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how to delete a game on facebook

How to delete a game on Facebook : Delete a game on Facebook


How to delete a game on Facebook : Facebook now has a lot of games for its members to play. A user can play action, puzzle, fantasy, or casino games all day long for free, but the games need the user’s information and access to post on the member pages. Some time will come when user will want to remove these games.

However, call them games, they are really apps. Apps are not certainly games. They can involve news feeds, sites, or other programs that have access to the user’s account. All these apps will have sure access to profile information, settings, or posting rights agreed upon by the user.


Delete Facebook Games

To delete any app from the account, just do the following:

  • Go on to Facebook
  • Tap the gear symbol at the top right of any page.
  • Click the “Account Settings” option.
  • In the column on the left hand side, select the “Apps” option.
  • Select the “X” to the right of any game or app to remove it.
  • A delete confirmation window will appear. A few things should be shown before the app is deleted. If the owner wants to delete all the app’s activity from the account, he should check a check box at the bottom of the delete confirmation window. If the box is not checked, then the entire things is already posted will remain but no new details will be added. Along side with, there is also a message notifying that information taken from the app may be kept with the company that makes the app. Any details already gathered from the account will remain with the app maker unless the user contacts the vendor straight and request the vendor to remove it. Maybe by some way, no new information will be kept or received after the app is removed.
  • Tap on the “Remove” button.



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Block Facebook Games

Deleting is useful if a user wants to play the games but does not need the app to post everything on the user’s pages. When there is a posting from a game or app that you do not want to see, You can pass the mouse to the upper right of the posting. A drop-down arrow will show. Tap the drop-down arrow. Tap the “Hide…” option. This will stop further postings from the app to the home page.

If a member prefer they wants the app back or that he wishes to remove the block, they can go to the Facebook Help Center and check the simple way to restore the app.



How to remove an app on Facebook

To remove an app or game you’ve added:

  1. Tap?revision=3913006052065405&name=Comet FB Arrow&density=1 in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Tap Settings & privacy, then tap Settings.
  3. Tap Apps and Websites in the left menu.
  4. Tap the box next to the apps or games you’d like to remove.
  5. Tap Remove.
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