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Apply For U.S Visa | How To Apply For U.S Visa Yourself

How To Apply For U.S Visa | Apply For U.S Visa Your Self

Apply For U.S Visa details – A lot of people think visa is for everybody, but let me confuse you in some ways, visa are for people with meet up with the necessary requirement. Read this post carefully and check your qualification before applying for visa.

If you wish to apply for the non-migrant visa, carefully follow these steps below:

How to Apply for U.S Nonimmigrant Visa Type Step 1

This are for applicant who are not a citizen (Nonimmigrant):

Confirm your visa type by going through Common Nonimmigrant Visas. Every visa type gives details of the qualifications and application items. Select the visa type that move along to your situation.

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Make sure you try in reviewing the Visa Waiver Program. Likely you country participates in the Visa Waiver Program, visa application is not necessary for , maybe you are traveling for business or pleasure also will only be residing in the U.S. for 90 days or less.

Applying For U.S Visa Yourself Step 2

Immediately you have decided on the correct visa type, make sure you pay the visa fee. Click this page visa fee page this list the visa types and connected visa fee in US dollars and native currency.

For your payment of your visa fee, make sure you read the Bank and Payment Options page. It will give you guidelines and details and also explains how to make your visa fee payment. Make sure you always keep your receipt number to book your visa appointment.

Applying For U.S Visa Yourself Step 3

your next decision is to complete the DS-160 form. Make sure you read the Form carefully. Every detail must be truthful and accurate. Immediately the form is submitted, error cannot be change, make sure you check before submitting the form. You helps and assistance, make sure you inform an immigration lawyer or translator. Emergency center can never help you complete your DS-160. Your DS-160 number will be needed to book your appointment.

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Applying For U.S Visa Yourself Step 4

now you are almost done in booking your appointment!

It is necessary you create a profile in their system. Click on this link and click on New User.

Fill all details and also create a password which will not been shown to third party. Immediately you are in the system, it will be displayed on your dashboard.
At the left-hand side it is displayed on your dashboard, tap on Schedule Appointment.

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Your schedule for your appointment will be processed. All applicants who are been schedule will need this following:

  • The applicant’s passport number
  • The receipt number from GT Bank receipt. (Tap here if you need help finding this number.)
  • Ten (10) digit barcode from the applicant’s DS-160 confirmation page

When going through the process you given the grace to select your visa type, enter personal data, add dependents, choose your document delivery location, facts of your visa payment and finally, plan your appointment.

Applying For U.S Visa Yourself Step 5

Go the U.S. Embassy at the date and time on your visa interview. Make sure you check the Appointment page for the necessary documentation required for your appointment.

Applying For U.S Visa Yourself Step 6

when your U.S visa is been approved, your visa will be sent to the document drop-off location which you choose when you scheduled your appointment.

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