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Best 6 Recurring Affiliate Programs You should Market!

Residual Lifetime Income Affiliate Programs – Best 6 Recurring Affiliate Programs You should Market!

Best 6 Recurring Affiliate Programs You should Market? Do you need a lifetime residual income? Or have you been looking for affiliate programs that pay their marketers a steady passive income and you want to market on your blog?

If your answer is yes, then in this article, we will be discussing our best 6 recurring affiliate programs that we strongly recommend our readers should market.

DISCLOSURE: This article herein contains affiliate links through that I earn a small affiliate commission from qualifying purchases, at no cost to you.

As we all need a handful of the best recurring affiliate programs that pay us a recurring commission every month. Here comes this article that reveals some of these programs we should market in case we want to earn a lifetime commission. But in our recently published, we published an article on – How Does Recurring Affiliate Programs Works?. It may interest you to go through this post.

Best 6 Affiliate Programs You should MarketBest 6 Recurring Affiliate Programs You should Market!

Since we had mentioned above and you had agreed that you will love to opt-in for recurring affiliate programs, let us look into those programs that will pay you recurring commissions.

  1. Kinsta Affiliate Program
  2. Private Internet Access
  3. KWFinder Affiliate Program
  4. GetResponse Affiliate Program
  5. Benefit Box Affiliate Program
  6. Private Internet Access Affiliate Program

We picked these best 6 recurring affiliate programs for your best interest. These will help some of those disappointed by Google Adsense publisher programs.

Let us look at those programs one after the others.

How to Start a Blog

Did you found yourself capable to begin a blogging business? To learn the most effective method to START A BLOG or you want to begin a new blogging website?

Before I get into the first blog entries you ought to write, if you are keen on starting a money-making blog, then Bluehost has a lot! Get a FREE domain name, automatic WordPress install, and a free SSL certificate at a low monthly value (click here to get started).

Kinsta Affiliate Program

kInsta is our No. 1 among the best 6 Recurring Affiliate Programs You should Market! You know some of us might have been looking for a web hosting company that pays a recurring affiliate commission and in this manner, you could not see any hosting company that offers a monthly affiliate payment to their affiliate marketers.

With Kinsta web hosting company is the web host that has the power to offer you everything you could be looking for in any web host.

We hosted our other websites powered by WordPress with them because of their uninterrupted server and always ALIVE features. Above all, they can offer you more than content with the quality of their service and customer support.

What’s more, you wanna hear about them? These positive reports are not just from us – it’s truly difficult to find any clients with negative reports on Kinsta web.

The reason being that they are so well known.

Since they don’t try to impress too many users, they rather try to be the best web hosting company to certain unique customers.

Also instead, they focus on being the best premium management facilitating supplier for genuine WordPress users, which is the reason their most fundamental plan, for a solitary website, costs $30 every month.

However, you pay premium costs, yet you get premium service ever.

So… what amount do they pay you to send them new customers?

Their affiliate marketers’ commission initially gets $50 and $500 for every new referral who joins, and afterward, they get 10% recurring affiliate commission on their monthly membership for the lifetime of that referral/customer.

Above all, Kinsta web hosting company additionally offers exceptional privileges to customers to do everything they can to assist them with accomplishing their objectives, including running an “Affiliate Academy”.


URL: Kinsta affiliate program

Their Commission rate is 10% lifetime recurring affiliate commission of a monthly recurring plan of $6 per referral (based on monthly Pro plan)

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is our 2nd best 6 Recurring Affiliate Programs we recommend you should Market! In the interests of those of you that desire complete transparency, Private Internet Access – PIA is the best VPN app should be your personal choice and as a matter of fact, this VPN has been the VPN I personally used for some time now.

Private internet access VPN has been a useful type of VPN that you should go for.

For some of us that live in a faraway country that we have been limited to certain information and using this VPN, you will have freeway access to any desire country news, updates, and many more.

Apart from this purpose, with a VPN, users can surf the internet privately without a been trace. This act is what has been using to safeguard my data information on the internet.

VPNs have proved to be useful throughout the years, however, the presentation of GDPR (I live in Dubai) left me with no decision yet to pick a lasting solution.

It has really helped me not only to keep safe online but to by-pass some restrictions placed on certain websites on the internet.

Advantages of Private Internet Access

Private internet access – PIA, is advantageous because it helps the user to the spine through a difficult proxy.

Go get the VPN for your affiliate product, you should consider reading shortlisted ballots:

URL: Private Internet Access affiliate program

Commission rate: 33% lifetime commissions

The good thing with this VPN is that the publisher will get a monthly recurring commission of $2.29 per head of your referrals.

KWFinder Affiliate Program

I know you are wondering what this is…

With KWFinder, any affiliate or any digital marketer needs an SEO tool that will give them full access to a full range of feature SEO tool offers and does not have a full subscription yet. This is Ahrefs SEO tool you can use to give the developer the full insight of what they are researching.

To further say on this, the KWFinder gives you full access to the following features for just one monthly fee:

  • It can be used as a Keyword tool
  • KWFinder gives you hints to website analysis
  • Check Rank tracker
  • Know backlink of a website – Backlink checker
  • SERP analysis

In the concept of SEO tools, KWFinder remains one of the tools we recommend you give a try!

Mangools team adds more features for the user to get an offer of 10 days of free trial to test the tool.

As an affiliate, you will be wondering that the tool is just only for people who are interested in SEO or you may conclude that it’s for SEO Freelancer or web developers, not just only that but other people who own Etsy store, or people doing market research for a product they’re developing can also use it.

The affiliate marketer will get a 30% lifetime commission for any referrals because users of this tool only pay $14.70 for a monthly fee.

URL: KWFinder affiliate program

GetResponse Affiliate Program

I believe some of us had heard about this before. GetResponse is an autoresponder/email marketing platform that I believed you have been using or heard of.

Moreso, Getresponse helps most of your email marketing effortlessly without having you to send thousands of emails manually.

Getresponse got to the world since 1998, so they are a more-than-established brand on the marketing circuit. It is the very first company that offers recurring program commissions for anyone promoting their products.

The platform is easy to use without any technical skills. More to this, it is affordable to use as far as email marketing platforms are concerns. So, you can use it without any bias or fear.

You could imagine you responding to thousands of emails in a day while you have someone [a bot] to do that for you perfectly?

Users pay a $16.75 recurring fee based on their monthly plus subscription.

Affiliate marketers get a recurring commission of 33% lifetime payment.

URL: GetResponse affiliate program

Benefit Box Affiliate Program

Benefit Box is a nutrition and supplement membership box service for athletes and fitness fans.

You can either decide to build your own box or have them do it for you.

Either way, there’s an extremely supportive “test” of a quiz on the site that makes you through each stride of the procedure, including what your general objectives are.

When that is done you’ll get your monthly supply of whey protein and workout shakes legitimately to your front door.

Benefit Box additionally supply a scope of vegetarian-friendly supplements, so you can advertise this proposal to the broadest conceivable crowd

This organization is likewise one of the not many membership box services that offer repeating subsidiary payments, so it was a decent find.

Your expected crowd for Benefit Box is literally any individual who goes to the exercise center, is trying to get more fit, needs to build up, or is meaning to enjoy a more advantageous lifestyle.

Affiliate marketer gets paid a monthly recurring commission from $3-5$ as per the monthly recurring subscription.

URL: The Benefit Box affiliate program.

All said and done, we had written some other lifetime recurring affiliate programs that you need to check out – Get List of Recurring Affiliate Programs You should Opt-in for!

That’s all!

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