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Architecture Software tools – Free Architecture Software Tools

Free architecture software tools that are Top 6 Time-Saving and free will be discussed in this article. If you have been looking for architecture software tools that are free to use, then this article is for you. Make sure you read this to the end.

The ultimate output of an architect is increased to the maximum extent with professional architecture software. Thus, improving the overall efficiency. But Suppose you are new to this very field or are finding software that proves its efficiency yet not involving charges. In that case, you must become interested in the following list we prepared only for you, which could be a great alternative to pricy 3D design, CAD, and modeling software.

Architecture Software tools – Free Architecture Software ToolsArchitecture Software tools - Free Architecture Software Tools

All said and done. I have compiled the top 6-time saving free architecture software tools that you can use asap! The best tools are listed below:


1. Blender 

 Having supported all the steps of the model creation process: video editing, modeling, animation, rendering, motion tracking, and game creation features, Blender is the best flexible tool helpful for students, self-employed professionals, or large design establishments. It comes first in our list due to its highly customizable features which makes it time saving and efficient to use.


2. SmartDraw 

SmartDraw is the perfect design app with a strong implementation on making the process as efficient, quick, and simple as possible.

Suppose you were busy finding out a diagram tool that can be used to make mind maps, project charts, organization charts, and other visuals used in businesses, then the SmartDraw will be a perfect choice for you. It comes in 2 versions: 1. An online edition & 2. Downloadable desktop edition for Windows. SmartDraw also supports integration with many popular tools like Trello and Jira. 


Suppose you are a dedicated coder & also keep your interest in designing and modeling. In that case, OpenSCAD can give you the ultimate feel you need for full dedication towards your project. OpenSCAD is a free designing software useful in creating solid 3D CAD models. It renders 3D models based on the description of properties in a script file, giving the user full control over the modeling process. You can find even more free architecture software tools by clicking here

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The thing here is that parts designed by you can be previewed, but you can’t interactively select or modify in 3D view because OpenSCAD uses its description language. OpenSCAD is a script-based modeler available for Linux, Windows & OS-X. 


4. LibreCAD 

LibreCAD is always the first choice for hobbyists, professionals, and students. It is a free 2D design CAD application as it allows users to make different types of technical drawings, such as interior design schemes, diagrams, and room and building plans. LibreCAD application is available for Linux, Windows, and macOS. For you to know, it is a community version of QCAD. LibreCAD supports the DXF file format in general.


5. FreeCAD 

Looking for a real-life object modeler, then Free CAD will brighten up your skills as it is a multiplatform parametric 3D modeling application. With the help of FreeCAD, you can make 2D sketches and then use them to create 3D objects. The best thing here is the reverse is also possible with the help of FreeCAD.

It supports many file formats for your convenience, e.g. (STEP, IGES, STL, SVG, DXF, OBJ, IFC, DAE & more).

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FreeCAD is an easy to use multipurpose application for creators like you. Trying a bit of your skill at this once is highly recommended.


6. Sweet Home 3D 

Sweet Home 3D is a simple yet powerful and convenient tool for beginners getting in touch with modeling and designing.

These tools offer great help in designing the interiors, drawing room, or office plans.

The best thing about Sweet Home 3D is that it saves your time by providing a multipack of various templates styled by world-class architects, which are easily customizable for more ideas. You can create the best in retouch photorealistic videos and images. Sweet Home 3D allows you to view your model in the best 3D format.

Sweet Home 3D is efficiently a time saver as it provides additional plugins and extensions.

  • Quick Summary for you!!

If you are high on end enthusiast in modeling, design, and architecture, there is never a need for a really tight budget. There are various best applications which prove their efficiency in comparison with pricy ones, just go and download them straightforwardly.

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