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B2B Content Marketing: Obstacles & amp; Solutions

Best Content Marketing Strategy: The Obstacles &amp – The Solution

B2B Content Marketing: Obstacles & amp; Solutions: Content marketing as a whole is growing at a magnificent pace, which has also made this sector more aggressive. Even B2B content marketing is showing a significant rise, but are we really coping up with the speed? Are we still delivering quality to our audience?

Recently, Radix Communications released research with some astonishing figures and facts. The report revealed that 68% of B2B marketers are not really happy with their content. This is alarming research that has raised concern about how B2B content marketing is failing to fulfill the expectations of the content marketers themselves.

B2B Content Marketing

Another report showcased by PathFactory “Content Engagement Report in 2020” confirms the research of Radix Communication and further put light on the alarming situation of B2B content marketing. According to the report, B2B Marketing content consumption has increased amidst COVID-19 while the session time has decreased, which means that audiences have clicked on the link to read it but the content on the page couldn’t engage the audience to keep them on the page for a longer time.

These reports clearly show that B2B content marketing is facing some difficult time and here we have listed some ways to improve B2B Content Marketing.

  •       Recognize the need

In the situation where your audience or potential customers are researching to recognize the causes for their business challenges, remember, they just want to understand the problem so that they can efficiently find a solution. For such audiences, content should be highly-educational, try to avoid promoting or selling solutions in such type of informative content. Identify the difficulties your potential customers might be facing, conduct proper research on those difficulties, find the gaps in your own content library, and then develop content on that.

  •       Explore Solution

After recognizing the need for your potential customers and providing them with all the information they require to better understand the difficulties, now it’s time for you to explore solutions for your audience. You can drill down into various solutions available to them and how it can help them in solving a particular issue. Develop brand credibility and provide information to your audience but also drive them towards your business.

  •       Audience deciding on renewals

Craft content in a way that helps customers in getting more value from their present investment and also realize how additional investment would result in even better returns. Construct the content with an objective to strengthen your customer relation, help potential customers, and also help your customers leverage your solutions more effectively.

Case Study

A business journalism leader, Industry Dive acquired Content marketing technology leader worldwide, NewsCred. This acquisition puts light on the rising importance of the fusion of journalism and content marketing technology for a flourishing future in the content arena. This acquisition will help Industry Dive in empowering journalism with content marketing technology thus enhancing the efficiency of various journalism and content marketing tools such as content creation, publishing integration, optimizing performance with content analytics, etc.


B2B content marketing is facing some really tough times and it’s time for B2B marketers to find some mind-blowing ways to tackle this situation. Recently, a leading B2B Marketing firm, TREW Marketing launched Content Marketing Academy to give proper direction to B2B content marketing and drive growth. Learning will help B2B content marketers in exploring new methods to address the present scenario of B2B content marketing.

Also, in present situations, it is more important to remember and follow the mantra of content marketing “help, don’t sell” and ensure that your content focuses on the needs of your customer more than your own. I don’t want to undermine the seriousness of the present situation and in this time normal rules don’t apply. So, you might have an opportunity to do something different, something out of the box and remarkable, and in this process make the life of your customers a little easier and enjoyable.

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