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Download Twitch Videos – How to Download Twitch Videos

How to Download Twitch Videos steps are fully highlighted in this article. Do you really need to download back your Broadcast videos?

Download Twitch Videos? Do you want to download Twitch Videos and you can’t find the way out to it? If this is what is bothering you then this article is for you. At the end of this content, you will finally learn how to download Twitch Videos with ease without stress. Before we begin, what is Twitch Platform all about?

Twitch Platform review

Download Twitch Videos - Best Way to Download Twitch Videos
Download Twitch Videos – Best Way to Download Twitch Videos

Twitch is one of the best Game Streaming platforms in the online world. The platform has really helped a lot to gain adoring fans doing what they love doing and at the same time, get paid for it. Additionally, numerous individuals try to be one of its stars. All things considered, who would not like to earn a living doing what they love and entertaining a large number of amazing fans? All things considered, it can take quite a bit of work and karma to build an enormous Twitch platform.

Regardless of whether you need to be a significant streamer on Twitch or you simply need to download your favorite gameplay sections, you need to know how to download Twitch videos. It isn’t as simple as it might appear, yet this guide will walk you through the best techniques for storing your favorite videos on your hard drive.

Learn How to Download Your Personal Twitch Videos

Moreover, Twitch permits you to download your personal videos of past broadcasts. If in any way you needed to download your personal videos on Twitch to be used on another platform, this part is the best part for you. More so, this is ideal for streamers that need to upload the video to another Streaming service providers, like YouTube or Vimeo, or for those that need to save the best bits of each stream to make a montage.

If you have an essential basic Twitch account, you only have 14 days from the date of your broadcast to download the video. If you are a Twitch Affiliate or a Twitch Partner, that time changes to up to 60 days from the date of the broadcast.

Download Twitch Videos - Best Way to Download Twitch Videos

Before you do whatever else, in any case, make sure videos are automatically saved to your profile. To enable this, visit the Twitch platform > navigate to Settings > then to Channel and Video and slide the Store past broadcasts toggle to the On position. At the point when you do this, videos will automatically be saved to your account after the broadcast has wrapped up.

Any videos you stream personally or that you broadcast by yourself will go into your account. You can undoubtedly access them by clicking on your account symbol and afterward on Video Producer. Once on the Video Producer page, click the three specks on the privilege next to the video name and select Download. After you click this, the video will require a couple of moments to get ready and will at that point download to your PC.

How to Download Other User’s Twitch Videos

You may want to download other user’s Twitch Videos that were uploaded. This requires a different technique to follow. More so, if you see an especially amusing broadcast that you need to show to another person or only re-watch, later on, downloading these videos is a little bit harder. Twitch has no underlying tools for downloading other user’s broadcasts, however fortunately there are various outsider tools for doing precisely that.

When downloading other Videos, make sure you’re not abusing any copyright laws or Twitch strategies when you download these videos.


One potential choice is KeepVid, a service that goes about as a free Twitch video downloader. You should simply duplicate the URL of the video you need to download and afterward glue it into the bar at the top of the page.

At the point when you do this, KeepVid will change over the Twitch video into a downloadable format. The time needed to change over the video will fluctuate contingent upon how long the Twitch video is, yet when it completes a small see will show up just as a button to “Download Video.” Just click this button to save the file to your PC or any device you wish to store it.

If you need more customization, you just need to look over a little bit down the page to find different video formats and audio alternatives, remembering the decision to download the video for a format as small as 284×160.

Twitch Leecher

Twitch Leecher is a free outsider application accessible from Github. It has an incredible search feature worked in the tool, however, if you’re looking for a specific video and you don’t know the channel name, you may have better karma searching on the Twitch website first. You can search by three different criteria: the channel name, the video URL, or video ID.

Each search can be refined further. For instance, while searching by channel name, you can search for a broadcast, a highlight, or an upload within a specific time period. While searching for a URL or a video ID, you can search for various videos without a moment’s delay. After you perform your search, the outcomes are displayed and you have the alternative to download what you find.

One thing to note is that supporter just videos (those simply accessible to endorsers on a specific channel) can’t be downloaded using Twitch Leecher.


Twitch Leecher is a Windows-just tool, however, there’s a Mac choice considered Streamlink that serves a comparable capacity. The issue is that it takes a bit more know-how to utilize. The Github page for Streamlink gives a user guide and an explanation for how to utilize it, which makes it perhaps the most ideal choice for Mac users that would prefer not to utilize an online download tool like KeepVid.

4K Video Downloader

Some high-end streamers will stream content in 4K. If you need to get the most ideal quality of your favorite streamer’s videos, you’ll need a tool to download 4K content. 4K Video Downloader is a tool that works on both Mac and Windows and can pull a wide range of resolutions, not simply 4K.

To utilize the tool, you’ll need to download and install the application. Duplicate the URL of the Twitch stream you need to download and afterward dispatch the application.

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Select Paste Link in the top-right corner. This opens a menu where you can pick the video quality and afterward download the file.

There is a free and paid version of the 4K Video Downloader. On the basic, unpaid plan, you can download 30 Twitch videos every day.

Other Alternative Sources to Download Twitch Videos

There are other alternative sources out there to download Twitch videos. You can use the Google search engine to find so many other alternatives online but the advice is: be careful of those other unknown sources because using unknown apps or tools might put your device and data at risk.

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