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How to find twitter followers from Facebook

How to find twitter followers from Facebook

how to find twitter followers from Facebook
   how to find twitter followers from Facebook


Our social media page are known popularly based on the number of friends which we have on our social media platform such as Twitter and Facebook which we can say it one of the trending platform most used by people which have helped a lot by also making new and good friends on the platform, discover old ones as to meet with people who are present on their profile.

We all sign in with a single social media site also make a step on accessing other too, we need to meet our friends which are on other social media platform too. It just one of my plans when I just started twitter. Mow I have a Facebook account, then I need to share more stories to my viewers who love to see what I write and discuss, then I decide on telling my friends to join me on twitter. That what I great plan I guess, that why I thought of bringing up this same idea to you as well so you can find your good friends.

Maybe you have a lot of friends who are too close to you on Facebook also, you will need to understand how to add Facebook friends on twitter. This needs to be done with yahoo mail as Facebook allows it somehow hard to move out any information away from their website. You can check below on how to find twitter followers from Facebook.



How to find twitter followers from Facebook

  • Now you will need to create a yahoo mail account if you already have a yahoo mail account before you don’t need a yahoo mail account anymore, but if you don’t have a yahoo mail at all, is advisable to register for one now, you can get this done by clicking on this link here
  • Now you own an account, you will tap on “contacts” which is on the left side which is after “import contact” which is placed at the right. You will now get this option immediately you just log in after you sign in from your account.
  • You will notice a list of platforms such as Facebook, Gmail, etc. tap on Facebook then also an approval box will request verification for loading the contact from Facebook. Then tap on Ok to proceed.
  • Though, the contacts have been imported with a message, will now be shown to you with will show “congratulations” the Facebook contacts have now imported. Now you will need to tap “Done”
  • Now you will need to go to your Twitter to start visiting your Facebook friend, move down to the twitter importer. Tap on the link which will show and direct you to the importer. Also, you can tap on “Discover” when you have visit then “Find friends” which are on the top left side.
  • Tap on search contacts link beside yahoo mail
  • This will take a few seconds to move the yahoo mail consent windows. Now, this is done, tap on “Agree” link to import your yahoo attached with twitter.

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Now that your Facebook friends have now be moved to yahoo mail, you will be able to join your Facebook close friends on Twitter as well. To get this done, check the below procedure.


What benefit will you get from adding your Facebook friend to twitter

  • You will be able to move out your Facebook profile friends, but ensure that you will find your friends on your contact list on your contacts.
  • This is based on the personal privacy made of your friends’ Facebook profile.
  • You will be able to find friends who have only a twitter account.



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