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7 Ways an Escape Room Activity help your child achieve Advanced Mental Growth 

7 Ways an Escape Room Activity help your child achieve Advanced Mental Growth 

Escape Room Activity to help your child achieve Advanced Mental Growth will be the main topic of this article. Escape rooms have become the next-gen game these days. Many countries have opened up such games to provide entertainment to the people, and these are enjoyed by all people irrespective of their age, sex, language, or any other boundary. Research shows that they are highly engaging activities that help release stress and re-energize oneself. Escape rooms are vividly different from any other game available in the market and indeed promote people’s overall growth and development.  

So, playing such a game provides sheer entertainment to you and elevates your growth and development in the process. Hence, playing escape rooms can be beneficial for the growth and development of your body and mind. More so than anything else, the effects of these games on the mental growth of your child can be astonishing! This article shall take you through some of the key ways to do an escape room activity that can be beneficial for your child’s mental growth and development.  

7 Ways an Escape Room Activity help your child achieve Advanced Mental Growth 
7 Ways an Escape Room Activity help your child achieve Advanced Mental Growth


What do you do in an Escape Room?  

For newbies who are new to the world of escape rooms, sit back tight as you enjoy the joy ride of the game! Despite the numerous virtual escape rooms available these days, the merriment is substantially more when it comes to in-person games. So what are escape rooms? 

Imagine finding yourself trapped inside a room with no escape. What will you do to get out? Search the corners for clues and solve them, perhaps? So yes, that is all an escape room is all about. It is a highly engaging game having a duration of about 60-minutes. Each room is based on a particular theme pertaining to a movie or a book. So, gear up, for you have only an hour to complete the mission and escape!  


Advantages of Playing an Escape Room  

Escape rooms are designed in such a unique way that people or players of almost every age benefit from the gaming experience. In this article, we have discussed some of the ways in which the escape room gaming experience can be advantageous to the child’s mental growth and development.   

  1.     Develops Time Management Skills

Time management is one of the most crucial factors that come in handy in almost every walk of life. Escape rooms thrive on the very concept of managing time effectively. Players have to solve all the puzzles and ‘escape’ the room before the time runs out! Engaging in such an activity shall help your child effectively plan, organize and manage time as per their needs. Playing such games helps them understand that they can’t spend too much time on one puzzle or situation and instead plan in an organized manner.  

  1.     Boosts up the mood

Often, as children are stuck at home these days, they might be irritated almost at everything. Being unconditionally stuck in such challenging times, escape rooms can seemingly be a great way of having some form of entertainment. Happiness is the key to a beautiful life. So, what can be more important than keeping your child happy? Your child hunts all across the escape room, searching and solving riddles. The immersive experience boosts them, preparing their mind for more learning and growth. 

  1.     Improves Problem Solving Ability

As your child gradually grows up, you might find problem-solving capabilities to be necessary. Escape rooms can be quite helpful to increase and enhance your child’s abilities in yet a fun way. Playing such a game shall expose your child to numerous tricky riddles that they have to solve to win the game. So, playing an escape room game and letting your brain solve those tricky riddles can seemingly be an exciting way to boost your brain’s abilities! The puzzles that are present in such games are not as easy to crack. Hence, as your child continually goes on to try with determination and perseverance and at last achieves the goal, you will indeed find your child happy in the end!  

  1.     Instills the Ability to Work in a Team

Teamworking is where lies the foundation of the game. Suppose the teammates cannot cooperate and work as a team, their chances of winning become less. Letting your child engage in an escape room game shall help him or her harness a team working mindset. Harnessing such a skill can be helpful later in life. As the child learns to work with and as a team with the other players, they shall possess team working capabilities. To win the escape room games, every player must value and be patient in hearing their teammates’ opinions. As your child also does the same, he shall learn how to work with others effectively. 

  1.     Let the Creativity Flourish

These days, creativity seems to be almost lost from humanity. Children have lost the urge to be creative or innovative or even work their minds critically. Escape rooms work on the very concept of making your brain work in critical ways. They require players to think out of the box. It relies upon the idea of players thinking in a different way to escape the room.   

Since today, almost everything has shifted to the online mode; children hardly ever go out to play. They mostly remain engaged in mobile phones or are hooked to television. In such a situation, playing an escape room game can substantially help your child put his or her brain to use. This will hence, help to boost their creativity and innovation skills considerably. 

  1.     Develops a keen Eye for Details

Attention to minute details is something that becomes extremely important in an escape room game. Players must closely observe every detail of the room and search for clues that will lead them out of the room. Clues can be hidden in even the smallest of elements in the room. So, leave no stone unturned! Hence, as your child searches every nook and corner of the room to hunt for clues, they shall develop very keen eyesight. 

  1.     Widens the Perspectives

Escape rooms are generally full of clues, puzzles, and hidden keys that we need to find in order to escape. Similarly, sometimes in life, when seemingly there’s no escape, there might be some hidden ways or keys that we need to look for. The concept of escape rooms helps the child understand this important phenomenon at a very early stage. 

Conclusion on Escape Room Activity to help your child achieve Advanced Mental Growth

Escape rooms are not mere games that you can play, just for the fun of it. They are a whole lot more than just that. There are several advantages that people of all ages can partake, in an engaging and fun manner. 

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