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Bitcoin 2021 Conference Recap – Most Important Takeaways

Bitcoin 2021 Conference Recap – Most Important Takeaways You Must know!

Bitcoin 2021 Conference Recap – Most Important Takeaways you must know is basically the content of this article. You will have to sit back and take home the vital and interesting part of this article.

On June 4-5, 2021, the city of Miami hosted the world’s largest Bitcoin event, the Bitcoin Conference. After months of restrictive sanitary regulations and lockdowns, it was the first major in-person crypto conference since the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis.

Of course, during the meantime, people continued buying and selling crypto online, as well as use derivates products in platforms like Bitlevex.

In this article, you will find out the highlights of the event and what lessons it is possible to learn
from the two days of countless chatting, debating, and interviewing.

Bitcoin Equals Liberty

It is impossible to deny the importance of the increasing institutional adoption of Bitcoin as one of the main reasons behind its growing popularity and appreciation. In this sense, the company that is spearheading this movement is MicroStrategy, a billion-dollar business specialized in business intelligence and cloud computing solutions.

MicroStrategy CEO, Michael Saylor, has been a Bitcoin enthusiast since a year ago, leading the company to an innovative path towards crypto adoption by purchasing over $1 billion worth of Bitcoin.

Saylor joined Bitcoin veteran Max Keiser on stage to discuss essential topics about the Bitcoin industry, crypto mass adoption, and Bitcoin as a solution for persistent economic issues. During his speech, Saylor emphasized the philosophy behind the origin of Bitcoin.

In his own words, I think after you study Bitcoin, the light bulb goes off. What I realized is anybody on earth that wanted to own anything has a choice. This way;

  • You can buy land somewhere, but someone can tax it and take it away from you.
  • You can buy gold, but someone can take it away from you.
  • You can buy stocks, but you can never take possession of it.
  • You can buy debt, but you can never take possession of it.

On the other hand, he considers that’s Bitcoin is the apex property of the human race. It’s the first time we figured out how to create a true property that you can take possession of with full custodial rights. He added, for the first time in human history, we can grant property rights to eight billion people, and that, what I think it’s cool.

Freedom is Everything.

The event was marked by the first-ever public phone call from Ross Ulbricht, recorded from a federal penitentiary. For those unaware, Ulbricht was the creator and founder of the darknet market website Silk Road, in which users could buy restricted pharmaceutical products using Bitcoin as means of payment.

He operated the marketplace from 2011 until being arrested by the FBI in 2013. Nonetheless, Ulbricht is considered a libertarian figure among many crypto enthusiasts, who consider him a political prisoner.

Ulbricht begins his speech with a powerful quote, I have lost my freedom. That’s what I want to talk to you about today. I want you to understand what it means to lose your freedom. Plus, he talked a lot about the importance of Bitcoin for freedom. I was there during Bitcoin’s early days. Back then, Bitcoin made me feel like anything was possible. Bitcoin was open to everyone, that’s what I love so much about it.

Final Thoughts

The Bitcoin Conference reunited a wide array of people, ranging from Bitcoin holders, crypto enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, executives, Wall Street bankers, and institutional investors. Even Senator Cynthia Lummis, a well-known defender of the crypto cause, came to Miami to participate in the event.

The event included debates about subjects such as Monetary Freedom (presented by Ron Paul), Banking the Unbanked (Twitter’s Jack Dorsey), Bringing Bitcoin Innovation Home to America (Sen. Cynthia Lummis), etc.
Another highlight of the event was the participation of world-class boxer and crypto enthusiast Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in an event Fireside Chat.

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