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Connect Your PayPal Account to Use Google Pay : How Can I send money PayPal

How To Connect Your PayPal Account to Use Google Pay

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The above will be resolve in this article. Before we begin let us look briefly into the tutorial on how you can connect your Paypal account with Google pay App in the payment solution app category.

How to Connect Your PayPal Account to Use Google Pay – You can make use of your Android phone or Apple phone and Ipad to connect on Google pay, you can use PayPal to pay in stores through contactless (also known as NFC) technology-just tap your Google Pay-enabled phone at the payment terminal when you check out.

You will need to set up your Google Play formerly Google Wallet account to use your PayPal account as a payment source. You can pay this way anywhere that accepts Mastercard Contactless Payments.


How Can I send money Paypal

How to send money With PayPal, you can send money to anyone with an email address or mobile number.

Here’s the step on how to how to send money:

  1. Log in to your account and click on Send & Request at the top of the page.
  2. Select from the 3 options.
  3. Enter the email address or mobile number to whom you are sending money.
  4. You need to Enter the amount you want to send and click on Continue.
  5. You will Review a confirmation for the amount you send and the information on the screen and click Send Money.

If you are buying or selling something, select services and Pay for goods and.

If you are sending money to someone or friends/family member, pick Send to friends/family in the US or Send it to friends and family internationally.

We will send the recipient an email to let them know that you sent them money. If the person doesn’t have a PayPal account, we’ll explain how to sign up. if you are using PayPal you need to confirm your email address before the money can be credited to their PayPal account.

Once you have send the money, and you are not able to cancel or reverse the transaction. Please check the details of this transaction carefully.

How Can I Shopping Online With PayPal 

Shopping online is the fastest and easiest way if you won’t shop with your PayPal online.  

Step: 1 The transaction starts when a customer visits you on your website. Let’s make an example with the name Mr. John wants to purchase and clicks on any of your products on your website to buy. At this particular point, PayPal gets to work behind the scenes.

Step:2 Mr. John sees a shopping cart or checkout page next. Depending on the type of PayPal service you choose, he might see a shopping cart page integrated with your website. In other instances, he will see a shopping cart or checkout page hosted at the PayPal site branded with your business’s logo. 

Step: 3 After reviewing the checkout page, Mr. John clicks the Pay Now button. This directs her to a payment on her page hosted by PayPal. If you choose PayPal Payments Standard, your customer will be taken to the PayPal site or Mobail App to complete the transaction. With PayPal Payments Pro, that process is integrated into your site, so Mr. John never leaves it.

Step: 4  if he has a PayPal account he is going to log into the Paypal account, Mr. John can simply enter the username and password, and the rest of his information address, phone number, and the necessary things needed. 

He retrieved from our database and automatically entered onto the payment form. If Mr. John doesn’t have a PayPal account, she can create one. At this particular point, Mr. John PayPal transaction is complete. If he chooses to pay with a credit or debit card, she’ll continue through the following steps.

Step: 5 If Mr. John chooses to pay with a credit or debit card, she will enter the contact and card information in the web form and then click the Pay button to authorize payment. Behind the scenes, Mr. Johu credit card information is encrypted and transmitted to PayPal, and then we contact the issuing bank for Mr. Johu credit card. Assuming that He/her credit line can cover the purchase, the issuing banks authorizes the transaction, and the sale is approved. This process only takes a few seconds.

Note: You need to note that all PayPal transactions take place on website pages that utilize Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. This protects your customers’ data from prying electronic eyes and identity thieves.

Step:6 Mr. John sees a confirmation page with a message that will be sent from PayPal that says the purchase has been completed. At the moment, well notify you of the purchase on your via email address.

Step:7 Once they notified you of the purchase, you can now start processing the order. You can also opt to send a confirmation email address of your own, letting Mr. John know the purchase has been put into your system and notifying them of the approximate shipping date.

Step:8 When the funds are confirmed from the credit card company, they are deposited into your PayPal account minus applicable fees (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction). 

Step:9 Once the money reaches your PayPal account, which usually happens within minutes of making the sale, you can leave it in your account for use in paying business expenses or withdraw it to your bank which usually takes 2-3 days. 

The whole process is easy for the customer to understand/know and navigate, which means buying from you is a great experience. And it’s easy for you to use, too, so you can keep driving your business forward.

How To Use PayPal Debit Card

How to use Paypal debit card you will need to add it to your profile.

To do so, log into your account and go to your “Wallet” and find the section to “link a debit or credit card.

You can add cards while a payment is in progress by selecting “add a debit or credit card” while you choose how to pay.

you will need to select the type of card you are using and the card information.

Entering debit card information is the same as entering credit card information—the format for card numbers and expiration dates is the same.

How Many PayPal Credit Card And Digital Credit Line Do We Have

PayPal Cashback Mastercard®
PayPal Cashback Mastercard®

1. Pal Cashback Mastercard®

Earn 2% cash back¹ on every purchase everywhere Mastercard is accepted

Earn Cash Rewards every time you use your card – no purchase exceptions

Redeem Cash Rewards directly to your PayPal balance at any time – no redemption threshold

No annual fee²

Plus, enjoy all the benefits of being a Mastercard cardholder


2. PayPal Extras mastercard®


PayPal Extras Mastercard image
PayPal Extras Mastercard®
  • Earn points on every purchase everywhere Mastercard is accepted
  • Earn 3 points per $1 spent on gas and restaurant purchases, 2 points per $1 spent on PayPal and eBay® purchases, and 1 point per $1 spent on all other Mastercard purchases³
  • Redeem points for gift cards, travel vouchers, cashback to your PayPal balance, and more
  • Plus, enjoy all the benefits of being a Mastercard cardholder 

3. PayPal Credit – Digital Credit Line

PayPal Credit image
 PayPal Credit – Digital Credit Line


Get No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on every purchase of $99 or more.⁴ Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the balance is not paid in full within 6 months. Minimum monthly payments are required. See Terms

  • No card is needed. Easily access PayPal Credit right from your PayPal account
  • Get a credit decision in seconds and use your PayPal Credit account to shop everywhere PayPal is accepted
  • Get 6 months promotional financing on purchases of $99+ everywhere PayPal is accepted 

4. PayPal Cash Mastercard

cash card image
PayPal Cash Mastercard


  • Access funds with a debit card linked directly to your PayPal Cash Plus account Shop in-store or online, everywhere Mastercard is accepted
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide, including no-cost withdrawals at over 33,000 MoneyPass® locations nationwide
  • There are no monthly charges or annual fees. you can deposit any amount no minimum balance is required. No credit check.

5. PayPal Prepaid Mastercard


PayPal Prepaid Mastercard
PayPal prepaid MasterCard
  • Transfer money from your PayPal Cash Plus account balance to your PayPal Prepaid Card Link your PayPal Cash Plus account for full access to PayPal Prepaid Card features⁷
  • Add money to your card at +130,000 Netspend Reload Network locations nationwide⁸
  • Optional tiered-rate Savings Account 


  1. Note: Before you can approve for credit. You must have to be over 18 years old and reside in the US or its territories to apply.
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