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How to activate dark mode on Facebook

How to activate dark mode on Facebook

How to activate dark mode on Facebook
How to activate dark mode on Facebook

The dark mode for Facebook has been decided to appear out for a long time, now it is now available, we need to know how this new look will be which most of us who fancy cool things will cherish a lot.

This is not about how it looks, it just researches made from Google that has found the pixel color which has a straight effect on power draw along with black pixels making use of excellent low energy which is like the white ones. Moving to Facebook light, which has a light platform to a look that is darker can help you with your mobile devices which is notice to be longer within chargers.

For those who have little effect with their eyes at night with light effect, might try to make use of this dark mode which will help you out in fighting the light effect.


Facebook dark mode for desktop | How to activate dark mode on Facebook

This has been turning out a new design for the desktop site, which as the optional dark mode. Maybe you need to be among the testing group, anytime you visit Facebook on your desktop you will find a notification giving your info, next you will get a prompt requesting you to select among the light and dark designs.

Maybe you are not among the testing group, don’t get bothered- stuff like this will be present around the globe very soon, actually in the meantime you can also make use of Google Chrome to “Force” dark mode on Facebook. It does not look really like the same as the main dark mode will look like, but just t a bit different.

You will need to have the latest version of Chrome. When you get confused, you will need to access the main menu, click “Help” then “About Google Chrome” also the browser will get and install any available updates automatically.

You will need to click on HERE or you will copy and paste chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark out the address bar, then change the first drop-down box which you find in the “Default” to “Enabled”. You will be given the option to re-launch your browser to ensure you save the work as the first start.

How to activate dark mode on Facebook
How to activate dark mode on Facebook

Now you have re-opened your Google chrome, you will see that the entire site which you visit also with Facebook, has the new color at the main position. This is not yet accurate, though, white parts of the images are changed to black inappropriately, actually, this will work in an exact part.

If you need to change back, you will need to click on this link HERE or copy and paste chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark on your browser then change the settings back to “default”.


Facebook dark mode for iOS and android

The Facebook mobile app does not have the dark mode now, this may show for Android, iOS, and iPadOS across the same time when the new desktop design will show its main debut.

Till then, you will see the dark side on your phone or tablet making use of Google Chrome: input this link HERE or copy and paste it out chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark in your browser bar also change the flags “ android web contents dark mode also android Chrome UI dark mode to “Enabled’. Immediately this is done, you will need to log in to your Facebook through Chrome and stay back to enjoy the new look.

The dark mode is present on Facebook messenger already.

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How to activate dark mode on Facebook messenger

  • Go to your Facebook Messenger
  • Tap on your profile picture
  • You will need to click on the “Dark mode “switch.

This is available in the full Facebook dark mode for iOS, iPadOS also Android which will show up soon.  You will be updated as soon as we get more info.





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