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Block my Facebook friends list

Block my Facebook friends list

Block my Facebook friends list – They give you the ability to transfer all types of details with your business mate, like employment background, important updates also like your friends. Your profile page can now easily be watched by any individual person with the internet link. This can be cool when trying to boost up your local business’s web arrival when making use of your Facebook account, this is also dangerous sometimes. They don’t give the entire user the ability to judge all privacy setups. Just like the internet which let you decline people from seeing your friend list by opening and creating basic security and safety.

Block my Facebook friends list
Block my Facebook friends list

Recently as stated on how Facebook has a lot of privacy settings also by making use of what you can use your Facebook account for which is protected and private. Facebook customer has managed over a lot of things on this Facebook account then blocking Facebook friend list from others part of the Facebook privacy settings. Just like, if you don’t want a stranger to check your friend list then you can hide this from them. If you are blocking friends list from the general or your Facebook friends which are very simple. If you need to see your friend list from the public, you can follow the below step:

How to block friend list on Facebook

  • Access your Facebook account then click your name at right edge corner to check your profile page
  • Tap on the “Edit” button which is at the right top corner of your profile page. You will get an “Edit profile” page which will open up.
  • Tap on “friends and relationships” which is on the left side of your page. New options will show letting you change your friend’s list privacy settings among other points.
  • Tap the arrow facing down at the right side of your “Friends” area.
  • Select maybe “friends” or “only me” to hinder people from checking your friend list. The “friends” maximum open to your friends list to only your friends. The “Only me” maximum access you to only yourself.
  • Tap on “save changes” to complete it.

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On your timeline

  • Go directly to your Facebook account then tap on your name which is at the right edge to check your account page.
  • Tap on “friends” which at the top of your timeline to check your friend list
  • Tap on the “Edit” button which is at the right top corner of the page. You will see a drop menu appears.
  • Tap on the arrow pointing down in the drop menu. You will find more options.
  • Choose maybe “friends” or “only me” to terminate all from viewing your friend list. The “friends” maximum accessibility to your friend list to your only friends. The “only me” will abandon you to only check your information.
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