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iPhone Photo Editing |Top 5 Apps must not miss

Top 5 iPhone Photo Editing Apps. A creatively edited photo is a thing of beauty. Finding an appropriate application to do it right might be the real challenge. In this article, we have detailed some of the best iPhone photo editing apps.

Photo editing might sound very basic from the get go. The truth, however, is that it is an art and without the right implements, you might not succeed in doing it right.

In recent times, numerous editing software and applications have graced the scenes. This has, in some sense, made the task easy and simple, but not quite. The wide variety of editing software poses another challenge in choosing the best from the array of options. These are some of the best photo editing apps for iPhones:

  1. Snapseed
  2. Visually Supply Company (VSCO)
  3. Filterstorm Neue
  4. Enlight
  5. Mextures

Snapseed – iPhone Photo Editing

This is one of the most popular iPhone editing apps. It has some high-quality photo editing tools and options. This application is excellent in some photo editing procedures like:

  • Color adjustment
  • Exposure
  • Cropping
  • Straightening
  • Sharpening

The Snapseed also has a collection of other options that include; brush tools, healing tools, photo texture, and lighting. It has a collection of creative filters for blurring effects, mood enhancement, etc. Download it here

Visually Supply Company (VSCO) – iPhone Photo Editing

iPhone Photo Editing
iPhone Photo Editing

This is a dual-purpose iPhone application. It works both as a camera app and a photo editing tool. As an editing app, the VSCO features a rich collection of filters and options. This application has built its reputation through the creation of unique film emulation presets. Download it here.

The filters option in this app resembles those in modern analog film design. Most of them spot a soft and slightly faded appearance. The beauty of this app is that the filters can be adjusted to suit individual users’ tastes. There are also other effective editing and adjustment tools.

Filterstorm Neue – iPhone Photo Editing

This is one of the most powerful editing tools. It has the capacity of renowned photo editing desktop apps like Lightroom and Photoshop, though it is more mobile-friendly.

The application also includes powerful curve control that allows for fine-tuning of brightness and contrast.
Among its standout features is the selective application of adjustments with the help of masking brush, radial filters, and gradient filters.

Enlight- iPhone Photo Editing

This comes with whimsical and artistic effects for photo editing. It has a broad collection of basic and advanced tools for editing. For beginners, this application might seem quite complicated, yet each tool is intuitive in the manner in which it is used for editing. Tap to download.

This application has one of the best built-in help features. This option is very essential for beginners who are using the Enlight app for the first time.

Mextures – iPhone Photo Editing

The Mextures app offers a wide range of textures, light leaks, and grains. All these are adjustable and users can combine many of these with the help of the layering technique.
It has a range of preset formulations ideal for measured effects during photo editing.
These are some of the best iPhone apps for photo editing. If you are new to iPhone photo editing, these applications will be of great help.

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