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List of Best 10 Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs for Monetization

Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs – Best 10 Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs to Monetize Your Crypto Blog… Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs – We all want to make money with our blog and most of us create a blog just for monetization purposes to meet ends living. If you know you have a crypto blog that has a handful of traffics then this article will be the best article you are reading right now! But if yours is a blog for general categories like tech, tutorial, apps, and others, I will recommend you go through these recurring affiliate programs you could monetize your blog with.

The cryptocurrency industry now worth $237.1 billion as of 2019. Since the number is not surprising based on the scale of the industry, the exciting part is that the industry knows the worth was $128.78 billion in 2018. The worth is approximate twice a year and will further increase rapidly with a CAGR of 32% till 2024. Also, with new technologies, cryptocurrencies, and exchanges moving up by the minute, it is the main time to get along into the industry. Caption: – You may want to learn or know How Recurring Affiliate Programs Works? – that will put enlightenment to your knowledge. Connecting into cryptocurrency affiliate programs is joined to allow you money, a lot of people have not invested in cryptocurrencies now.

Best 10 Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs for Monetization
Best 10 Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs for Monetization

The potential to convert its massive

In this post, I will run you through the best crypto affiliate programs that will help you make the most out of the industry’s potential.

Ways to Make Money with Cryptocurrency Affiliate Marketing

While most of the crypto affiliate programs require you to market a specific exchange, there are several other types of affiliate marketing programs in the cryptocurrency niche. Marketing cryptocurrency mining hardware is an excellent way of involving in high commissions in the niche. Different hardware operates well with different currencies, so there’s potential to hit a point and rank in micro-niches. READ; Crypto Referral Programs you can Promote on your Blog Another super well-known way of making commissions is through marketing cryptocurrency courses. There’s a source of excellent courses in the market, and updated versions come out all the time, allowing marketing a lot easier. For the fact of what type of program you decide to market, though, you will make huge commissions.

Best 10 Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs in 2020.

You are about to get the best 10 lists of cryptocurrency affiliate programs that will work best for you this year. You may also be interested to know that there are affiliate programs that pay you a recurring commission every month – [ you can check out these Best 6 Recurring Affiliate Programs You should Market!]. Below the list of crypto affiliates programs pays more as well. You can make some cool money from promoting them.

#1 A-Ads Affiliate

This is an advertising network that serves the cryptocurrency niche. Advertisers in cryptocurrency niche purchases can be made for impressions and clicks. It is good for newbie crypto affiliates due to their low fees allow marketing their services easy. For the entire advertiser, you join, you will get paid 50% of the company’s fee (~10% of advertiser spending) for about six months.

Invites Commission
The entire invites 50% of advertising fees for six months


 #2 Abra Affiliate

These mobile wallets are perfectly trendy at the moment, this allows marketing the Abra mobile wallet simple than ever. The app is well designed and intuitive, and newbies can purchase over 30 cryptocurrencies through their phones making use of credit cards.

Action Commission
Joined user deposits $5 to Abra $25 flat
User exchanges crypto 0.75% of exchange total


 #3 AvaTrade Affiliate Program

AvaTrade’s’ support network, AvaPartners, has made the purchase out over $250,000,000 to affiliates over its 14 years in the industry. It is one of the largest crypto affiliate networks in existence. The platform allows in securing crypto trading, this relates as a purchasing point in and of itself. It also gives affiliates a host of marketing and tracking tools that allow crypto affiliate marketing simple. They have an end partner network, and information on commission is only shown to partners.

Affiliate Program Commission
CPA Undisclosed
Dynamic CPA Undisclosed
RevShare Undisclosed
Master Affiliate Undisclosed


 #4 Privacy Pros (Billfodl)

Marketing a nearly indestructible cryptocurrency wallet should be very easy. Notice that the wallet will be well organized must give an entrepreneur a lot of peace. The main selling points and cheap pricing make up for the mid-range commissions offered.

Sales Tier Commission
All sales 15%


 #5 Binance Affiliate program

Binance is also one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange that offers traders access to a lot of cryptocurrency in the market. READ; Crypto Referral Programs you can Promote on your Blog Its position makes users encourage users into the transfer to get it easy. The high commission rates allow it a cryptocurrency affiliate program the entire cryptocurrency affiliate must join.

Marketer Bracket Commission
Individual with <1000 sales 40%
Individual with >1000 sales 50%
Business/media organization 50% (instantly)


 #6 Deribit Affiliate

Meanwhile, Deribit is a relatively new trading portal (established in 2016), the platforms’ cheap fees, and intuitively created to make it perfect for users who are trading to new and old. Its expensive commission rates for Bitcoin purchases allow it one of the best bitcoin exchange affiliate programs in the world. The platform also allows for Ethereum trading. Because it offers huge commission time, it makes it a must-join for any trader in the niche.

Period Commission
First six months of joining 20%
After six months of joining 10%
Joining with discount code 10% (for six months only)


#7 Bitbond Affiliate

You can Lend and borrow which can make it a lot faster and easier with Bitbond. The platform is fast with the issuance, custody, and settlement of bonds; but the change is the funds are transferred in the form of cryptocurrencies. If you need to earn commissions, ensure that you must transfer your visitors into investors in the platform’s STO.

Action Commission
STO investment 5% of investment


#8 Bitcoin Mining Affiliate Program

Linking along with hardware companies such as Parallel Miner is a better way to earn commissions in the niche. The company purchase pre-built mining rigs, PCs, GPUs, and the other entire components a miner may need. Linking can also be done with cloud mining companies like CCG Mining and allow commission by transferring your guests into paying customers.

Company Commission
Parallel Miner 5%
CCG Mining 6%


#9 BitMEX Affiliate

BitMEX is also a Bitcoin exchange that is explicitly created for use through experienced cryptocurrency traders. Commissions’ rates are perfect, and you are to make a purchase of a lifetime for the users you join. The huge commission structure allows it one of the best Bitcoin affiliate programs there are.

User Trade Value Commission
<1000 XBT 10%
>1000 XBT 15%
>10000 XBT 20%


#10 Bitpanda Affiliate

Bitpanda allows the purchase of cryptocurrencies from each desktop and mobile, and its perfect and well protective features, it is also fast, and supportive, it makes it perfect for beginner crypto traders. The expensive commissions and the 30-day cookie window make it the perfect cryptocurrency affiliate program for entire affiliates based on point and skill level.

Referrals Commission
All referrals 20% revenue share

  Using or partnering with these affiliate programs cryptos, you will see that some cash will begin to flow as your referrals opt-in. Like what we shared? Please share it across for others to benefits. Need more of these? You can read – Cryptocurrency Affiliate Networks to Monetize Your Crypto Blog. Thanks

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