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How to remove phone number on Facebook

How to remove phone number on Facebook

How to remove phone number on Facebook
                                    How to remove phone number on Facebook

Putting up of number on Facebook profile is very easy if you have updated friends to contact you. If you need to secure your personal privacy, though, putting off the number away from your site with an easy step. Maybe you tender your telephone number of the people on Facebook, you will receive an update from the website through the phone number which you tender down online, just like new posts on your wall. If you don’t want any update from them you can now delete the hone number or remove the phone number now to stop receiving the notifications.


How to remove phone number on Facebook

  • Deleting your number on the Facebook profile solution by taping on the” account” web page which is at the top of your Facebook page then tap on “settings” which is at the arrow box facing down.
  • Tap on the mobile tab, which looks like a phone device.
  • Tap on the “remover from your account” web page immediately which is on the right side of your phone number in the “mobile phone” area of the web site. Move down then tap on the “save preference” page which is below the page.
  • you can delete your contact number from your profile by tapping on “About” which is toward the middle of your individual profile.
  • Tap on the “contact and basic info” page which is at the left column of the page. View your phone number then tap on “Edit” which is on your mobile phones. Then tap on “Remove” move down also then tap on save changes” switch


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Attentive personal privacy

The best part of this is to secure your email address and contact number form any individual from gaining any access to it to avoid unauthorized login to your account. So, it better that such valuable details should be kept from anyone because they can temper with it even though you don’t give them your login details. So, it a good reason you need to keep it away from the third party.



Security of phone number on Facebook

You can try to remove phone numbers fully from your Facebook account, which you can just decide on selecting “Just Me” which can help you keep away your contact from anyone except you, this is just like better privacy. It can be a better use of Facebook login Approvals.




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