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Facebook Status – How to update Facebook status

Facebook Status – How to update Facebook status

Facebook Status – How to update Facebook status – Most times we make use of what we make use of in uploading status, now Facebook now has this great feature on its website. This is known as Facebook stories or maybe Facebook status. You will find this so exciting which we find very helpful, users make use of this to show their experience anytime, anywhere on this spot. The timeline on Facebook helps you to post any article of your choice also which does not go against Facebook terms and conditions. This helps you to include posting photos, links, the video also write-ups.

How to update Facebook status
How to update Facebook status

You will have to gain a lot from this which cannot find on some social media pages. A lot of social media platforms always let you update to make sure you are in a good position due to the fact that Facebook had a better experience with its users and also more fun on the platform or requesting more people to the platform.

Then you will need to get this done if truly you are a Facebook user and need to try this new feature.                        

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How to update Facebook status

This is pretty coot than before, as we know that a lot of things changed in this world we are in, now, you go the timeline, stories which now has advance features. Below will guide you on how to update on your timeline which are:

  • Visit the Facebook site facebook.com
  • You will need to click on your timeline which is at the top of your page with create a post page.
  • You will add the post which you need to add on your timeline.

You will find a few amazing characters which are on Facebook status which allow it to look better. This is:

  • Insert emojis
  • Tag events
  • Tag friends
  • Feel/activity
  • Stickers and so on.


Stories on Facebook | How to update Facebook status

This story is of new characters on Facebook, this will help you to express yourselves all daily basis. All stories which are posted for just 24 hours before it will be removed. Your photos can be shared also with video links also write up on Facebook stories. You can upload as much as more stories, they are no limit of stories to be uploaded.

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