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How to tag someone on Facebook

How to tag someone of Facebook

How to tag someone of Facebook
How to tag someone of Facebook

Thinking of a way to tag someone on Facebook, tagging is an important part of making use of the social media solution which helps to notify others which you need to state some info to them.

Now let see a list of lot methods in which you can tag others on Facebook. Secure in your mind that your friend’s personal privacy setups may impact a lot of these.


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How to tag someone on Facebook


  • Tagging in status updates

Maybe you will need to publish a status update, you can now tag your friends by clicking the @ symbol with the name of the person you are tagging. You will find a little window which shows and updates immediately to show the very best similarity for the message which you have to enter. Tap on the name of the person which you need to tag, this will show in the blue highlight on your post. It will state that you have tagged the person.

By this, you can tap of people, along with companies, marketers, friends, and lot more. This will help to tag others who will comment, also with this, you will be notified that tagging a lot of people will allow your post to be visible. You can also make use of the “Tag friends”


  • “Who Are You With” characters

You will be able to include a lot of components to your post by Facebook, also with surveys, moods, requests for referrals. Tap on the Tag friends’ option, also you will find a new white box listed below your post. Add one or more names here also your post will be added with them at the end of your post.

Now you are done with the above steps which allow you to tag anybody in a post, it will allow you to inform your audience which you were with certain people. This will help you to tag your friends.


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