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How to recover my photos on my iPhone

how to recover my photos on my iPhone

how to recover my photos on my iPhone
                              how to recover my photos on my iPhone

How to recover my photos on my iPhone – we all love to keep better memories of ourselves in any event, occasion, holiday we went to or find ourselves in, they suddenly find out that you can’t find most of your pictures on your iPhone device anymore. You get bothered on how to recover your photo back, don’t get panic, this article get you covered.


You will need to check your recently deleted folder

Most times your deleted photos are not deleted permanently since you didn’t make such an attempt, you can as well get your photos back.

  • Go to your iPhone then tap on your photos>Albums> recently deleted.
  • When you find the photos which you are seeking or video in the folder, click on them.
  • Choose the “Recover” then confirm that you need to recover the photos or videos.


You can get your deleted photo or video if you delete them mistakenly below through this step”

  • Click on “Select”
  • Select the photos or video which you need to recover
  • Make sure you checked what you have selected


Your photos or video which have been recently deleted will stay till 3 days. Then after this, you won’t be able to find the recover them. Then all your video or photo folder will appear you how many days they have left before you won’t be able to see it again


how to recover my photos on my iPhone
                                                            how to recover my photos on my iPhone

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Are your photos hidden

Most time you won’t find most of your photos, you won’t think of it hidden or missing, this might be in your hidden album when you check your missing photos and find what you are looking for and you decide to unhide it, you can just follow the below step

  • Go to your Photos app then tap on the Albums.
  • Choose “Hidden” below other Albums
  • Select the photo or video which you need to get out from the unhide
  • Check the photos and video which you need, then tap on “Unhide”


You will need to check your iCloud photo

This is a perfect character which you can access to make sure your photos will not just disappear for no reason, you can check your iCloud photos. If you need to check this feature on your iPhone, you will need to store all your photos and video all over your devices that support iCloud. If you can’t get your video or photos back on your iCloud that means it is not activated. To access this, you will need to:

  • Access your settings> your name> iCloud.
  • Tap on photos
  • Switch on the iCloud photos characters.


On your Mac

  • Go to your system preference > iCloud
  • Search “photos” then tap on “options”
  • Tap on iCloud photos.

Ensure you are connected to a strong Wi-Fi; this will take you a few minutes to view your photos to appear.


How to restore photos from iTunes

  • Get your iPhone connected to your computer/Mac which you need your iTunes installed
  • You will need to input your password
  • You will find a list of backups that will show up on your screen. This will have the date and sizes of the files. Choose the most recent one then tap on “Restore”
  • Ensure you don’t disconnect your iPhone till the syncing process is finish
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