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Free Disney plus Verizon

Free Disney plus Verizon

Free Disney plus Verizon
                                                          Free Disney plus Verizon

Free Disney plus Verizon-Disney is now pulling out the entire stop in all ways to get a lot of people possible to subscribe to their service, with a cost of $6.99 a month or maybe $69.99 a year. It is also with a giveaway of one-year access by a deal with telecom giant Verizon also an expired promotion which the customers might pre-purchase three years worth of Disney plus subscription at a discount.

Verizon gives away went live with the releasing of Disney plus since Tuesday, November 12. To ensure that the streaming service and the deal are available, now below I will give you more about everything you need to the free offer, step to sign up for it, who is qualified for it, how long it as to be present.

Verizon free Disney plus offer

In October, Verizon and Disney announced that main Verizon Fios also Verizon Wireless customers will get the first year of Disney plus for free.

Which the saving is $83.88 for individuals who are suggesting of subscribing to Disney plus on month by month on all basis.

Qualified Verizon requirements for the deal

If you need to qualify for Verizon free year of Disney plus, make sure you are up to 18 and be at the below stages

  • Now you own a Verizon wireless service on an unlimited data plan also with the Verizon unlimited plan, beyond unlimited, go unlimited, start unlimited, this does not record if you have a business or prepaid account,
  • If you are a new Verizon Fios customer, which means you are just about to sign up, or maybe you need to switch to Verizon Fios home internet/TV service. You are qualified since you are now on an alone internet along with the speeds of about 50mbps or maybe tow year contract for Verizon’s twice play or maybe triple play bundles. This won’t record when you are already a Fios customer, or maybe you are signing up for Fios business service.
  • If you are a new Verizon 5G customer, which means if you are about to sign up for, or maybe to switch to, Verizon 5G wireless home internet service, that is currently present only in main areas of Sacramento, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, and Indianapolis. This doesn’t record when you are already a Verizon 5G customer.


Since you have been qualified, now you can take advantage of the offer. Also, Verizon’s FAQ state that you are qualified for a free year, even you have signed up already for Disney plus, maybe through Disney or a third party.

Take this important notice: your pre-purchase will behold and resume immediately the Verizon promo period. Prepurchased users who have a monthly subscription through Disney or maybe a monthly or annual subscription by a third party, Verizon promotional offer will start when you join through Verizon, even will automatically change your pre-purchased subscription, then you join and finish the account setup, and information will be sent to your email with information on how to manage your pre-purchase subscription.

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Maybe you have pre-purchased a three-year subscription, you will need to pay the full cost upfront, now you won’t have monthly payments which will hold and start. Rather than Verizon will definitely tack on a free 12 months at the door of existing membership.

How to get your Disney plus by Verizon

Make sure you know that the email address which you use in signing up must not be used with any Disney plus account.

  • Users of Verizon wireless customers who are qualified for the unlimited data plans, you can now sign in to my Verizon account/app to add Disney plus. You can link for a fast step here. immediately you are logged in, you will see information about the free offer, then tap on “Get Disney +” to begin the steps.
  • Users of Verizon wireless subscribers who are not qualified can get a free offer when they switch to an unlimited data plan before the deal expires.
  • Users of new Verizon wireless or Verizon 5G customer, you will get information about Disney plus in your confirmation email through Verizon immediately you activate your device or immediately your installation is done. Please ensure that new Verizon 5G subscribers must see a notification about free Disney plus deal when processing the sign-up.
  • Users of new Verizon Fios customer, make sure you have gotten a notification about free Disney plus deal when you signed up. Immediately your Fios installation is done, now Verizon will send an email with a link to sign up for Disney plus by the Verizon website or maybe the Fios app.

For more information on the free offer, you can tap on this link for Fios customer here

For mobile5G customer, you can click on this link here

Ensure you get notified that Verizon wireless account is different from Verizon Fios accounts. i.e. if you are eligible for Disney plus free offer by both services, this means you are a new Fios or 5G customer who is signing up or has an unlimited mobile data plan, you will get a free year Disney plus by each of your Verizon accounts. All you need to do is to sign up for the streaming service with different email addresses (two).

Few fine prints on Verizon are present to sign up page by is worth of no countless. After the 12-month promotional period stops, Disney plus subscription will you have will automatically renew. With a monthly cost of $6.99, with a not cheaper annual rate of $69.99. now ensure you will be charged by Verizon, not Disney.

Two irregularity are available, when you are on an annual or multiyear Disney plus subscriber, exiting membership will be charged through Disney which is not Verizon, when it starts at the end of the one-year free period. Maybe you are a New Mexico resident, your Disney plus subscription will now operate out at the end of the free 12-month window, this won’t be renewed automatically.


How long does the Verizon Disney plus offer last?

Verizon is now present from November 12, 2019, till June 1, 2020. Anyway, if you sign up during the window, you will be given a full year of Disney plus for free beginning on the date which you joined.

ESPN plus or maybe HULU among Verizon Disney plus deal

This is a negative answer since Disney is giving a $12.99 per month bundle of Disney plus, ESPN plus also ad-supported HULU, Verizon promo will be for only Disney plus. If you need to get ESPN plus or maybe HULU, you will need to subscribe to them differently.


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