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Most Trending Email Marketing Providers for Affiliates

Best Email Marketing Software 2020 | Most Trending & Top Email Marketing Providers Recommended  for Affiliates and Content Marketers

Email Marketing Providers or  Email marketing agencies out there can be tempting… You will get to know the Best email marketing software 2020 that is suitable for you all who are into online marketing services.

Nevertheless, are you, an affiliate marketing personnel or a content marketer and you are not benefiting from an active email outreach strategy? If yes, then you are missing a lot. Have you heard that “The money is in the list”

Well, you are one of those lucky people on earth. Quickly check out how to build a successful Email list for affiliate marketing.

Email, along with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest can play an important part In multichannel content marketing strategies.

The majority of content marketers and affiliates marketers will use an email service provider to send and manage their various email campaigns. Do you know what most email providers will make available for you? See it in the next paragraph.Best email marketing software 2020

These are what Most email service companies will provide …

Popup forms


Opt-in forms

Newsletter and other templates

List performance reporting more …

The real truth is that It just makes more sense of letting someone manage that for you.

Additionally, most email service providers do so much more than just sending out your emails. Many of the email providers are full-service marketing and CRM products now just so you know.

Need a quick look? Here is a table for a fast glance.

  1. Email Marketing Service Providers
  2. Aweber affiliate-friendly
  3. Drip affiliate-friendly
  4. Email Octopus affiliate-friendly
  5. Convertkit affiliate-friendly
  6. Elastic Email affiliate-friendly
  7. GetResponse
  8. MailChimp affiliate-friendly

The truth is that Most bloggers and affiliates use an email marketing service carter for all this. The rate of service and the functionality you get from these email companies are amazing. Do you know that most email marketing companies will provide the following services?

Opt-in forms

Opt-in forms range from simple widgets to a high styled on-exit popup. engaging opt-in forms, likely with a white-paper or other rewards, are critical for maximizing Email subscribers.

Autoresponders and automation

I bet the world is now fast growing as technology has the most other of the day. I am pretty sure you do not want to manually send a sequence of emails to your subscribers.

Autoresponders can do that just for you. Take for instance if Someone signs up for an email list and requests a white paper, the Autoresponder may just have a series of information emails that end with that product pitch.

Drag&Drop editors & templates

With this, You do not need to be a creative wonder to use these tools. You can easily start with a good template and make changes or you can build from the onset in a simple WYSIWYG editor.

List Management and analytics

Analytics are easily used to understand your open, click, unsubscribe, spam rates, and more. You can make list by interest or tag subscribers with categories in some systems. That’s if you want to segment your lists and send only emails that will be of interest to the segmented.

Affiliates and Email Service Providers

As an affiliate, it is vital to understand the service providers’ policy on affiliate marketing. Email service providers and Affiliates have a tight history. Certainly, there were, and are, affiliate marketers who blast out offers daily to their scraped and purchased lists. In fact, the solo advertising industry is alive to monetize this typical marketing.

How Affiliates Uses Email Service Providers

Affiliates make use of email marketing in various ways. In fact, the sending of single direct offers is the least common thing I do with email. Marketing efforts that can be done with email include some of the following:

  • Direct Offers
  • Source of traffic to funnels
  • Email sequences for specific campaigns
  • Sales and Promotions
  • New post notification (content marketing)
  • Newsletters and other info to build trust

What Makes an affiliate-friendly Email Service Provider

Well, Beyond the outright banning of affiliates, there are other factors to put into consideration when choosing an ESP(Email service provider). These are likely to include…

Consider if there is a free level.

The number of emails I can send periodically ( is it unlimited, metered, or limited per month).

Are there feature levels/multiple services  (e.g SMS, funnel, landing pages, etc.)

How do they normally count subscribers ( is it duplicates, opt-outs, etc in your billing count)

Excluded industries ( mostly, porn and gambling while some do not accept make money online lists.

Also, are direct links allowed.

The real truth is that you may not be allowed to use email service providers for sending emails to suspicious or other lists that were not built with permission. ESP will also have a list of compliance levels. This will then mean that if you have high spam complaints your account will be banned and closed. ESPs tend to close questionable registered accounts to ensure the maintenance of their mail server reputations and your inbox deliveries.

Aweber – An Email Marketing Provider’s Softwares

Aweber is one of the Email Marketing Providers tools we are recommending in this article. Before we begin, let us have an overview of what the content contains.

Focus: Best use for nontechnical marketers

Important feature: Awesome newsletter and email design tools.

Pricing: The pricing rate is based on subscriber count. $29/Month for 501-2500

Policy Trial: 30 Days free trial (credit card required)

Aweber is an online tool for email marketing. They are pioneers among email service company. They invented Autoresponders and as such, they have great credentials for you sure. Check out Aweber features below;

  • Drag & Drop — very easy email and template creation with little or no stress
  • Automation — select when emails are sent, from onboarding new subscribers to a number of campaigns automatically.
  • Sign up forms — Lot of widgets, Popups, and more to get new subscribers to your emails.
  • Great Deliveries — You will surely get your emails to the inbox, not spam or promotions.
  • Analytics — Learn and understand what’s working with total impressions and performance

AWeber pricing is in the middle of the picture down low. One thing with Aweber is that they count your unsubscribed users in determining the monthly charge. This means you must be careful in using this tool so as not to high charged while you are not benefiting much from it. Although for email only marketers it is an expensive option to go for.

Note: 15% discount is available if you pay can annually, and a 14% discount for people who pay quarterly

ConvertKit – Email Marketing Providers Software

ConvertKit is one of the Email Marketing Providers tools we are recommending in this article. Before we begin, let us have an overview of what the content contains.

Focus: Great email marketing software for creators.

Important feature: Tools and landing page templates

Pricing: The pricing is based on subscriber’s count  usually $29/mo 1000 subscribers

Policy Trial: 14 – Day free trial (No credit card required)

ConvertKit is based on email marketing but they take you further with an awesome landing page system. It is nearly always best to send your email prospects to a landing page, not directly to the offer page.

ConvertKit has made its feature set to fit in the needs of content or online creators which they define.

ConvertKit has almost all your expected features. Check the ConvertKit feature below;

  • Drag & Drop email creator
  • Reporting & subscriber segmentation
  • Automations that send a lot of series of emails

Also, they have a great landing page tool. This permits you to send your offers to an email list and have the prospects click to the landing page instead of the offer page. You may not need any website to do this which is a great advantage for many marketers.

Pricing Details

The Pricing starts at $29/month for 1000 (Lite service level). All the plans allow you to send an unlimited number of emails.

1000 users = $29/monthly
1000 – 3000   = $49/Monthly
3000 – 5000   = $79/monthly

See full pricing and full features https://convertkit.com/pricing

Issues for Affiliate

ConvertKit prompts affiliate links in your email campaigns. They even have a great article on affiliate marketing in their blog. Click it here 

Drip Email Service Provider

Drip is one of the Email Marketing Providers tools we are recommending in this article. Before we begin, let us have an overview of what the content contains.

Focus: email E-commerce customer relationship management (CRM) Data and marketing automation.

Important feature: integrates with E-commerce backbends

Pricing: The pricing is Per subscriber, usually $49/monthly 1000 subscribers

Policy trial: 14 – day free trial (No credit card required)

Drip which places focus on e-commerce CRM is owned by the same people as lead pages. They use a tag-based system for arranging and organizing your subscribers instead of lists like most of their email service contenders. These tags can be used for segmenting an email campaign. Take, for instance, if you want to send an email to people who click on a particular link, you can easily do that without much stress and cracking of the brain.

Customer Data — The Central store of contacts for multi-channel marketing

Personalization —It creates a 1:1 relationship with your prospects and clients

Engagement — Multi-channel marketing … e.g email to social.

Optimization — tracking and analyzing to know what works for you.

The easiest and best way to get started with Drip is to request a 1 on 1 demo. See link demo link below

URL: https://www.drip.com/demo

Pricing Details

The Pricing starts at $49/monthly for 1000 contacts at the Lite service level.

See full pricing list here https://www.drip.com/pricing

Issues for Affiliate

Drip prompts affiliate marketing links in your email campaigns. With its strong and powerful event-driven campaigns. Drip is just an awesome choice for affiliate marketers.

Elastic Email Provider Service

Elastic is one of the Email Marketing Providers tools we are recommending in this article. Before we begin, let us have an overview of what the content contains.

Focus: value-based Email services for marketers and developers.

Important feature: Application programmable interface (API) and pricing.

Pricing: The pricing is Per subscriber. $10/monthly 10000 subscribers

Policy trial: 14 Day free trial allowed (No credit card required)

Elastic is one of the best values out now. This favors people with a few thousand email subscribers. The pricing for unlimited emails per month is up to 10,000 subscribers for just $10. That’s just way too catchy and tempting, right?

More so, you can get enjoy some amazing features on Elastic email marketing. Such as;

  • Autoresponder
  • Segmentation
  • API access via HTTP API or SMTP relay
  • Automations (requires pro package)

Pricing details

There is no other better pricing than the $10 plan for 10,000 email subscribers. Although the $10 plan has limits as it does not permit automation.

To send emails to your collected email list, you may just have to use the $30 plan for 10,000 email subscribers which allows automation. There is also a pay as you plan for developers sending mail via the API. The price for this starts at $0.09/1000 emails

See Elastic email service complete pricing matrix here – https://elasticemail.com/marketing-pricing.

Octopus Email Service Provider

Octopus Email Marketing Providers agency is one of the Email Service Providers tools we are recommending in this article. Before we begin, let us have an overview of what the content contains.

Focus: email marketing for less

Important feature: a lot of integrations

Pricing: amazing pricing $20/monthly for 5000 users

Policy Trial: A free account with 10,000 email limit monthly

Email Octopus is an amazing value with strong tools that are many for most affiliate marketers. Whereas some of the other products in this roundup have lots of CRM and multichannel features, Email Octopus gets the job done for you at a great price for email. See the features below

Integrations – Eventbrite,zapier, Salesforce, Survey Monkey, and more.

Automation — From onboarding new subscribers to drip new campaigns. Easy and powerful.

Designs —  drag & drop forms and Templates

Analytics — Learn all that’s working for you and use it to progress

Pricing Details

This Email Octopus has some best pricing in the email service area. The sweet position for so many affiliates is between 1000-5000 subscribers. Email Octopus will allow sending 50,000 emails per month to a 5000 subscriber base for just a whopping $20/monthly. Also, they have a free plan with up to 10,000 emails sent per month for a 2500 subscriber base.

See the complete price list here – https://emailoctopus.com/pricing

GetResponse Email Service Provider

GetResponse is one of the Email Marketing Providers tools we are recommending in this article. Before we begin, let us have an overview of what the content contains.

Focus: CRM including a landing page, emails and webinars, and many more.

Important feature: Autofunnel

Pricing: The pricing is Service levels and subscriber count. $15/monthly 1000 subscribers

Policy Trial: 30 – day free trial without credit card required.

GetResponse happens to be one of the companies that is much more than just an email service provider.

In fact, GetResponse is a tough company with a large number of customers. It wouldn’t be bad to put them in the value category since they have a nice base of features for marketers including a funnel tool. Perhaps, may not be best in class compared to dedicated products for each category but you have a strong toolkit. Capabilities include …

  • Marketing Automation
  • Webinar Tool (plus version)
  • AutoFunnel
  • Unlimited email marketing
  • Webforms and Surveys

Pricing Details

Their pricing starts at $15/monthly for 1000 contacts at the basic service level which is really good value. When Step up to the Plus version you will be able to get Webinar and Webinar funnels.

See complete listing for various plans and prices below

URL: https://secure.getresponse.com/pricing/en

MailChimp Email Service Provider

MailChimp is one of the Email Marketing Providers tools we are recommending in this article. Before we begin, let us have an overview of what the content contains.

Focus: Top marketing services platform

Important Feature: Easy and free to get started with

Pricing: Based on Service levels

Policy Trial: 14 – day free trial no card required.

I understand that many affiliate marketers have issues with Mailchimp or don’t you have one or two things difficult while using MailChimp? I have a friend who used them for quite some time and often included affiliate links in his emails.

He did get one warning that clarified their position him. He was launching probably launching a  product and also soliciting an existing JV list of his to join the affiliate program. He later told me That was not allowed.

Unarguably, MailChimp has in recent years evolved to be a marketing platform, not just an ESP. They provide the following…

  • Sign up forms
  • List Segmentation
  • Social Posts & Ads
  • Landing Pages

Do you know how to use MailChimp? Take a good look at how a real customer is using MailChimp [See video below or click URL = https://youtu.be/RgL2Cso0_74]

Pricing Details

The Pricing starts at $20/monthly for 1500 contacts/Subscribers.

Mailchimp has grown to be a popular something (email service provider) due to the level of free service. That is, You can have 2000 subscribers with the basic level service for no charge. MailChimp recently made changes with the way they count subscribers. unsubscribes in your list are now counted in your monthly fee calculation.

Affiliate Email Marketing Providers Issues

Most of the email marketing rules for affiliates at MailChimp are …

You can send updates to your affiliates anytime.

You are allowed to send affiliate offers.

You can not recruit new affiliates. if you happen to be a product owner.

Affiliate-Friendly Email Service Provider Pricing of Subscribers 500 1,000 5,000 10,000 50,000

All prices on per month basis at an entry service level.

Email Octopus free trial $20 $20 $20 $30 $115

ConvertKit free trial $29 $29 $79 quote quote

Drip free trial $49 $49 $122 $184 quote

Elastic Email free trial $10 $10 $10 $10 $70

MailChimp Free trial $10 $20 $50 $75 $260

Aweber free trial $19 $29 $49 $69 quote

GetResponse free trial $15 $15 $45 $65 $250

Our Final Verdict

The most successful marketers reach their customers and subscribers via social channels websites, video channels,  and email. Affiliate marketing has to be multi-channel work.

The good information is that there is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to Email Service Providers.

You can easily find many service levels, complete CRM suites, or services providers laser-focused on email. The most part is that there are many free divers options to get you started even at a very low cost.

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