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Block ATM CardS | How To Block Any Stolen ATM Card

Block ATM CardS | How To Block Any Stolen ATM Card  – How To Block Your Atm Card If Stolen Or Lost In Nigeria

Block ATM Cards | How To Block Any Stolen ATM Card  – We all know we have to get all our life and property secured.

Block ATM Cards | How To Block Any Stolen ATM Card
Block ATM Card | How To Block Any Stolen ATM Card

A lot of searches and news have been heard and receive about people receiving a debit alert from their bank through their stolen atm. You can get a heartbreak seeing this on your phone. You can get this avoided.

Your tears are over, you can now get your joy back. your tears is over, steps will be given to you on how to get your stolen card, all you need is to continue reading this post.

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a lot of increase of stolen ATM card have become rampant, this happens sometimes when you misplace your card when you go out on a party before you try to get stress out of this than going to your bank which will take several times, this the best and active site you can get this done yourself, just read carefully and follow the procedures.

Steps You Need To Follow To Block Lost/Stolen Atm Card

uhnnn! You are stress out with what going on here, just be calm and follow these steps.

Steps To Block Your First Bank Atm Card

  1. makes sure the phone you are using in making this process is functional, also your registered SIM which you use in opening your bank account and getting your BVN pin.
  2. Text BLOCK in capital letter to 30012

iii. Just get it assured that your card will be deactivated in the next 24 hours if you report to the bank; this same time will be acquired by the agent.

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Step To Block Gtbank Card

Various way is used in blocking your GTBANK atm, this can be done either by atm, internet banking, mobile application, GTBANK mobile SMS banking or the new app which is known as GTWORLDAPP. Details below:

  1. send a text message to HOTLIST NUBAN make sure in the text in alphabetical order, to 08076665555, make sure you sent this message with the registered phone number you use in opening your bank account.
  2. Take place of the NUBAN by inputting your 10 digit account number which you use in receiving an alert.

If you don’t know how to go with these steps you can contact the GTConnect following these steps by contacting. 0700GGTConnect (0700482666328), 01-4480000, 08039003900 or 08029002900 to ask for your ATM card to get activated instantly.

Also, you can try to log in to your internet banking online to get our atm card deactivated, just follow the details below:

  1. tap on the card image, you tap on this card favorite page.
  2. Choose your card number and ask for the purpose

iii. Put in your secret question response

Iv. tap on select continue and put in your token code sent you or given to you by bank

  1. tap on submit.

A message will appear giving you a notification confirming you want to deactivate your card.


Step To Block Fidelity Bank Atm Card

  1. these steps are easy, just dial *770*911#, make sure it is done by registered phone number.
  2. Choose the particular ATM card connected to the particular ATM you are using.

iii. if you don’t get the details above try to send fidelity bank through email at trueserve@fidelitybank.ng or true.serve@fidelitybank.ng

Steps To Block Your Zenith Bank Atm Card

Zenith bank gets this done by using their mobile app by downloading.

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  1. go to your Playstore to get the app downloaded
  2. Tap the menu bar to choose either cards or cheques.

iii. Choose on deactivating card below and put the reason.

  1. You are done with this, tap on continue.
  2. maybe you are confused about this process, you can try to contact them through 012787000, 014647000 also 012927000.

Step To Block Your Stanbic Ibtc Atm Card

  1. This is done by dialing their code *909#
  2. Select my bank

iii. Select service request

  1. Then you are done with this select block card.

You can do this by sending SMS to Stanbic IBTC bank, just send BLOCK CARD NUBAN to 30909 through your registered phone number with your bank. Substitute the NUBAN with your account number which is attached to your bank card.

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Steps To Block Your Union Bank Atm Card

  1. this is done by SMS by sending BLOCK CARD NUBAN to 20123, this is done by using your registered phone number.
  2. Where you put in your NUBAN, substitute it with your bank account number.

Steps To Block Your Access Bank Atm Card

Access bank don’t need dialing of code or sending SMS messages,

  1. For lost of your debit card dial 18005548969
  2. For lost of your credit card dial 18005583424

iii. You are done with this, your card will be deactivated instantly

Also, you can get this done on access mobile application.

Steps To Block Your Keystone Atm Card

Keystone bank just needs SMS and calls from you.  Just send the message through email through contactcenter@keystonebankng.com or try to contact them on +23470020003000

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Steps To Block Your Sterling Bank Atm Card

Sterling bank need you sending message to them through email, email address:customercare@sterlingbankng.com gives them the report of your lost atm card when sending the message. You can try calling them on 070078375464

Steps On How To Block Wema Bank Card

This can be done by sending WEMA bank a text message through your mobile phone with your registered phone number link to their bank, just send the text by sending our message to CARD ATM OFF to 3335. Also, you can try using their mobile app and internet baking.

Block ATM Cards | Steps On How To Block Unity Bank Card

Easy steps are given by unity in doing this to block ATM cards issued to their customers, just dial +2347080666000, +2347057323226, +2347057323327, you can also try sending them messages through email at we_care@unitybankng.com making the complaint before sending the message also you can visit their website www.unitybankng.com for the process.

Steps To Block Uba Atm Card

Easy steps are given by UBA Bank in doing this to block ATM cards issued to their customers

  1. dial *919*10# through your mobile number with your registered SIM link to the bank.
  2. you can also try by contacting them by dialing +2347002255822, also try using email to send a message at cfc@ubagroup.com

With all this procedure given I think I tried to solve your problem, you are always scared of, please if you find this as a savior kindly share this post.

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