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Gaming Tools – 7 Must-have Gaming Tools in 2021

7 Must-have Gaming Tools in 2021

Gaming Tools in 2021 most of us should have at home or offices. In today’s article, you will learn about must have 7 gaming tools in 2021.

Gaming has always been a popular activity in which people engage during their free time. There has been an increase in online gamers over the years due to the ease of accessing the Internet. More gaming companies continue to emerge with epic online video games to feed this increasing trend. The gaming market has consequently benefited a lot from the developments of online games.

Gaming Tools - 7 Must-have Gaming Tools in 2020
Gaming Tools – 7 Must-have Gaming Tools in 2021

Similarly, software companies have introduced various gaming services to enhance the experience of video game players. On top of a nice gadget for gaming, you need some applications and programs to get the best out of playing electronic games.

Most of the gaming tools are freeware, meaning you don’t need to make any payments to use them. In this article, we are going to explore the essential gaming tools that you need as a gamer.

List of Gaming Tools Gamers Must have on Their PC

  1. Steam

The Valve video game company initially launched Steam in 2003 as a service for downloading games and software. Steam has millions of users from all around the world, thus making a significant contribution to the gaming market.

Besides using Steam to purchase games, you can also get other content like soundtracks and anime. The software also offers Steamworks, where developers can access some Steam features for use in their digital products. Steam has various versions for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

  1. VPN

A Virtual Private Network is a trusted tool that protects the identity of its users. The way VPNs function is they encrypt user data and ensure secure connections. When you use a VPN for better gaming experiences, you also prevent leakages of confidential information from being collected by some gaming websites.

Below are more reasons why you should consider connecting to a VPN when gaming online.

  • Unlocking regional blocks

Video game enthusiasts in countries that don’t support some games can bypass geo-restrictions using a VPN. Your details, including location, automatically become hidden when you connect to a VPN. The VPN changes your IP address and assigns you a new one that matches your chosen location.

  • Game purchases

You can get your game supplies at low rates by exploring the pricing in different countries through a VPN connection. A VPN can connect you to a server in a foreign city or country, and hence you get to pay the local prices. This approach is especially useful since the demand for gaming products varies by state. Gaming companies set low prices for countries with lower video game demand.

Additionally, you get access to new releases of video games using a VPN. The games launched in the developer’s country might take some time to reach other parts of the world. Thus, you get a chance to save your anxiety for other reasons that are not gaming.


  1. Discord

The discord gaming service allows players to communicate using chats, images, voice, and video from various locations. This freeware has several versions that can run on all the widely-used operating systems. Discord users can create servers for free and manage the people who can use them.

You can also connect your other gaming accounts with Discord. Most aspects of Discord are accessible to free users except for some additional features such as emojis and stickers in chats.

  1. OBS Studio

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is open-source software for recording and live streaming video. You can use the freeware to record and share gameplay with other players. Users can convert video into various coded formats using OBS Studio. Advanced users have a chance to output the stream to custom URLs. OBS Studio has a sound-enhancing feature that improves the quality of audio. This user-friendly freeware supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

  1. Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex is useful in boosting the performance of a PC for an enhanced gaming experience. The application improves the running of your PC with its high-quality system boosters. With Razer Game Booster, you can explore the highest limit of your system in terms of performance.

It has an engine that enables users to get updates on the prices of various products in gaming stores. Razer Game Booster for Android devices is available freely for download. Android users can get cash prizes while playing their favorite games using the platform.

  1. CPU-Z

CPU-Z is a free application that provides all the data about your PC or Android device. It shows detailed information about your central processing unit, RAM, and motherboard chip-set. You no longer have to endure the task of opening your computer’s case to identify such components.

CPU-z also provides details about the GPU of the computer system. As a gamer, you can use this tool to identify the games which are perfectly compatible with your g system.

  1. CCleaner

CCleaner is a high-ranking utility for cleaning unwanted files and unwanted Windows System Restore points. You can use the application to free up space by safely deleting some files and uninstalling programs on your Windows PC. CCleaner clears useless files left by other programs like web browsers and media players. It also has versions for Mac and newer Android operating systems.

Concluding remarks

Most issues encountered while gaming can be eliminated if you have some good gaming tools. You don’t have to cross out some games from your collection because of problematic gameplay. Just equip yourself with the right software to improve your experience when playing video games.

Keep in mind that a VPN is essential for total freedom in gaming over the Internet, and can work well with most of the online gaming services. Happy gaming!

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