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Dashlane Password Manager Review – Safe Dashlane

Dashlane Password Manager App Review – Safe Dashlane Password Manager App

Dashlane password manager App is a mobile device app that can change all passwords on your mobile device instantly. This wonderful app has an amazing interface in all platform.  The only issue about this app is that it is very expensive than other app password managers. Well, this is due to the way the app works. This app helps you manage all your passwords on your mobile device.

Dashlane password manager App is also available for pc but we aren’t going into that yet.

Dashlane password manager surpass some password managing apps because of the flexibility and some of it features.

Distinctive Features Of Dashlane Password Manager App

Dashlane allows you to pay extra because of it features. In the market currently, one of the most versatile and effective password manager is dashlane.

It features and ability is beyond just managing your password. It also has the ability to store any kind of data and also as strong filling features. One of its features is the ability to change password fast. It can allow you to change as many passwords with just a single click. Read More; Apple was Sue by a Woman Because of the Hiding of Notch in iPhone Xs

Dashlane password manager is well designed across every password. Dashlane password manager is one of the most expensive password managing app. This is one of the complaint users of this app complains about with the price at $60 a year. Dashlane password manager recently has some additional features like the interactive web experience, it now supports linux, chrome os and microsoft edge. Dashlane password manager gives you both free version and two premium versions of its product.

For the premium and plam plan, you will be charge $120 while for the premium plan only, you will be charged $60 only for a year. While you are on the premium plan, you are allowed to save as many password as you like (unlimited amount of password). Dashlane password manager also offers security monitoring and alerts. Dashlane password manager works with any type of brewers likes of apple safari, mirosoft edge, microsoft internet explorer, google chrome, mozilla firefox and so on.   Read Also; Amazon Shopping Cart : Amazon Shopping App

This app is very easy to setup. Before you start the setup process, you need to download and install the app.

How to Download and install Dashlane Password Manager

For those of us that our mobile devices are compatible with google playstore

Firstly, open google playstore

In the search section, type the name of the app dashlane password manager

Click on the download section. Read More: Make Money With Google Adsense Without Website

After downloading, google automatically installs the app for us

Lunch the programme and get started

For those of us with no google playstore on our mobile device,

Go to www.google.com

Google will direct you on how to download the app. After downloading the app, launch the app and get started.

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