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iTunes video on Apple TV

 Play iTunes song video on your Apple TV | using Airplay

How to play iTunes song, video on your Apple TV directly using Airplay

Play iTunes song video on your Apple TV directly using Airplay-Present in the iOS 8 or iOS 7 airplay is somehow different when functioning, you don’t need to get bothered because you can easily make use of this to play the iTunes song, video to Apple TV straightly apart from any other apps making use of airplay features which is present in your selected device. New Apple TV also a sound system that is the speaker that arrives with Airplay functionality also equipment as a default. Now you will find a clear way to make use of stream straightly from your iOS device such as your iPhone, iPad also iPod touch. Now you will get the steps on how you can stream your music from any of your iPhone devices such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone5/5S/5C also your iPhone 4/4S/4.

Maybe you are getting any issue of getting connected to your Apple TV through your Airplay, make sure you get your Apple TV updated if you get any update notification.

What you need for iTunes streaming through your airplay to Apple TV

  1. You will need an iTunes which is of 10.2 of updated version or iTunes is 12.0.1
  2. Your Airport express
  3. Your Apple TV should be of the second generation or third
  4. Make sure you have a Wi-Fi

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How to enable live streaming from iOS device, Apple TV, Mac, – playing of iTunes song, video to Apple TV

  • You will need to put your Wi-Fi on your Mac/iPhone/iPad if you trying to access your iTunes also your Apple TV.
  • Now you will need to launch your iTunes on your device which you need to stream or watch live on your Apple TV.
  • Now you are on your mac, go to your tab go, go to the bottom and click on multiple speakers as shown in this image below.

How to play iTunes song, video on your Apple TV directly using Airplay

  • Maybe you check this step for your device, go to your control center by scrolling it up. Then click on Airplay.
  • Now you will go get your mac/pc by choosing your device name which you need to stream your love music, video or maybe picture from your iTunes library straight by making use of your Airplay.


  • Now you are on your iOS, you will find the Airplay screen which you will find the list of all the device which enabled Wi-Fi over the same network


With this, you will be able to stream or maybe you need to play your iTunes song, Apple TV, video in a very simple way, you can also enable your airplay speaker or device.

Everyone doesn’t cherish the act of downloading a movie, a song from iTunes to their external hard disk, maybe you can decide on doing this also in a smart step with any stress. Now you can use this article which was stated here on how you can get your song and music played to your Apple TV. Just try and make sure you take your time in reading this post carefully and understand it to avoid any confusion.

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