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How to create an email account

How to create an email account

How to create an email account
                                      How to create an email account

Email helps user to access their emails anytime they are not connected to the web browser. It just like an email user reading their messages and notification offline without making use of the internet. An email goes extra mile as we know it just through sending of messages through the use of Gmail, it detects spam and malware for a lot of reason, this can also be used for interaction just like chatting, sending images and so on.

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What does email do? | How to create an email account

This helps in sending a message within and outside where we stay till it gets to where we directed the message to, a lot of people though this work out as outlook operates only on a computer, this is not like a web service. Email is sent as ASCII which is known as text, this is when a text is sent to email software. It changes the message to clean text which the email server can understand and translate.


How to create an email account

  • Go to gmail.com or click here
  • Click on create an account below the page
  • Put in the details required
  • Create a password then confirm it also
  • Select your date of birth
  • Select your gender
  • Tap on next to move further
  • You will be asked to create username@gmaill.com
  • Input your phone number
  • You will be sent a code to the number which you register through SMS
  • Input the code in the box given to you
  • Now, you have a Gmail account


How to log in to your Gmail account

  • Go to gmail.com or here
  • Input your email address which you created when building up your profile
  • Tap on next
  • Input your password which you created
  • Then tap on next
  • Now, you are logged in.



How to download Gmail | How to create an email account

  • Go to your phone play store and input the name “Gmail”
  • You will get series of list similar to this, tap on the real Gmail which the image look like the one in this platform
  • Click on install
  • Now you are done

For android user tap on this link here

For iPhone users tap on this link here


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