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How to start a blog For Beginners

Blog – Now you have decided to make up your own blog. Likewise you want to show the world what you really got, your drawing tips and all that, know that the world have a lot of people in it and have their own interest

Reasons you need to blog your business

They are many posts online taking people interest and attentions what you need is just stand up from the queue and chase your goal you need to draw yourself closer to it there is nothing bad in posting a blog or post from 2013.

Putting your blog online need to be attractive, creativity and smart, it should a heart touching one. You need to tell them the real you and about your posts online, what are you saying to make them read what you are putting in your blog , to make the readers come to your blog always. Are you eager in doing this? Here are 7 tips that will get you going and help you take your offering from interesting to inspirational…

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  1. Choose a blogging platform

There are several blogging platforms out there, from webbly, wix and wordpress to Tumblur and Squarespace, Ghost. You can start from fresh in doing this. The platform you are choosing will be the one you are comfortable in using, this involved in a way you want to start up your plan.

2. Get a good domain name

All blogging platforms will bring up on a subdomain by default, if you are willingly and serious then you should really purchase your own domain name. You will need some short, memorable and mostly easy to spell, and take care when it comes to the top level domain. Lot of the happening  of fancy TLDs available these days such as .blog or .agency, but there’s a lot to be said for the classics; if possible you can get the domain you desire with a good old-fashioned .com then apply for it.

03. Decide on the blog’s content

You need an idea on how to start a blog, but did you no know the usefulness of opening a blog. Blogging in vain of blogging is pointless – you will soon be frustrated about the site you just build, then your site will later get useless.

It better you just get a diary in putting in the idea you have in publishing for the blog you are about post. Put down the idea you are to publish, though you may have another add up you want to put in, so it don’t get irrelevant.

Then after you are on, you know how to start and design a blog now you can go on with it.


04. Keep your blog design simple

When designing and creating a blog, it can be attracting to go crazy. After all, you want your blog to be the outstanding that people can find interest in.

Keep your design in a way people can understand easily. Add to no more than three colors, and three fonts. With fonts; you need a heading, subtopic and body copy font. Your main text font can then be increased by different weights or regards, but keep these to a higher rate.

05. Use contrasting colours

You don’t need to go aggressive, and abide with a simple colour. Contrasting colours work in justified design. It’s a main procedure of thumb that your blog features a main primary colour, a shade of grey, and a colour for your call-to-action

06. Embrace white space

When finding something creative before you create a design blog, don’t get scared of white space – it can really intensify your design and keeps it looking great.

Don’t be afraid to leave some parts of the design blank where it keeps it legal. You should also use white space as borders to help highlight key parts of the blog. Remember, sometimes less really is more.

07. Keep your design goal-driven

If the point of your blog is to get chatting with people – whether that’s sales, signups, or enquires – then everything else comes next. That is you should create and design a blog that will go with this:

  • What you dealing with: What is all about your blog?
  • Service you rendering: What makes it the same?
  • Audience: Who is your main aim audience?

To get changes, design speaks about most things in your blog, the headlines, prominent buttons, or even arrows. The best and achieving design will help your blog convert, and keep viewers coming every time to read your blog.

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