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Facebook log in or sign up

Facebook log in or sign up

Facebook log in or sign up
Facebook log in or sign up

Facebook log in or sign up-Facebook is an online social media platform where we meet new people, chat, video call and make conversation with our friends and loved ones. This platform has been so helpful in helping us get connected to friends which we have lost contact with for so long. Thanks to Facebook which has saved our Ass most times in getting connected to our relatives abroad. Now let discuss what you really still need to know about Facebook.

How to login to your Facebook account on your PC

Do you know that it not only on our mobile device we chat with Facebook, we can also make use of our PC.

  • Go to your browser and input “Facebook.com” in your search box
  • You will be shown the site where at the right corner you will need to enter your phone or email address which you used in registering for Facebook, you can make use of any email which you know you used in registering for Facebook.
  • You will need to enter your password
  • Then tap on login, now you will be given access to your account successfully.

Click on this link to get Facebook downloaded on your Apple here

Click on this link to get Facebook downloaded on your Android here


How to reset the password on Facebook |Facebook log in or sign up

  • Tap on the “forgot password”
  • You will need to input your email, full name or username, phone number, which is similar to the account in which you forgot the password, after that, tap on search.
  • Make sure you follow the on-screen instructions to avoid confusion.


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How to find your forgotten password

  • Go to your forgot password on your Facebook page
  • The input may be the email address or username which is the account you need to remember the password
  • Tap on submit
  • Search your inbox where you will get a reset email.
  • Tap on the URL which was sent to your email then enter a new password.


How to close your Facebook account

  • Go to your Facebook app,
  • Tap on the three-lines images or icon which is at the top right corner (Android)
  • For iPhone, you will tap on the three lines icon or image which is at the bottom right corner.
  • You will need to scroll down then tap on “settings & privacy”
  • Click on “settings
  • Now, scroll down and tap on “account ownership and control”.


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