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How to edit post on Facebook

How to edit post on Facebook

How to edit post on Facebook
How to edit post on Facebook

No one is perfect, most times we make a post and decide on making a correction on it and thinking it not possible because you have posted it online. Before Facebook has not given the option like this to edit our post when we made mistakes or errors, most time we share this post and thinking nothing can be done at all.


How to edit post on Facebook

You don’t need to start wondering how this will be or how is possible to get this done so easily after making a post. Now Facebook is now allowing you to make changes now on any post which you have posted and you are ready to make any correction. Now you will be given access to edit your post also comments may be due to some adjustment or some addition to your words. Now let check on we can get this done in just a few seconds.

Please note that you can only edit your own personal comment and post, other parties own are not given access to because you are not the one who input the words.


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Now step to edit your post | How to edit post on Facebook

  • Move to one of your posts which you need to edit, tap on the three dots, tap on edit post, then edit your post.

How to edit post on Facebook


  • Now you are editing this, tap on “save” to get what you edited saved on your post.

How to edit post on Facebook


This step is so simple, what are you waiting for, all you post you know you need to upgrade some words on it or you mistakenly input wrong words on Facebook can be changed now, we have written a lot of article about many things you can do with Facebook and also solution that can be made.

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