Website and;
  • through the use of the Mobile app of the individual network providers.

Why Should I Link My SIM with NIN?

There is a need for you to link your sim to your NIN because the Nigerian Government agency is known as – Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) had instructed all the Telecommunication companies in the country to block all unregistered SIM cards in the country in not more than two weeks. So, do not hesitate to link your Sim card to your NIN.

Where Do I find my NIN Number on My Slip & Online?

Some of us have our NIN slip with us and you are wondering which one is the NIN number on the slip?

When you look at your NIN Slip, you will see a particular number on the slip that is exact 11 Digit Number at the top, on the second row. That is on the left corner You can also read this article to learn how to check yours very fast.

 Linking NIN to MTN Phone Numbers

If you are MTN subscribers and you are wondering how you can Link your NIN to your MTN sim numbers, this part is for you.

You can link your MTN sim to your NIN using:

  • MyMTN mobile app,
  • Website, and
  • With the use of USSD code.

See the guidelines explained below;

Linking NIN to MTN phone number through MyMTN Mobile App

To use the MyMTN app method, you will have to use guides beneath:

  • Visit the app store and download the MyMTN app,
  • After the download, log in using your MTN number and complete the login process
  • Immediately after you have signed in, at the homepage, you will see the NIN description banner. Click on it and fill in the necessary information as mentioned above.

That is all using the MyMTN app to link your MTN Sim to NIN.

How to Link NIN to MTN Sim via USSD Code?

For you to use the USSD code to link your NIN to MTN Sim, you have to Dial USSD code *785# and it’s free of charge. What you have to do is to follow the instruction prompt to complete the linking.

If you do it well, you will receive a successful screen display message and instant SMS congratulating you on your successful linkage.

How to LINK NIN to MTN Sims via MTN Website

This is the third method you can use to LINK your NIN to MTN Sim. To use this method, you will have to follow the steps below:

  1. Visit MTN website – https://mtnonline.com/nin/
  2. Provide all the information you are asked to. Some of the details include your First name, Last Name, Middle name (if any), your phone number, your NIN (National Identity Number & finally your email address.
  3. Then tap on the “Submit” button.

That is all using MTN’s official website to link your MTN Sim to NIN.

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Link NIN to Airtel Sim

Other networks like Airtel, Etisalat, and Glo subscribers are not left out of the scene. But in this part of the article, I will be giving guides on the process to LINK NIN to an Airtel Sim card.

Airtel provided Two methods to LINK your Airtel sim to NIN. The Airtel network had provided a USSD code method and website method to link your NIN to Sim as stated below:

You can link your AIRTEL sim to your NIN using:

  • Website, and
  • With the use of USSD code.

To link your NIN to your Airtel phone number, follow any of the methods explained below:

How to LINK NIN to a Phone number via USSD Code.

To use USSD to link airtel, follow:

  1. Dial *121# on the Airtel line you want to link.
  2. Reply 1 for “NIN Capture” since it’s the purpose you are dialing the code.
  3. Then reply 1 again to enter your given NIN Number.
  4. Finally, enter your 11-digit NIN and send for the process.
    You will have to wait for a successful response.

Note: continue to follow the process until you have gotten a successful response otherwise you must keep re-trying

Use Airtel Online website to Link NIN to Phone Number

I will be explaining the process to link NIN to the phone number using the Airtel online website.

However, you can use the airtel online website method to link NIN to your Airtel Sim and for your friends and families.

For example, if your family or friends wanted to Link their NIN to their phone number and they are not educated, you can help them link their NIN to phone number without too much interrogation. To help your friends, use the following steps below:

  1. Visit Airtel official website – https://www.airtel.com.ng/nin
  2. Input their mobile number and click on the SEND OTP button.
  3. Input the received OTP in the space provided to confirm your number
  4. Lastly, enter your 11 Digit NIN and click on the submit button.

That is all using Airtel’s official website to link your Airtel Sim to NIN.

Linking your NIN to Glo Sim

Glo likewise gave an SMS and website technique for linking your NIN to your telephone number. So you can use any of the strategies to guarantee to link your SIM before it gets blocked.

How to Use the Glo SMS Method Linking NIN to the Phone number

For anyone to be able to link NIN to Glo phone number via Glo SMS method, you will have to strictly follow the guides given below:

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You will have to send an SMS using any of the words below to 109;

  • NIN number
  • your first name
  • your last name

See how to do that using the below;

  1. You will have to open your phone message box
  2. Then in the message, type the following information (and as followed word to word).  Let us type;UPDATENIN +NIN number+ firstname+ Lastname | send to phone number 109


For example Updatenin 123456789011 Paul Muhammed

  1. Then send the information to 109 as already mentioned.

Please make sure you use the phone number planning to LINK to your NIN

Linking NIN to Glo Phone number via Glo Website

  1. Visit the Glo NIN official website – www.gloworld.com/ng/nin
  2. Fill the form. You will be required to enter your First name, Last Name, Middle name (if any), your phone number, your NIN (National Identity Number, and your email address.
  3. finally, click on the “Submit” button.
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