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Backpage Alternatives 2021 – Free Ads Alternative to BackPage

20 Recommended BackPage Alternatives – Sites Like BackPage in 2021 [ Working & Safe Sites ]

Backpage Alternatives is what this article is basically focused on. Backpage website before now has been an amazing website that allows users around the globe to buy and also sell their products to end-users.

Not until when the whole platform function was deviated from what it was initially established for. These illegal and sad acts were reported not quite long before the platform was used to exchange underage trafficking businesses.

The website was used for human trafficking and at the same time, the FBI immediately high jack the platform because it was used to bridge the United States of America laws and order. In fact, the act was unacceptable to the whole world’s laws and constitutions.

Based on these acts of illegal actions, there is a call for sites like Backpage. This article is basically centered on the top and best-recommended Alternative to Backpage sites that you can easily use to carry out your selling and buying of any type of goods except the human trafficking business.


Some Facts To Note [ Alternative to BackPage Sites]

Just because you created a platform that enables users to be able to showcase whatever they have to sell to the third parties and you as an Admin will just fold your arms not monitoring items that are showcasing on your platform. Always use hi-tech software that will detect unlawful acts on your website.

The human trafficking business has been on for ages but the Federal bureau has been trying its best to cob such illegal and sex trafficking activities.

20 Recommended BackPage Alternatives | [ Working & Safe Sites ]  Like BackPage You can use in 2021

Since we have all known the facts behind the closure of Backpage closure, we have come to the conclusion to list those reliable recommended Backpage alternatives that are working just like backpage site.

Note: These sites like Backpage herein are working and safe website alternatives you can confidently use for your transactions. Thus;

Backpage Alternatives 2021 - Free Ads Sites Like BackPage


Doublelist is our number one backpage alternatives that you can trust. The site is also safe to use. Try them and recommend the site to friends and families.

What is Doublelist and how do they operate?

We are very sure that this will be the first question that will be going on in your mind. You will like to know how Doublelist works since we’ve concluded that the site can be used instead of the Backpage platform that was closed.

However, Doublelist is one of the amazing sites like backpage. Once the closure of the backpage, this site has gained a lot of visitors and most transactions are going well and smoothly.

On this platform, users can easily carry out their ads listing within a minute and the listing of items is carryout free of charge.

On this platform, people from more than two countries can easily post their ads items for free of charge without paying any penny.

Doublelist platforms always have less than thousands of items to sell daily while there are less than thousands of customers as well on the platform to buy any listed items for their own use.

The list of countries can easily use Doublelist effectively without any issues. Examples;

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. India
  4. Australia

Invariably, the above-listed countries are the list of countries that Doublllist has branches and solid space. You will be safe to use this platform because of its hi-tech technology that cob off frauds and Scams.

Website: – https://doublelist.com/

Craigslist As [BackPage Alternatives]

Craigslist is number two on our list. You will see in most cases, craigslist suppose to be the first on the list but notwithstanding, hierarchy is not the deal here.

We just randomly pick those best backpage alternatives that will favor you, so that at the end of the day, you will achieve whatever you wanna achieve using any of these sites like backpage.

What is Craigslist And How Do They Operate?

Craigslist happens to be the second-largest ads and classified website that are most popular in the United States of America. This website has been in existence for over 20years now and had no record of any sex trafficking business or anything relating to that.

Craigslist is so superb in the sense that had monthly visiting customers that are over 25 million who use this platform for their businesses and sales. In addition to this, thousands of users create or open craigslist accounts weekly.

Craiglist has different services that users can easily upload for sell or buy a vice visa. The kind of services you will find on this website are:

  1. Gigs
  2. Housing Properties
  3. House Appliances
  4. Real Estate
  5. Job Opportunities
  6. Discussion Forum and;

Many others that you will end up enjoying if you use this platform.

After Backpage, Craigslist has proved to be the second-largest advertising website and classifieds. Craig Newmark found this American site in the year 1995.

More than 25 million users visit the website every month, and thousands of users create their accounts. We offer our clients different services which are related to real estate, jobs, appliances, gigs, discussion forums, housing, and so on.

Craigslist platform operate in most countries examples, United Kingdom, United States, and many others that you can use to upload your lists and choose a specific location that you want your items to be showcasing

It is also a safe platform where all users are protected from Fraud, Scams, and any form of illegal activities.

Website: – https://www.craigslist.org/


Bedpage is among the backpage alternatives that are on our recommended list. This platform operates in most countries and mentions; US, Canada, India, UK and not limited to Austria.

This platform has been delivering its services in numerous sectors of occupations, including automobiles, buy or sell or trade services, and numerous other services.

In addition to this fact, users will get confused in order to confirm which of the advertisements is real or fakes else beware of scammers.

Above all, Bedpage administrative care has been given its users proficient help. Helps to render to users are premium help and they are available 24/7 a day.

In case you are looking for a private section that can showcase ads like adult ads, Bedpage isn’t the best choice for you as they do not show the adult section on their platform because that section no longer exists.

Website: – https://www.bedpage.com/

In the midst of the advertisement scenario, where on the ads page is that page where you will see a ton of phony ads on it which can befuddle/confuse the users.


Locanto.com also is among the largest trending classified ads platforms because of its monthly user activities.

This platform has over a million active users and this fact makes it a unique and top leading classified ads service in the world.

Aside from the web URL base of its virtual activities, they are also available on different devices like iOS and Android devices.

This platform also offers its users a large number of categories of listing, examples are Automobile, Furniture real estate, and many more that are embedded in this platform.

Locanto.com’s geographical location is only in Germany. It has anti-fraud protection and an amazing interface that are user-friendly.

Website: – https://m.locanto.com/

Bold Personals

If you’re looking forward to getting some close-to-home advertisements, then Bold Personals is the ideal platform for you.

This platform is a standout amongst other advertising platforms that assist you with finding new pals, men, women, couples, and many other that you may need. It basically solves most people’s or folks’ relationship issues.

Their platform nature in a simpler, amusing, and smoother way, very much like the backpage site.

There are a few classifications available on Bold Personals like threesome, unusual stuff, easygoing experiences, and so on

It is a private platform on which you can distribute free close-to-home advertisements identified with adult dates.

While posting on the Bold Personals, you need not reveal individual information and can shroud your face while taking the selfie.

Likewise, you can manage individuals whom you need your pictures to be seen. This website is free and can go with premium ads.

Website: – https://www.boldpersonals.com/


The Classified Ads is the ideal advertising website that advertises for occupations vacancies, land, easygoing dates, vehicles, and numerous different services. You will find a lot of classifieds, yet out of that load of Classified Ads is.

This Washington-based platform has an exceptionally solid feeling of straightforwardness. With the assistance of classified ads, you can deliver your advertisements for free without any secret charges. The ads posted here can be edited and deleted anytime and that too without any problem.

The design of the website is extremely plain and the classifications have been listed appropriately on the homepage.

This portal is exceptionally secure and free of scammers. You will find a huge number of items and services are sold out every day. Classified Ads are exceptionally simple for users to comprehend which makes them reliable.

Nevertheless, this platform is worked in different contries all throughout the planet yet has an unwavering fan base in the USA. It is on the grounds that, with the assistance of Classified Ads, you can undoubtedly buy and sell any listed items or services.

Website: https://www.classifiedads.com/


Ebackpage.com purposely focuses on an online advertising platform, where sellers and buyers can find what they are looking for either to buy or to sell.

The platform is a site like backpage website and it is among the world’s famous classified ads platforms. Ebackpage is geographically located in the following countries below:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Australia & others

Aside from the fact that the website has been hosting a great server so that users can find it simple to post advertisements for free at any location and section on the platform.

The site’s interface is easy and you do not need to acquire any special skills before you can navigate this site.

Less we forget about this point; Users can easily add images of their items for ads on this platform. this feature enables all users to be able to get more attracted to their products or services rendering. You do not have to worry about this website because we assure you to rely on Ebackpage without any doubt and finalize your deals with customers.

Website: – https://www.ebackpage.com/

UK Classifieds As –

[Sites Like Backpage]

UK Classifieds is a twelve-year-old digital classified UK-based advertising website. It has been designed so that it is SEO friendly which makes it the best option for posting online ads.

This is on the grounds that the ads posted by you on UK Classifieds will get more traffic from the users because of the search motor. It is perhaps the most well-known classified site as of now and gets a huge number of visitors every day.

The platform assists users with posting advertisements for free in the UK and different countries. UK Classifieds gives ad postings to numerous classifications, like style, sports, items, gifts, and resources, and numerous others.

Using the advanced search of the UK Classifieds you can find your ads by essentially filling in the classification, region, and list number. Ultimately, click on the search button and the appropriate response will be displayed.

UK Classifieds is not left out among the recommended Backpage alternatives that you can use for any classified ads posting…

Website: – https://www.ukclassifieds.co.uk/

PennySaverUsa As –

[Sites Like Backpage]

PennySaverUSA is also among the top Backpage alternatives that can be used for free ads posting and many other items listing…

Pennysaver is a digital classifieds and ads site that makes it exceptionally simple for you to find the best things available in your area.

From leased houses and apartments, canines for deals, new and utilized vehicles on special, employment listings, nearest carport deals, and considerably more stuff can be found with the assistance of Pennysaver.

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You can undoubtedly present advertisements by getting on your favorite section without any problem.

You can see the pictures and find some of the astonishing stuff here which makes this site among the best Backpage alternative websites to visit in 2022!

PennySaver links sellers and buyers and furnishes the readers with the best local prices. If you are looking for employment in your local region, then, at that point Pennysaver can likewise assist you with finding employment in your space.

Website: – https://www.pennysaverusa.com/

OLX As [Sites Like Backpage]

OLX is among the Backpage alternatives that we have here for a recommendation.

Being a standout amongst other global advertising sites, OLX helps in buying, trading, and selling different items and services. In excess of 350 million individuals are using this platform every month. You can satisfy every one of your requirements on OLX with a solitary visit to the website.

Individual can easily use their released app on their smartphone by downloading it from the play store to perform activities like

  1. Buy
  2. Sell
  3. Trade anything.

Other than this, you will likewise find some astonishing things here. You can view the items by selecting available pictures, and you can also, likewise post your advertisements for free without paying a penny.

With the assistance of OLX, you can find everything effectively, and consequently, there will be no need of going anyplace. It is exceptionally well known in India and numerous different nations because of its magnificent services.

Website: – https://www.olx.com/

Tryst Link As –

[BackPage Alternatives]

Tryst Link is among the top leading classified site that mainly focuses on dating where those single ladies and single guys ended up with a hookup from their admirers or lovers.

This platform is basically focused on adult content and not for people below 17years of age. The platform helps in connecting singles for hookup, using their sophisticated tools like chatting, instant messages, and more tools that individuals can easily use for hang out.

Their geographical region of operations are listed below:

  1. Europes
  2. Australia
  3. Canada
  4. USA
  5. Others

They operate across the universe. They are gradually expanding their operations to more countries in the nearest future.

You do not have to be lonely while using Tryst Link. Their tools of operation are basically to connect individuals through video calls, instant messages, and many other tools that you will find out using this website.

Looking for a partner? You can find your future partner using this platform to connect with thousands of single individuals.

Their official website of virtual operation is; Website: – https://tryst.link/

Domestic Sale

Domestic Sale is among the alternatives back page websites that offer ads and classified listing of items for free a classified advertisement platform where you can post ads for free to promote your service or goods.

Individuals can easily use this service for promoting their business free of charge without any limitation of obstruction of service.

Their geographical service locations are mainly in the United States of America with branches in all states in the USA

They have listed in different categories like Farming, real estate, electronics, and many more of listing of advertisement in all their categories.

Website: – https://www.domesticsale.com/

Domestic sales encourage adult listing that is the reason why it is a perfect match for those individuals that want to place ads on adult contents sites.

Free Ads Time

[BackPage Alternatives]

Free Ads Time is not left behind as part of our list of Backpage alternatives site to buy/sell or place of ads for buyers to see and buy.

This platform is a local classified advertisement listing of items platform. This platform works both locally and internationally. Some of the examples of countries where Free Ads Time operates are; United States, Australia, Canada, and some other different countries.

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We reckon to this platform as one of the Sites like Backpage choices.  Part of Free Ads Time is that they offer users a complete free ads listing platform without a charge.

Free Ads Time Official Website: – https://www.freeadstime.org/

It is additionally available in different sections like local spots, automotive, services, occupations, buy/sell, land, and some more.

Other than this, they’ve likewise focused on land and subsequently, you can clearly post your advertisement for house deals in a couple of steps. The format of the website is exceptionally basic that even new users can access it without any problem.

It has been seen that the website has been steady and they don’t share any details about advertisement proprietors, which makes it a safe ads website. The design of this website is simple and can be accessed effectively without investing a lot of effort.

Geebo.com Site to [BackPage Alternatives]

Geebo.com has been working tiredness in ads classified business. We pick them as one of the Backpage alternatives because of the long-term business they have been doing since 1999.

We will say they are pro in classified ads business that anyone can simply be patronized. Their platform is so amazing in the such that their page is arranged in different categories.

Their Pro class of business is superb and they offer services in five different countries such as the USA – their main and major market base in the world

geebo.com platform has different categories as we have mentioned earlier. Part of those categories is not limited to furniture ads, Farming ads, real estate ads, and many more personal advertisements you can enjoy without any limitations.

In case you can not access their webpage easily, they have a customized search bar function that you can easily use to search for any business you are want to place ads on.

Website: – https://geebo.com/

To crown all statements, Geebo.com is a great and amazing platform for everyone as you don’t find any illegal content like sex trafficking and related content.

Final Thought On BackPage Alternatives

The above Sites like Backpage that are listed in this content are highly pro websites that you will find their services useful and suitable to any of your desired ads placement.

We have taken our time to compile this best and top Backpage alternatives website that any individual can use at their convenience and during business hours.

To crown the article up, you can broadly use these websites for free. Those that offer paid services are guaranteed to serve you with their paid services.

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Lastly, individuals can make use of this Backpage alternative and they are legal and safe to use with a 100% function guarantee.

If you have any suggestions or contributions, do not hesitate to let us know by using the comment box below, and then we will work and take your suggestions or contributions seriously.


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