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unfortunately app has stopped | How to fix unfortunately app Stop

How to fix “unfortunately app has stopped” errors

How to fix “unfortunately app has stopped” errors-most times we have issues coming up like this which makes us get frustrated when using some apps on our android phone which will just stop without no one tapping on it and no much load on your phone. now in this article, I will share with you ways you can get rid of this easily and fast. just follow the steps in this site carefully to avoid confusion

How to fix “unfortunately app has stopped” errors

                                                                                     unfortunately app has stopped?

Clean the app storage

It occurs most times along with the contacts, launcher apps, and gallery. You can try to follow these settings to get this done.

  • What you will need to do is to locate your settings which is on your phone.
  • You will find Apps and Notifications then locate the App info
  • Now move down to the apps which are affecting the phone to have issues then click on it.
  • Now you need to click on storage when you are done with that
  • Now you get in touch with clear data also clear cache options.


The clear cache is the decision that you need to begin with, this will help to vanish your data which lets your apps to load slowly when you launch them. To clear will help you boost up the speed a bit, though the main problem might be solved.

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The clear data will help you to vanish up your app data, also with files, settings also accounts, you might not make a decision on this, but if you wish to you can.


Go to your SD card

If you need to check this, you will need to remove the memory card and reload the app which has stopped working. Now if you are lucky enough this might work for you, now you will need a brand-new memory card, now you will need to transfer your file from your memory card to your PC as a backup.


Since you do not make use of the SD card, now you can afford this step.


Now you will need to uninstall and reinstall the app

If you find out the app is not an in-built app, you can try to uninstall it then try to re-install it again by downloading it from google play store. Now you can also get the un-install app and access the menu bar at the left-hand side then click on my apps and games. You will find the app then click on the uninstall, this might take sometimes, then you can install this again.


Now you will need to turn it off and on again

A soft reset can be done, it just restarting your phone again, it quite simple and easy this is if your phone has been on for so long. The soft reset will help you power cycle your phone by turning it off and on again.

It better you try to turn your device off sometimes when you find a situation like this, it helps a lot.


Now you can try a factory reset

If you have tried all the steps stated above, you can also try to make a factory reset on your phone. If you are taking these steps, make sure you have backup data, by saving your document on another device or try to do back up into your email.  This factory reset will clean up your entire data on your device and put it back the same way you purchase your phone, now you are done, you can now put your data which you have removed back on your phone.

How to fix “unfortunately app has stopped” errors
How to fix “unfortunately app has stopped” errors

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If you find out your google play is not working, you will need to clear cache in your first step also you will need to clear this stuff on your device, you will need to clean up your data also uninstall any play store updates.

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