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Kenya Mobile Loan -Mobile Loan Apps For Kenya Citizens

Kenya Mobile Loan – Have you been looking for where to apply for a mobile loan online in Kenya? Do you live in Kenya and you want to know those mobile Loan App to use in order to apply for a loan? If you fall into this category, then this article is for you.

At times, you will like to figure out how to download, apply, and to get Unsecured mobile loans online in Kenya. In this case, we have listed Kenya mobile loan applications that issue you a quick loan under 24 hours.kenya

What I’m about to say has happened to every one of us, where There you get broke and you need an instant loan to use for that emergency. Anyways, it is accurate to say that you are looking for a method of getting the unbound loans in Kenya and the truth is that you are looking for an organization that can give you a loan within one day. Then the good news is we have researched the number of those apps that can apply, for a mobile loan in Kenya. Beneath is a list of the least demanding methods of getting a loan online in Kenya by a click of a mouse.

KCB Mpesa Loans

This mobile loan app is our first app to discuss. KCB to mpesa loan is perhaps the most effortless approach to get a loan without having any big concerns of guarantors. Since we already have a clue on what this app about, then let us look at the conditions involves getting your first mobile loan approved.

Conditions and methodology of getting KCB Mpesa Loan

  • The applicant must be 18 years plus.
  • Must have downloaded and registered and have active Mpesa account for 6 minimum of months

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  • The minimum loan you can apply for is Ksh. 50 and max is Ksh. 1 million
  • After loan approval, you can choose to repay your loan in one month, or within 3months and max of six months. Remember that the more the number of repayment months chosen, the higher the repayment interest.
  • Dial *844# to get started.
  • If your mpesa and KCB first names are different you may experience issues in withdrawing your money from KCB to mpesa. Visit the closest branch and your difficulty will be comprehended.

Branch Mobile Loan App

This is another mobile loan app. In case you are broke and you need a speedy loan of up to Sh60,000? The branch mobile loan app is there to help you.

The way this app works is simple. The Branch works resemble a bank in your pocket. It encourages you to control your finances and gives you access to loans whenever anyplace.

You can download the Branch application from Play Store if you are using android phones, then fill in the necessary info required on the application form. Thereafter, the requested funds will get to your mobile money account in a matter of moments.


The more you use Branch, the better it gets to build your credit by paying back on-schedule and this action additionally allows you to apply for a bigger and long haul loan.

You can as well download the Branch application online using this link: https://branch.co/application.

Conditions of getting Branch loans

  • Must be a Mpesa user and be active as well.
  • You must have an active Facebook account too.
  • You can download and install the Branch application from play store, and;
  • Link the application to your Facebook account
  • The minimum loan given is Ksh. 1,000 and highest loan to get approved with is not more than is Ksh. 50,000

Zawadi Loans

Zawadi Kenya gives the quickest and most advantageous online cash advance services to customers the whole way across Kenya. With Zawadi Kenya, you can apply a loan online and get that day at no additional charge, it takes just two hours to get endorsement, not lines, you just need to apply online,

The loan that you can be granted is reliant on zawadi’s assessment on your ability to repay. Moment loans can be returned in a month’s time while school loans can be returned in a quarter of a year time.

The main issue with zawadi loans is that you should be utilized to qualify for this loan.

Mshwari Mobile Loan by Safaricom

If you are a Safaricom user I am certain you have known about Mshwari. It is one of the most dependable and quickest method of getting a loan in Kenya. Visit your mpesa menu to set up mshwari. You can read a long article I did about opening mshwari account, benefits and loan cost here (Benefits of using Mshwari)

  1. Minimum loan sum: kshs 100
  2. Maximum loan sum: kshs. 20,000
  3. Repayment term: 30 days
  4. Must an active mpesa user for at the very least six months to be qualified of mshwari loans

Tala App Loans (Formerly known as Mkopo Rahisi)

Tala Mobile loan (Formerly Mkopo Rahisi) application

Mkopo Rahisi gives you the speediest and best loans online in Kenya. It gives credit at your mobile, on request, in a split second. It is the second-best mobile loans supplier.

  • Minimum loan sum: kshs.2000
  • Maximum loan sum: kshs.4000
  • Repayment time: 3 week by week installments

You will be required to download Tala Mobile Loan application

After you have downloaded the Mkopo Rahisi application you be asked to examine your M-Pesa to verify your identity, and creditworthiness

Saida Loan App

Saida Financial services allow you to get brisk loans through mpesa. For you to be qualified for saida loans you must be;

  • Using mobile money serves like mpesa, airtel money
  • Making and get approaches a daily premise
  • Have control of dept terms
  • Once you are endorsed you will get your loans moment by means of mpesa.
  • Least loan sum: kshs.600
  • Greatest loan sum: kshs.100,000
  • Repayment span: 30 days

For more information on the most proficient method to get their loans to check: Saida Loan application

List of Mobile Loans Apps in Kenya

Different organizations offering mobile/online loans incorporate (I will clarify in insight regarding them later.)

  • Timiza by Barclays Bank
  • Ubapesa
  • Zidisha laons
  • KIVA microfinance
  • Kopa Chapaa
  • Stawi : Offered by joined banks
  • Timiza by Barclays Bank
  • Ubapes

Among those listed the best two online loan moneylenders are: Branch and afterward Tala Loans

I will update this list after every 3 months. Do you know of any organization where one can request a loan and get it within an hour in Kenya.? Tell Us in the comment section underneath, I will consider assessing and adding it to the list it.

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