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Digital Marketing: Trends Drive Digital Marketing Post COVID-19


Digital Marketing: the top Trends That Can Drive Digital Marketing Post COVID-19 is what this blog post is all about.

While it is tough for anyone to predict what a post-coronavirus reality would look like, one thing is certain for marketers digital channels have become more important than ever, especially the social media marketing channels.

Online channels now play a crucial role, as people continue to self-isolate and spend relatively more time online. For example, in Italy, once the government introduced a nationwide lockdown in mid-March, online traffic spiked by 30%.

Today, we are seeing similar trends occurring all around the world. COVID-19 has pushed digital adoption by 5 times in the past three months, even in industries that were previously rigid and shy towards digital marketing.

In these sensitive times and post-COVID 19, what are the trends that marketers should consider in digital marketing as they strive to communicate appropriately with consumers?

Almost 90% of businesses are reconsidering and reviewing their marketing budgets. It is presently more important for them to capitalize on new methods and tools. A good digital marketing strategy with high ROI is the need of the hour for all businesses.

Here we have listed top trends that can drive digital marketing post-COVID-19 pandemic,

Mobile optimization

While isolated, more and more individuals are turning to online shopping, home delivery, video games, and social media. Regardless of the economic downturn, retail jumped 34%, and large enterprises such as Amazon are hiring more employees in order to keep up. The coronavirus is having a huge impact on the e-commerce industry.

There are more mobile browsers than ever before, yet desktop conversion rates are almost two times then what they are on mobile platforms.

Current events and the 2018 decision of Google to make site speed a factor in page rank underscore the urgency of a lightning-fast browsing experience. A site that takes just one second longer to load can have conversions decreased by 7%, while sub-second load times boost conversion by 15% to 30%.

This is the time to invest in a new mobile-friendly website built with user-friendly formats. For example, Progressive web applications can give your brand’s website app like speed, instant logins, and seamless page transitions.

Micro-influencers are leading campaigns

Businesses have realized that celebrities don’t do the trick anymore. Customers refer to the experiences of their peers. In addition, the majority of players in the marketing segment hardly have the budget to engage with celebrity influencers.

Thus, there is a shift to do subtle marketing on social media via micro-influencers or focused group influencers. For example, if an e-grocery player wants to capture an audience in a particular area in a city, recognizing and engaging with housewives/mothers or the housing society president of one of the largest housing societies will empower them to establish a better connection with the potential audience from the locality.

Using the social media platform

Email marketing doesn’t work the same wonder, however, there are many social networking platforms. The flavor of the season keeps changing and companies need to consistently evaluate which is the ideal platform they need to be wary of which channel to utilize for which audience and at what time. They also have to experiment with tools and tactics on each of these social media platforms.

Recent brand campaigns captured by ‘Mad Over Marketing’ clearly showcase that unless brands are creative with the use of social media, the essence of their message is quite lost.

In present times, staying topical with your campaigns is also striking as it promptly captures the attention of the audience and also builds a more natural consumer engagement opportunity for the brand.

Wrapping Up

These are indeed difficult times that we live in, but businesses should understand these trends and utilize them to rebuild, recover, and grow again. Milestone makes sure that keeping the customer journey in mind, clients are paced with the latest search and digital trends.

Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria|Job Vacancy


Job Vacancy At Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria

Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria – We attract talented individuals. Not only can they give you the benefit of their experience, they also reveal a closer, more personal look at the wide range of global opportunities we offer. Atthe core of the Group’s people strategy is our focus on employee engagement. Engagement is a key driver of productivity and performance, which creates the foundation of our performance culture.

We encourage and focus on the behaviours that bring out the very best from every employee, assessing their performance not just on results but on how those results were achieved. To further embed these behaviours we have a remuneration programme in place, carefully designed to incentivise our employees to live our values every day.


Vacancy – Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria

Job Title: Product Sales Manager

Job ID: 500508
Location: Lagos
Job Function: Product Segment
Regular/Temporary: Permanent
Full/Part Time: Full time

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Product Sales Manager

Job Description

To retain and grow existing transaction banking wallet (trade and cash business) and from clients under the commercial banking segment.

Key Roles and Responsibilities
Understanding of Client:

Deep understanding of clients’ operating environment including day to day transactional flows, cash investment needs, trading cycles, and operational banking requirements.

Client Team:
Provide regular input to the relationship teams from day to day understanding of the clients’ operations
Execute activities in line with sales pipeline policy.

Build access at operating level in the client shop.
Join relationship managers sales in client calling where necessary.
Lead discussion around client servicing.

Leverage the feedback from client operating level and bank MIS to generate potential sales opportunities.
Provide pricing in line with Cash and Trade pricing policy for flow opportunities (e.g. operating accounts and trade finance.).

Complete ownership to maintain and grow Cash and Trade booked flow revenue across assigned clients.

Grow cash balances and volumes.
Grow utilization on Trade limits.
Proactive Trade book management.
Monitor usage of channels.
Manage documentation for transactions and post transaction monitoring & servicing
Lead the execution of deals by tracking implementation through to revenue realization.
Documentation process for Cash & Trade.
Liaising with Operations and relationship teams on referrals.
Internal approvals for pricing and ops
Lead complex trade and cash sales pitches with clients

Client Servicing Support:
Ensure that any post sales service issues identified are managed appropriately by Service Management and/or other relevant departments.

Risk Management:
Adhere all Sales policies in the Country, conform to global standards, improve risk metrics, e-enablement & culture, and ensure no failed audits (internal & external)
Drive the Operational Risk framework implementation where applicable

Build strong & deep relationships with internal and external stakeholders
In conjunction with the unit head, proactively engage local and global business & functional partners and stakeholders to drive the TB Transactional Sales agenda and ensure alignment
Promote the SCB brand and Group Code of Conduct – exemplify the values of the Group in all undertakings

Qualifications and Skills
Deep knowledge of transaction products with a bias towards cash management
More than 5 years experience in driving transaction banking
Evidence of conscientious and client focussed behaviours.

Cash & Trade product and structuring knowledge with a cash management bias
Knowledge of risks associated with these products
Knowledge of credit risk management

Ability to effectively position the right Cash & Trade products in Client situations as evidenced in current role in Sales, Service or Product. Credit skills needed to manage limits
Individual revenue and or product P&L delivery & service skills essential.

Commercial Acumen with ability to ask for business.
Attention to detail and timeliness in a high activity environment.
Aptitude to manage individual revenue targets.

Application Closing Date
Not Specified.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online

Web Development & Design Tips to get started


Web Development & Design Tips to get started in an online business. Are you an SME personnel? Do you own a business that you wish to go global or wish to be a local champion in your locality?

If these are your intention or desire, this article is for you.

Web development and design tips for online businesses must attract the attention of newcomers and clients.

Job Costing Software – Construction Business Software


Job Costing Software is a very high demanding accounting software that is suitable for all types of online business and offline business owners. Most companies or organization that have a management segment such as a project management department or the accounting term department uses this type of job costing software to enhances their business in an efficient way.

This article will be pointing out the most top 5 Five benefits of using a construction job costing software in your company (s) or organizations.

5 Benefits of Using a Construction Job Costing Software  Job Costing Software - Construction Business Software

In construction, job costing is the process of determining the cost of the entire project. It takes into account everything from the quantity of material needed to the cost of labor and provides you with an estimated cost. You do all this with respect to a certain project and approach it accordingly. In the job costing method, you are breaking the cost by day, not in bulk. Whether you should use job costing or not depends on the nature of your business. But when it comes to construction, it is a very helpful tool.

Breakdown of  Job Costing Software

Job costing helps you determine the cost by dividing the project into the following cost centers:


You can begin by finding out how much it will cost you for the labor every day. Later you can multiply the amount and can get a good estimate. During this process, you also need to figure out whether you will need subcontractors or not, and they will be available or not. You should also have a contingency plan so that your job costing doesn’t get affected.


Now for this, you will need to calculate for both direct and indirect material. From wood and steel to fasteners, calculate the cost of all the materials and don’t forget to add the delivery charges and waste charges.


The third cost center you will be dealing with is overheads. There are plenty of expenses like office rent and depreciation of equipment, and for that, you will need to charge extra money. This step is more of an approximation stage as it doesn’t relate to the job directly.

Using a Construction Job Costing Software

Job costing has been around for a while but doing these calculations was never this easy. Today with the help of construction job costing software, you can do everything efficiently and without any inconvenience.

You don’t have to keep track of spreadsheets and plenty of other documents to do a job costing any more. With the help of job costing software, you can streamline all the processes and can do the calculations in seconds. A job costing software offers you:

Accurate Job Pricing

Once you have set a certain cost for each job, you will be able to estimate a much more accurate amount. Also, the software takes every calculation into accounts and adds things the right way.

No Customer Conflict

Another benefit of using construction job software is that it helps you avoid any conflicts with customers. The software helps you predict the final bill quite accurately. So, when you hand out the bill to the customer, it will still be close to the quote you gave them.

Saves Time

Switching to a job costing software will help you save plenty of time. As mentioned before, job costing is something that requires a lot of effort and time if done manually. But when you are using the software, you just have to punch in the numbers, and your calculations will appear in no time.

Better Profit Calculation

It will suck if you fail to get a good profit even after all the estimations. When you are doing job costing manually, you don’t have much time for projecting profits. However, with the software, you will always have a number of screens predicting your profit. You can stay competitive and make big profits at the same time. Before we mention the last point, we suggest you should also read the below articles:

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>>>US Technology Jobs; Best Technology Job in the United States (U.S.)


Real-Time Tracking

Another great benefit of using construction job software is that it offers you real-time tracking. At any stage of the process, you can enter the spent cost and see whether you are spending the right amount or a little too much. This helps you update your clients timely.

EthereumAds Plugin Allows Bloggers To Earn Ethereum


EthereumAds Plugin Allows Bloggers To Earn Ethereum Using Ad Space. Yes, you heard it right. Website owners, bloggers, and WordPress users can now earn daily Ethereum for their ad space.

WordPress publishers would now be able to connect with Ether as another module for the leading cryptocurrency is presently live.

File Converters 2020 | The Top 5 File Converters Must Use


Top 5 File Converters for 2020 | Our Top 5 File Converters You Should Never Avoid To Use.

File Converters are tools or software that help users to easily and conveniently convert any form of files from a form to another form such as JPEG to PNG or PDF to JPEG or PNG, MP4 converter, or any Video Converter software, etc.