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How to download video on Facebook

How to download video on Facebook

Facebook app does not allow you to download the video clips immediately on your phone, which you have tried and think that nothing can be done. Though tap on search and discover some apps which do not quickly let you download Facebook videos on your phones, now let talk about how to download video Facebook.

How to download video on Facebook
How to download video on Facebook

How to download video on Facebook

Step to download this on your iPhone

What you will need to do is to download an app known ad MyMedia from the App store. This app is just like download and data manager making you manage your media documents on iOS. Then the application is installed, access your Facebook app then check your video which you desire to download.

How to download video on Facebook
How to download video on Facebook

Then you will need to play the video, with this you will have the privilege to check the different to share the video. Click on the option also tap on the copy link. It will copy the direct URL of the video to your iPhone clipboard.

How to download video on Facebook

Now, open the MyMedia app then you will find a browser. On the page, you will access the site know as Savefrom.net which you will paste out the video URL link copied from the Facebook app then tap the button to solve the video web link. In the video, you will be given the option to select an HD or SD download. Clicking on the options will now give you the option to download the video.

How to download video on Facebook

Ensure you know that, when savefrom.net is stating that download web link is not discovered, then you can try downfacebook.com which you can also paste your link of the video you need to download there.

This application will request you to give the name of the video, then begin to download it. Also, immediately the download end, you will have the access to see the file in the Media tab of the app.

How to download video on Facebook

With this, you can find out that the videos are directly from the app. Moreover, you can decide to save the video to electronic camera roll or maybe transfer with other applications such as WhatsApp and also Twitter.


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How to download Facebook video

  • Go to your Facebook app which you downloaded on your android device
  • View a video on your Facebook which you need to download, save it on your storage space.
  • You will need to copy the link by tapping on the straight dots which is at the right corner.

Make sure you click on the “save video” just that it won’t save externally. Make sure you will need to go to your Facebook converse videos click on the play video clips. The step below is to help you externally on your storage space also can be shared or move to other gadgets or maybe your WhatsApp to your friends or contacts.


Immediately you get this copy to the clipboards, this what will happen

  • Go to google chrome then visit facebook.com
  • You will need to paste the link from the clipboard.


Hold on the address bar also click on paste. Go to your Facebook account by logging in when prompted. Anytime the Facebook video page is loaded, you can play it

  • Hold and click on the playing video, you will be shown a download choice.
  • Tap on the video which you are playing, you will find a download video choice that will show up.
  • Click on the video which will be downloaded to the storage space. Then you will receive an alert then the download will start.


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