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How to uninstall Google photos App

How to uninstall Google photos App | what happens when you uninstall

This app arrives in android phones as preinstalled apps, basically, phones which operate on android. Maybe you try to install it on any other android phones or iPhone, they think of what goes wrong when they uninstalled it. To get this solution out we are here for you to sort out your problem.


For those who have this as a preinstalled photos app, you will need to only disable it, this will help in hiding the app drawer. This is similar in uninstalling the app which you won’t be able to make use of it.


What you need to know about google photos app and how it works

This app is on android and iPhone which is manually a gallery app along with the functions connected to it of allowing you to backup your photos to the iCloud. Then after installing the app, you will need to check your offline photos. Though, this will request for you to save the backup of your photos to the iCloud. With this, you can either back up or continue making use of the apps as a normal gallery app.


How to uninstall Google photos App
How to uninstall Google photos App


After the backup character is permitted, your photos on your phone will sync to your google account which you use for backup. In your iPhone, if your iCloud photos are permitted, you can also copy the present photos which will be saved to your google photos.

It has perfect stuff that arrives with a picture when you are discussing Google photos. Apart from making a backup of your photos, this is if permitted, google photo also syncs picture over your connected device automatically. The final word is most important now.

Assuming you add some pictures to Google photos on the web, you will find the google photos on your phone or maybe install this on a new mobile device, all your photos are kept in your google photo will automatically become present. At the particular time which you store your Google photos will sync to your entire connected devices automatically. Ensure that this is only about an online picture not offline.

How to uninstall Google photos App
How to uninstall Google photos App


You will need to permit a backup, now any pictures which are present in the google photos cloud will automatically sync to your phones.

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What goes wrong when you uninstall the photos app from android and iPhone

Immediately you uninstall the google photos app, images will be deleted or not exactly on the fact maybe they are offline or online.



What wrong when photos go offline on phone

When you make use of google photos app as a gallery app to check your photos and you didn’t permit the backup and sync settings if you are uninstalling it, you will won’t get bothered about any effect. None of your photos will be deleted through your phone both on your android and your iPhone after deleting the app.

Making use of the preinstalled gallery app on your android or the Apple photos app on your iPhone to view offline photos is possible. You can now install third-party gallery apps on your iPhone and android to check your photos.

How to uninstall Google photos App
How to uninstall Google photos App


How to uninstall google photos

For iPhone

You will need to tap and hold the Google photos app which is on your phone home screen till the image starts shaking. You will find a cross icon that is at the top of each app. Click on it. You will find a confirmation box that will show, click on delete.

How to uninstall Google photos App
How to uninstall Google photos App

For android

Go to your google play store then search for google photos/ access it then clicks, then taps the uninstall button.

google photo 5
How to uninstall Google photos App

If your app is preinstalled, if you uninstall it will only remove the updates, you will need to disable the app to hide it fully. Now, open your settings on your phone and go on to the Apps & notifications or Application Manager. Check below the apps to search for photos. Click on it.

google photo 6
How to uninstall Google photos App


Click on uninstall if available. Maybe, click on disable.

google photo 7
How to uninstall Google photos App



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