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How to change your number on Zelle

How to change your number on Zelle

How to change your number on Zelle
                      How to change your number on Zelle

How to change your number on Zelle – If you are finding it difficult to change your Zelle, no video yet about this on YouTube, Zelle is not too similar to PayPal, Payoneer or square. This is attached to banking and financial institution which encourage it, that is why getting your number changed is somehow difficult.

If you are making use of MasterCard or visa bank card, you can send money through Zelle no matter which organization manages your account.


Change number on Zelle

This for users who are using US bank, you will need to go online to make use of your computer or laptop then follow the step below


  • Choose “send money” on the top bar menu, then tap “send money with Zelle”
  • You will need o tap on “enroll to receive” then continue
  • Now you will update your contact information before choosing “continue”
  • You might add another phone number or maybe your email address at this point
  • Otherwise, you may make use of the “Edit” page to change your existing contact information.
  • Tap your primary account from the list which is on the screen then tap on “Continue”
  • Tap to confirm on the next screen.


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If you need to no sure of the number which you used

You need to try these two ways to further, check the bank which you used when registering with Zelle or maybe you launch the Zelle app, then access the settings.

Tap on the icon which looks like a gear on the Zelle app, this will show you the number which you tender down when you attached your bank account with the Zelle app.


How to remove number completely from Zelle

You will need to go through your bank, building society, credit union. Maybe you are a member of “regions financial corporation” you will need to call them so that you can get your number changed on their banking system as well on Zelle.

You can get an update for other information on their online banking portal which is at the point of your change of phone number which is on their system automatically which seems to be linked to your Zelle account

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