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Facebook Notifications Settings – Facebook Notifications not clearing

Facebook Notifications Settings – Facebook Notifications Not Clearing Or Facebook Notifications Not Working

Facebook Notifications Settings as the name implies, it means that ” a way manner to put FB notifications in place.” Moreso, there are bunches of amazing features on Facebook, yet the notification icon happens to be amazing and in fact one of the best features on Facebook. Facebook Notifications Settings - Facebook Notifications not clearingThe notification updates you whenever there is something happening on Facebook that is related to you. While the Facebook notifications settings help you to control what you want to get notified for. Moreover, you get notified on certain things including the following:

  1. Who liked your post?
  2. Happening events and upcoming events.
  3. Who commented on your post?
  4. Who reacted to your post?
  5. Who commented on the post you are tagged in?
  6. Friend request
  7. The suggestion of friends and your friends’ activities what the posted or post they tagged you in.
  8. Activities happening in groups you are in and much more. Facebook notifications settings and many more…

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Furthermore, the notification is there to help you to get in touch with all the fun and activities on the Facebook platform. It updates you about everything you need to think about what is happening on Facebook. The best part is that you receive notifications both when you are online and offline. Facebook upgraded the notification icon from only a sound to a message displaying what simply happened in your account.

How to Check Facebook Notifications

Checking your notifications is very easy. Simply follow the process I will be giving you. When you open your Facebook account, on the page you would see five icons. One of them is shaped like a bell, click it and you would be taken to the notification page. Check out – Facebook Account Settings; Facebook Privacy Settings.

On this page, you would see all the activities that occurred on your page beginning from recent to latest activities. Click any open you like to see and that is it.

How to Access the Notification Settings

Aside from simply getting notified of the thing happening in your account. Likewise, you also get to adjust your notification to the way you want it. Moreover, you even get to select the people who you want to receive notification from. You can also set your notification to just display what you want to see. To adjust your Notification settings, follow the steps stated below:

  • Get on your Facebook homepage.
  • Click the settings icon at the top of the page.
  • Click notifications.
  • Adjust your notification settings to how you want it to be.

That’s all. In addition, the activities or adjustment that can be done on the notification settings includes you select what notifications you might want to receive. This includes comments, tags, friend request and more. However, directly from Facebook Notifications settings, you can wear off annoying notification from friends, pages, groups, and others.

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