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Cryptocurrency Affiliate Networks to Monetize Your Crypto Blog

Cryptocurrency Affiliate Networks – Cryptos Affiliate Programs | Cryptos Affiliate Programs to Monetize Your Crypto Blog For Commission | Cryptocurrency Affiliate Networks – As we will always want to make money with our blog and most of us create a blog just for monetization purposes to meet ends living. If you know you have a crypto blog that has a handful of traffics then this article will be the best article you are reading right now! But if yours is a blog for general categories like tech, tutorial, apps, and others, I will recommend you go through these recurring affiliate Networks you could monetize your blog with.

Do we know that the Cryptocurrency industry now worth $237.1 billion as of 2019? Since the number is not surprising based on the scale of the industry, the exciting part is that the industry knows the worth was $128.78 billion in 2018.

The worth is approximate twice a year and will further increase rapidly with a CAGR of 32% till 2024.

Also, with new technologies, cryptocurrencies, and exchanges moving up by the minute, it is the main time to get along into the industry.

Connecting into cryptocurrency affiliate networks is joined to allow you to make money, a lot of people have not invested in cryptocurrencies now. This is your best chance to begin yours as a matter of urgency!

Before we proceed, you may want to check-out – List of Best 10 Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs for Monetization. Let us go ahead into today’s article cryptos affiliate networks.

What Are The Potential to Convert its massive

Cryptocurrency Affiliate Networks to Monetize Your Crypto Blog
Cryptocurrency Affiliate Networks to Monetize Your Crypto Blog

In this post, I will run you through the best crypto affiliate programs that will help you make the most out of the industry’s potential.

Top Cryptocurrency Affiliate Networks in 2020.

You are about to get the top lists of cryptocurrency affiliate programs that will work best for you this year. You may also be interested to know that there are affiliate programs that pay you a recurring commission every month – [ you can check out these Best 6 Recurring Affiliate Programs You should Market!].

Below the list of crypto affiliates programs pays more as well. You can make some cool money from promoting them.

#1 Bybit Affiliate

This is well built has an extraordinary conversion rate of 60%+, that is, one in every two users you register will fetch you money.

Also by referring traders, you can also join other affiliates and get a cut of every transaction they help make. It is one of the best crypto referral programs around.

User Type Commission
Trader Up to 30% (set by the company)
Affiliate 10%


#2 Cex.io Affiliate Network

Exchanges that are both easy to use and charge lesser fees are hard to come by. Actually, Cex.io happens to have compared traits, and also gives some of the best commissions in the industry.

The exchange reserve customer period of over 3 million users ever since it was launch back in 2013 and has never lost a customer’s funds, this made it well explained about its impeccable reputation.

Referrals Commission
All referrals 30% (all exchange transactions)


 #3 Changelly Affiliate Network

Though Changelly is a mainly new exchange, it is well known among traders because it gives secure and momentary access to about 150 cryptocurrencies.

The platform has a modern and moving interface, and the exchange givers traders a few of the lowest fees in the industry.

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Becoming a Changelly affiliate allows you to get 50% of the revenue for every transaction from every user you refer to.

You will be paid in Bitcoin, this is another offer of Changelly’s affiliate program.

Referrals Commission
All referrals 50% of revenue


 #4 Coinbase Affiliate Networks

Coinbase is a crypto brokerage that also offers a wallet that traders can save their cryptocurrencies in. Crypto wallet affiliate programs that let you pay as well as the Coinbase affiliate program are difficult to find.

In addition to affiliate links, the platform also supplies ad banners that you can use on your website.

Referrals Commission
All referrals 50% of transaction fees for the first three months


 #5 Coinhouse Affiliate Network

Coinhouse grows creative three-tier pricing organize allowing traders of all professional levels to invest in cryptocurrencies.

The easy tier is the free tier, and the Premium and Platinum tiers allow traders access to minimize fees, premium investment advisory, and tailor-made support.

The perfect commission rates and the top-tier marketing equipment they offer make it a cryptocurrency affiliate program affiliates can easily purchase for profits.

Referral Type  Commission
Free “Classic” user 35% commission
Premium user €50 fixed


 #6 Coinigy Affiliate Network

Coinigy refers traders’ access to about 45 exchanges all over devices, and the service also allows 24/7 exchange portfolio monitoring.

Purchasing it to traders should be simple, but taking part in the crypto convert affiliate program needs you to establish an account and create a link from under its referral program menu.



All referrals $15 flat


 #7 Coinmama Affiliate Network

Getting a Join program is easy and allows you to convert visitors from any of the linked countries of about 190.

You will get a section of information on every transaction your referrals make for the lifetime of their account.

Referral Type Commission
All referrals 15% lifetime commissions


#8 Coinsquare Affiliate

Also adding up to allow users for immediate and security trade Bitcoin and Ethereum, the top Canadian platform also enables purchasing gold.

Creating the cryptocurrency affiliate program and receiving your referral code is as easy as finishing your email address on their website.

Referral Type Commission
All referrals Up to 45% (set by the company)


 #9 Cryptohopper Affiliate

Purchasing advanced cryptocurrency products to new traders can be difficult. Though, an affordable automated crypto trading bot must be a simple sell to traders at any professional level.

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Duplicating traders and maintaining exchange accounts are made simple, and the platform allows users to maintain their portfolios for over a hundred cryptocurrencies differently.

Commission Slabs (Monthly) Commission
<$500 in commissions 10%
>$500 in commissions 12.5%
>$1000 in commissions 15%


 #10 CryptoTrader.Tax Affiliate

Marketers know how complex filing taxes can get when they need to trade with cryptocurrencies.

CryptoTrader.Tax allows calculating the amount of trader owes as easy as transferring the trading documents.

Sales Tier Commission
All reports 25% of report value (lifetime)

Using or partnering with these affiliate programs cryptos, you will see that some cash will begin to flow as your referrals opt-in.

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