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Free Elementor Pro v2.10.3 – All Features Activated

Free Elementor Pro v2.10.3 [ Get All Features Activated]

In our today’s web development, there are so many changes made by web developers. Some of the developers had made it easy for some of us that cannot or do not have any web development experience. Thanks to them all!

With the developers easy made development updates, you and I the learner/beginners can easily build a website without any loopholes. This gives all the beginners to be able to have a website of their own.

With this development, more easy use plugins were released. And one of them is ELEMENTOR Plugin.

Free Download Elementor Pro Latest Version is what you will have access to download at the end of this article.

Free Elementor Pro ReviewElementor PRO Free

Elementor is one of the commonly used front-end page builder plugins that allows WordPress users to customize the front end of any WordPress website.

The element pro plugin allows you to build customizable and amazing eye-catching pages for your websites. The process or guide is possible.

To effectively make use of this plugin, it has to use live by drag and drop editing process.

As a user, in case you have any website built with WordPress, this plugin can be used to edit pages of any WordPress sites.

Cons of Using Elementor Plugin

There are cons that will interest you to use a particular plugin. So let us look at what makes this one an amazing and awesome copy. Thus; using this plugin gives you access to:

  • Edit all pages of any WordPress sites
  • Its integration of marketing tools like MailChimp, GetResponse, Zapier, ConvertKit, etc.
  • Easy to use
  • Beginners can use it
  • Has pre-made beautiful templates and blocks
  • You do not need any technical experience

Having said these, the integration marketing tool of either ConvertKit or makes it easier for all learning categories.

As I had mentioned above, the Editor of Elementor Pro plugin is well defined in such a way that anyone can build stunning website pages without any technical knowledge.

Pros of Using Elementor Pro

In life, anything that has Cons will definitely have PROs. So to me, the PROs of using this plugin is;

  • It has to be used to edit any pages LIVE
  • It must be installed to the said website
  • It is LIVE front – end editor Plugin

All said and done, Elementor Pro offers some of its users’ pre-made beautiful templates and blocks. Pre-made templates are already made templates you can emulate to your taste. However, you can import those awesome templates from the Elementor’s library in just a few clicks after installation.

Advantage of Elementor Plugin

The plugin is very useful and advantageous. For this reason, it has both a free and paid version.

Elementor Free Version

With the FREE version, users can still do a crazy design of a website. Because the free version has powerful features.

The free version of the plugin is limited to some extent. Meaning it limits users to enjoy some features while with the Pro version, you can do crazy design without limitation.

Elementor Pro Version

Using the paid version of elementor, you have access to unlimited features while with the free version, those features are very limited.

If you want unlimited advanced features of the crazy design you can make, then you need the Elementor Pro version.

Even if you are using a free version of the plugin, users can easily upgrade to the pro version by just a click of installation. However, to upgrade you need to install the Elementor Pro addon. The Pro addon will automatically add advance pro version features into the same free version plugin you’ve had.

Core Features of Elementor Pro plugin As A Page Builder Plugin for WordPress

  • Has a feature of Drag and Drop editor.
  • Feature of Live preview.
  • Same site effect without any negative and harmful effects on site performance
  • 3rd party widget support
  • Light-weight plugin
  • Integration with popular SEO plugin – Yoast SEO
  • Google fonts support
  • Allows to import and export templates
  • With a Front-end editor active.
  • The Plugin Supports up to 35+ pre-built templates
  • Has Multiple marketing tools as mentioned in the post with plugins support
  • The has inbuilt Multiple typography options
  • Enables to place inline elements
  • Font Awesome icons support
  • Permits to build mobile-responsive pages
  • Landing page builder
  • Popup builder
  • Schema mark-up support for rating system
  • Drag and Drop theme builder
  • Allows to create custom post templates
  • Can build creative 404 and search pages also
  • Slider support



In conclusion, users using this plugin you can design any fresh post and pages, or design customized post types directly from the editing screen of WordPress page.

Above all, Elementor Pro is the most advanced and powerful page builder plugin for WordPress websites with over 4 million active installations.

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The WordPress Page Builder Plugin Sales/Demo Page of Elementor Pro v2.10.3 (Latest Version)

Building a working WordPress page with an amazing page builder plugin, lots of efforts were put in place. We recommended you get the Elementor paid version for developer’s effort using the official URL https://elementor.com/pro/

New Features of Elementor Pro v2.10.3 (Changelog)

The reason why all apps or plugins have newly released updates is that the update fixes some complaints or bugs generated at the point of use.

There are changes made to the new released of Elementor Pro v2.10.3 version changelog. Some of these changes are:

  • Fix Select2 control width glitch.
  • Fix: Form not being submitted when using “Progress Bar” and “None” view types in Multi-Step Form.
  • Fixed Missing “for” attribute in Password field label in Login widget.
  • Fix: Duplicated Hidden type form fields inherited required attribute in Form widget.
  • Fix: Run step events only when in Multi-Step Form mode.
  • Improved License validation mechanism to avoid limitations.
  • Changed control labels and ordering in Price Table, Lottie, and Form widgets.
  • Popup close button vertical position glitch fixed.
  • Fixed Clicking Enter key submits the form in Multi-Step Form.
  • Hardened sanitization in Custom Attributes to avoid security issues.
  • New: Introducing Multi-Step Forms – Breakdown long forms into simple steps.
  • And Some other small minor UI tweaks and bug fixes.

Download Elementor Pro v2.10.3 (Latest Version)

To download Elemento Pro v2.10.3 the latest version released, you will need to go through the link below. In the download, you will get Elementor v2.10.3 and Elementor Free v2.9.13 the Premium Page Builder Plugin for your WordPress sites.

You can use the mentioned links

Google Drive share link:https://drive.google.com/file/d/13vyLz0TQc7ymXMn01LAclj0QKBELMbPr/view?usp=sharing

Mediafire Link: – https://www.mediafire.com/file/3n4fycn645coqyo/elementor-pro-package-v2.10.3.zip

4shared Link: – https://www.4shared.com/zip/Cpzhk3ZBiq/elementor-pro-package-v2103.html

How to Install the Downloaded Elementor Pro

This stage is that you have to follow from word to word otherwise, the purpose won’t be achieved. So please, follow this Installation and Activation Guide carefully:

  • Open & unzip the downloaded zip file. If you didn’t have any, use Winrar
  • There are two files in the zip folder name, Elementor-free-v2.9.13.zip and Elementor-pro-v2.10.3.zip.
  • Install Elementor-free-v2.9.13 first been the free version. And then;
  • Install Elementor-PRO-v2.10.13 been the PRO version

How To Activate Elementor PRO

Since you have installed the two versions of the elementors. You will notice that the two plugins are among the installed plugins under the WordPress Plugins gallery. Activate the two versions.

Note: There will be a popup message on your dashboard, asking you to connect to activate the Elementor pro. Do not click CONNECT. Just follow the guide below.

Therefore, to activate Elementor Pro, navigate to your WordPress DASHBOARD

At the LEFT side, navigate to where you see Elementor>>License and enter this LICENsE KEY as your purchased license key “GWP7514519919615182316RL”.

How to Use Elementor PRO Premade Templates or Blocks

Since we mentioned that the PRO version has some awesome and beautiful premade templates and blocks. You may want to use any of these templates or blocks.

To use these premade templates or blocks, you have to create a free elementor’s Pro account from their official website. You will be asked to “CONNECT with ELEMENTOR ACCOUNT” anytime you intend to use the “PREMADE PAGES & BLOCKS. So, you are free to connect. There won’t be any conflict of issues. Enjoy those templates and blocks at any time.

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But note; in case there are newly released pro templates and blocks, they may not work but those you had already downloaded can be used.

Some HINTS to notes

 Never Update the free version of Elementor in case new updates show up in your WordPress server DASHBOARD. This action will cause your template to break as you imported newly released features.

If you’re confronting any issues initially deactivate and erase the Elementor module at that point open phpMyAdmin to find and erase database entries containing “elementor” in them into the wp_options and wp_usermeta tables as it were. Subsequent to erasing elementor entries from the two tables, reinstall and utilize the modules.

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