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Hide Files – How to Hide Files on Your Computer

This may not be a new thing to do. But some of our readers may not be aware that hide files on PC is not ordinarily done by only adding password to PC before the PC can be used. In this article, we will be discussing step by steps on how to hide files on your computer.

Level 1: Use Hidden Folders

If you wish to keep your personal file from people spying, they are a folder easy for you to handle stuff like this. This can’t hide file from people who understand better. It will make it unseen for people using your system. Just like keeping food away from your rats at home.

Keeping files in laptops is quite easy:

  1. Choose in the file you wish to keep your file.
  2. Right-click and select properties
  3. Tap on the general type
  4. Below you see a box showing hidden file, click on it
  5. Tap on apply after choosing this.


This folder will be unseen by anyone , this will help you keep your files safe, to get your hidden file, click on your home type , search for the name you save you hidden file with, then you are free to use your file.

Level 2: Use Apps to Hide Files from Search and History

If tired of using the hidden file, just use a third party app. This app don’t really secure your data, they help so people won’t get to know our file you keeping away from them.


Level 3: Encrypt Files to Lock Them Away for Good

Keeping file away from stranger doesn’t mean your file is fully secure. If you are choosing in protecting this file, you want to prevent it from unauthorized person. This will reduce the access of your file a bit; this is this best method of allowing people to go into your systems. You have a lot of option to keep your file; the best way is just to create an unauthorized zip file.

You can download lockbox; this will help you lock all your file and inserting password for third party to access your files. You can this app on Playstore,  Appstore, Windowstore

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