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How To Edit Video With Story Remix With Windows 10

Edit Video With Story Remix  | How To Edit Video With Story Remix With Windows 10

Edit Video With Story Remix   –  Lot of video is available in window 10 which is known as story remix. You can get this done and will work out.

Movie maker was removed by Microsoft in windows 10, this new video editor was discovered where you can’t detect the previous editing software. Though it one of the tools you can make use of, but you can notice it present in your laptop.

Story Remix is a video editing app that allows people to make their own videos from both photos and videos. The app also allows users to cut, merge, and add effects to the video clips they have collected. It is a very easy-to-use tool for people with little experience in video editing.

This article will provide step by step instructions on how to edit a video using Story Remix on Windows 10.

I will also show you in simple steps where you can create and edit video also to design clips, music also effects as long with 3D in the way you desire.

Edit Video With Story Remix  | How Can I Find Story Remix?

This app is not alone, it characters are inside the photos app. This while, the new window 10 app has defended the old window photo viewer. So you have to start up the fall creators update that was launch at end of 2017.

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Tap your window search, search for photo then tap it. This will show you photos and video which have been stored as permanent pictures folder, also with the new align at the top. This is not clear just because you need to open a new button from the menu above.How To Edit Video With Story Remix With Windows 10

Edit Video With Story Remix  | How To Create Story Remix

Tap on the button at the menu across the top of the photos app then select automatic video with music then choose the video and photos you want to add.

Tap create where you will be given order to give the video a name. Wait a bit, the video will start. Maybe you are not interested with the music design, tap on the blue button at the top of the remix it for me then the casual new style and music will be selected.

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Now you can save or transfer the video when you are comfortable, maybe you can select the blue edit video link below to access the full editor.

Edit Video With Story Remix  | How Can I Edit Video

This has been stated, through this you can edit video automatically, if you wish to begin and end it, move to the collection displayed inside the photos app.

Photo or video also will a square box will be shown at the right corner. Tap on this which will give choose the item, now choose other photos and videos which you need to add to the video.

After this is done tap + add that is at the top then select NEW VIDEO also music. Choose any name that is suitable which a link will be displayed to view video, if you can’t find this, tap video project above and tap the video that you created.

After this, the full editor will be shown. The display page is neat and easy. Present version of the previous windows movie maker.

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What you need to choose in the clips are at the left side at the top also preview which can be use to playback at the right hand side at the top. At the bottom, at the storyboard, the arrangement of the clips that have been pre-programme to the video that is going play in arrangement at the left to right.

Now tap and move the clips to re-arrange them so you can try to attach new ones in the project library part. If you need to remove a clip from your storyboard move across then tap” X”.

Edit Video With Story Remix  | Steps On How To Choose Which Part Of Clip Is Visible

Tap on the clip in the storyboard, tap on trim. After you can access this, get in touch with clip editor which you can move the blue handles to the location that you want the clips to begin and end. Tap on done if you are through with this.

Before this is done, just be caution that at the top of the window is where you will find some controls of the main editor such as: filters, text then motion.

Tap any of these which the options will appear at the right side. The filters is clear, just tap on a single button to know how it look.

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Whenever you wish to add up text to the video clips, tap text then input this in the box at the top.  Select any style of your choice the bottom side, after choose the location which you need it to be presence below “LAYOUT”.

Edit Video With Story Remix  | Steps To Add 3D Effects To Your Video

Through the main editor, choose the clip which you desire, tap on 3D effects at the menu above. Search through the effects at the right, try to use search bar. After this, move the slider below the video at the exact place where you need to begin.

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Maybe the effect go along with the object in the video, tap attach at the tip, move the blue anchor point to the real size you need to move it with. Thankfully, AI will try to perform a perfect job of securing the effect in sync.

Edit Video With Story Remix  | Steps To Change Video And Music Volume

At the main editor window, tap music at the menu top. Drag out a song then make use of the tick box beneath to choose maybe you need the video to sync with the beat of such music or never. Maybe you choose sync, the cuts will be done then the next video will begin in time with the drum beat.

Maybe the music is loud enough which you are enabling to listen to who is speaking in the video, tap on the speaker icon beside the music and move out the slider to well suitable volume.

Edit Video With Story Remix  | Steps To Change The Theme

Maybe you have thought in a way, tap on the theme at the top you will choose the middle for available styles for your video. It the main effects of the style of the text and titles, also the music which is automatically selected.

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