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How To Create A Steam Account For Free

Need A Steam Account? This is the right Article for YOU!

Getting a steam account created for free requires some steps and guidelines to follow.  In today’s article, readers will be acquainted with procedures to follow to create a successful Steam Account. To get started with the process on How To Create A Steam Account, you need to read this article to the end…

Steam is the gaming equivalent to what Hulu or Netflix is to Tv shows and movies.

Steam is an online platform that functions basically as a cloud-based library for games. The platform was created by game developer Valve, and an account on the service allows the users to buy and play PC games and be a part of the gaming community.

Steam’s most notable feature is that it allows the users to create a Steam account that can be used to buy or download any game, and the game then can be played in any computer that the account is logged into. This allows an excellent level of mobility to the users. Also, the collection of numerous games in the story saves memory on the computer.

Steam has many games available from every genre, and the games also feature notable additions like DLCs (Downloadable Content) and mods from users and major developers alike. The platform also features games by indie designers.


Creating a steam account.

How To Create A Steam Account For Free

To make the best of the platform, a Steam account is necessary as it will allow you to buy and save games, join communities, and create a gaming profile for yourself.

After creating the Steam account, you can log in and access Steam’s full library, which houses thousands of games, software, and a gaming forum.

There are two easy ways that you can create a Steam account, either by using the Steam website or by using the Steam Client.

Both ways are simple to set up and are described in detail below:


Create A Steam Account using the Steam Website

The first thing you will stumble upon will be the same website, and it is perhaps an easier way to create a Steam account. The steps to create an account are:


  1. To create an account using the Steam website, you have to go to the official website and click login or go to this website.
  2. The next you need to do is enter your email address, confirm the email address, select your country of residence, finish the captcha, and then tick the agreement.
  3. After finishing the form and thoroughly checking it, click on Continue.
  4. For the next step, you’ll receive a confirmation mail on your registered email address, and to finish the process, you need to verify your mail through the same.

 Your account is created, and you can use the credentials to log in to the account through the Steam website, or you can download the Steam client and login to the client using the same details.


Steam Account using the Steam Client

The second way to create a Steam account is to do so from the Steam Client, for which you might have the client pre-installed, or you need to go to the Steam website and download the client.

To create an account using the Steam Client, follow these steps:

  1. Run the Steam client installed on your PC from the desktop or star many and then click on the option to “Create A New Account…” from the Steam Login window.
  2. Click on the “Create New Account” option that appeared in another window.
  3. Click on the Next button if a window appears advising you against creating multiple Steam accounts.
  4. Review the window statement, which is the “Steam Subscriber Agreement,” and then click on the “I agree” button present at the bottom of the page.
  5. The “Privacy Policy” will appear next, review the same and then click on I agree if you agree with the terms.
  6. A new window will open then, giving you the option to choose an Account Name for your account and select a name that you want or using a steam username generator (you can’t change it later). Choose a strong password for your account and then re-enter the password. After reviewing the details, click on the Next button.
  7. In the next window, you need to enter your email address. The address that you enter must not be associated with any other Steam account (If it shows that your address is associated with another account, you can cancel the process and go to the login page and retrieve your existing Steam account)

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If your address is new, then press the Next button,

  1. The client will prompt you to choose a secret question as an added security level, do the same, and click on Next.
  2. There is also an option to print the account details of your Steam account. You can either click on the given link to print it or click Next.
  3. Check all the information that the Steam Client will have access to after it is started on your PC. If you are satisfied, click the Finish button.

Your Steam account is now all set, and you can use the account to login to the Steam Client or on the Steam website.


Now that your Steam account is all set up, you can use the same to browse through the vast gaming library that the platform offers and download and play the games you buy or check out the many freebies that Steam makes available.

Steam also offers discounted games at regular intervals, and there are many sale events where you can buy the game for a lesser price, so make sure not to miss out on all the benefits that the platform provides.


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