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How to download photo on Facebook

How to download photo on Facebook

How to download photo on Facebook
How to download photo on Facebook

Sometimes we love some few pictures which our friends and loved ones upload online and we are tired of screenshotting because we are still going to edit it later, but we love saving it because it will look neat, sometimes the picture you sent online on your Facebook page for so long and need to save it back because you have misplaced your phone or another issue came up. Now you can save the pictures back from your Facebook account to your mobile device.

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How to download photos on Facebook

This method is also applicable in helping you to download your own Facebook personal images

If you need to download in your account pictures, or maybe other images which you have share, you will need to go to your profile then check the image and open it, if that the picture you need to download. Tap on “options” then download.

Maybe you need to download through your android tool, immediately you are on your profile pic which you need to download the image, download it. When you access your Facebook, tap on the menu then select “save photo” when you are opening your Facebook through your browser, tap on the image to open it then tap on “View full size” which is under the image. If the image dimension now shows up its dimension on the screen, tap on it and also hold it till you find out that the home below shows “save image”.

You can as well try this step to download Image on Facebook

  • Tap and hold on the image which you need to download
  • You will find “option”
  • Tap on “save image to gallery”


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